Watch Wes Anderson’s Iconic Violence Scenes

Filmmaker Wes Anderson has carved out a niche for himself in the way he directs, implanting his characters with whimsical attributes while shooting in a very distinct style. Sometimes those characters are tasked with enacting action sequences and these violent episodes, however sporadic they are, make their way into a supercut from David Velenczei titled, “Wes Anderson’s Violence.” Check out the video above.

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Savvy Floyd Mayweather Delivers His Best on Biggest Stage, Thumps Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather was too slick for Manny Pacquiao, too savvy.

His footwork was too perfect. His counterpunches were too crisp. His ring generalship was as good as it could be. He was the consummate defender, a slippery mover Pacquiao could never quite corral no matter how many times the Filipino spark plug pressed him into a corner or up against the ropes Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

It never mattered. Mayweather was too great a defender on the evening. He’s just too good. On his biggest stage yet, Mayweather delivered and thumped Pacquiao to prove without a doubt he is the better boxer.’s Michael Woods called it “pretty easy work” for boxing’s best, Mayweather.

It was a unanimous decision. Judges at ringside scored the fight 118-110, 116-112 and 116-112 for the winner, who now becomes the unified WBC, WBA and WBO welterweight titleholder. Mayweather also netted the Transnational Rankings welterweight championship to go alongside his Ring Magazine title.

It was Mayweather’s best win to date, a clear win over the best fighter he’s ever faced.

“He’s a hell of a fighter, and I take my hat off to Manny Pacquiao,” Mayweather told Showtime’s Jim Gray after the fight. “Now I see why he’s one of the guys at the pinnacle of the sport of boxing.”

With the win, Mayweather proved without a doubt he is the best welterweight in the world. Moreover, he solidified his standing as the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the sport.

Mayweather’s artistry was just as it is always: a study in countermoves. The undefeated boxer wasn’t just fast; he was smart. He glided around the ring as if his body were made of air. But his punches were thrown with fists of malice.

That’s the thing that makes Mayweather so difficult to defeat. He moves and moves and moves. But opponents cannot spring toward him without being slapped back by counter right hands, jabs and hooks.

Pacquiao did his best to catch Mayweather, but he could never quite get the job done.

Mayweather started the fight with two hard counter right hands. Pacquiao responded with patience rather than reckless aggression, a lesson perhaps learned by Pacquiao in his infamous 2012 loss to Juan Manuel Marquez.

But patience was not a virtue in this case. A fighter like Mayweather, a master of defense, timing and counterpunching, prefers his opponents to be patient. As Pacquiao moved back or stayed at a distance instead of advancing for long stretches of the fight, Mayweather pecked and pawed his way to a fairly easy victory.

Pacquiao didn’t think so, though. Talking to HBO’s Max Kellerman after the bout, Pacquiao indicated he thought he had won the fight when the final bell sounded.

“It’s a good fight,” said Pacquiao. “I thought I won the fight. He didn’t do nothing.” Pacquaio later referred to Mayweather’s style as “running.”

Maybe there is something to that last bit. Mayweather did move around the ring as if it were a track and he were some kind of star sprinter at times. But throughout many of those moments, Mayweather was landing clean blows to Pacquiao’s face and body.

Pacquiao may have landed the best punch of the night—a hard left in Round 4. The punch stunned Mayweather and Pacquiao hurled a barrage of punches at his foe as if he truly believed the end was near.

But Mayweather blocked and parried most of those, and while Pacquiao might have won the round, there was no indication the momentary lapse in Mayweather’s defense would last, nor would the barrage of counterpunches lessen.

True to form, Mayweather was seldom hit flush again. While Pacquiao had moments here and there, Mayweather appeared to be in control as the clock ticked away.

After the bout, Pacquiao claimed a shoulder injury (per the Associated Press) kept him from fighting at his best, though it’s hard to see how the fight would have gone much differently. Mayweather’s defense was just too good. 

If Mayweather’s defense was something played in the NFL, it would be a prevent. That’s how he operates in the ring. He fights as if he is already up on the cards when the first bell rings.

He moves craftily and with purpose throughout all 12 rounds. And where he can land flush punches to keep his opponent off of him and wary of Mayweather’s competent power, he does so.

But don’t expect to see this virtuoso defender for very much longer. After the long-awaited superfight concluded, Mayweather told Gray he would fight only once more before he called it a career.

“My last fight is in September,” said Mayweather. “Then it’s time for me to hang up the gloves.”

It will be time to hang up his shoes, too. That are the article of clothing Mayweather has used most to make his mark on the sport. His footwork is impeccable, and against Pacquiao, in a fight he absolutely had to win to ensure his historical legacy was secure, he absolutely delivered.

Mayweather is 38 now. He will be the same age in September. There was some thought before the bout that Mayweather might be slower than he used to be, that his legs might be gone.

But against Pacquiao, the premier offensive force of the era, Mayweather looked as great as ever. If there is a fighter at 147 pounds who can track Mayweather down enough times in a 12-round prizefight to land enough punches to take a win from him, he has not yet revealed himself.

For Mayweather to be beat, someone will have to catch him first. And it doesn’t appear anyone will be ready to do it by September.

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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: A Twitter Recap Of The Fight Of The Century

Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

Well, the Fight of the Century is over and Floyd Mayweather is 48-0. Manny Pacquiao threw everything he had at the undefeated champion but hit mostly air while Mayweather’s counter-attacking style gave him a unanimous decision victory over the Pac-Man.

Regardless of how you felt about the action in the ring, the action outside of it both before and after the Fight of the Century was just fantastic. Las Vegas turned into Hollywood and the sports world Hall of Fame for the evening as celebrities and athletes from all walks of life made their way to the MGM Grand for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Here were some of the highlights from the moments leading up to the fight and immediately after. 

It was an eventful day for the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, who traveled from the Kentucky Derby straight to the the fight in style. But first, the Derby

Then, the private jet to Sin City.

So the Patriots were in Sin City, but the most people watching the fight were in another country. Pacquiao’s home country, The Philippines, came out in droves to support their hero.

We told you there were celebrities. There were top flight stars like Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington, Jay-Z, Beyonce and of course, “His Airness” himself.

Still, Michael Jordan didn’t even make it into an entourage. Not impressive at all. Jimmy Kimmel rolled in with Pacquiao looking… interesting.

Speaking of entourages, looks like there were enough of them flying into Las Vegas’ McCarran airport to merit investing in an entire new airport. 

Once the second undercard fight ended, things started to unravel a little bit. The good news was that this fight was extremely popular. The bad news, the Pay-Per-View servers crashed and not only delayed the fight, but also kept some viewers in the dark.

Once that got sorted out, we got the Jamie Foxx national anthem. Not quite Carl Lewis bad, but yeah, not awesome.

For many, the anthem was better than the bout.

However you felt about what happened, the Fight of the Century is a wrap. Even if the actual fight left something to be desired, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao built this night into something special that we’ll always remember, for more than a few reasons. 

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Hip-Hop Reacts to the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight

floyd mayweather manny pacquiao fight prediction

Getty Images

After five years back-and-forth, trash talk and negotiations, the extremely anticipated bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao – dubbed “The Fight of the Century” – finally went down last night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Mayweatther wins in an unanimous decision against Pacquiao. Following the fight, social media damn near crashed with comments about the outcome. Check out pre, during and post fight reactions from some of your favorite hip-hop artist, below.

Top 25 Pound-for-Pound Boxers After Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

With all it’s glory, glitz and glamour, the Fight of the Century has come and gone.

With Floyd Mayweather‘s victory over Manny Pacquiao, boxing fans finally got the answer to the much-debated question: Who’s the best boxer of this era?

Saturday’s win not only gives Mayweather a significant boost to his historical standing, but it also puts him beyond reproach atop this list. But where does Pacquiao land now? 

And with both Mayweather and Pacquiao nearing the end of their careers, the best of the rest matter as much as ever. Where does the long-dormant Andre Ward sit in the pound-for-pound picture? What about Gennady Golovkin and his terrifying punching power? Is the extremely popular Canelo Alvarez a top-10 fighter yet?   

Click through to find out how the top fighters in the world rank against one another after Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Boxers are ranked by quality of opposition faced as well as their perceived willingness to engage all comers. A special emphasis is given to how fighters have performed over the last calendar year.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Defeats Manny Pacquiao Just Like Everyone Thought He Would

After months of preparation, and years of indecision, the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao finally happened!

And it went down just like everyone thought it would.

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Floyd defeated Pacquiao by unanimous decision after going the distance, making ‘Money’ Mayweather the official winner.

And his undefeated reign continues…

[Image via Getty Images.]

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