Actor Alfie Allen Talks Latest Film ‘John Wick’

Alfie Allen plays Iosef Tarasov, the arrogant son of notorious crime lord Viggo Tarasov (Michael Nyqvist) and target of John Wick’s (Keanu Reeves) rage.

The “Game of Thrones” star’s latest film “John Wick,” hits theaters this Friday, October 24. Read our exclusive interview with Allen below:


How did you get involved with the film? What drew you in to work on it?


Well, you know, I loved the idea of being able to speak a different language in the movie, and also be able to do an American accent. More specifically, a New York type accent. That was interesting. And just the idea of Chad and Dave directing it, because they’re ex-stuntmen, and they would be very hands-on and would know what they were doing with the whole stunt aspect of it, because there’s a lot of stunts in [the film]. And, you know, the cast. I loved being able to have a scene with John Leguizamo, and be in the same movie as Willem Dafoe, and Michael Nyqvist is a fantastic actor, and obviously Keanu Reeves. So it was amazing. I really really enjoyed it.


Can you talk a little about your character and any influences and inspirations you drew from in developing him?


I mean, I went to visit some Russian baths when I was in New York. I wouldn’t be able to give any specific examples, but I definitely sort of tested out my Russian dialect down there. But in terms of inspiration, I guess I found the relationship between [my character] and his father, and there was a backstory about the mother that I found quite interesting as well.


Your character could kind of be described as a “bad guy.” Do you find it tough to stay objective about your character when you are playing him?


I mean, it’s fun, really. You’ve just got to make sure you keep it light and really take those emotions away with you at the end of the day. So, yeah, in a way.


Were there any aspects of shooting the film that were particularly challenging?


Yeah, being sort of hit quite a lot was, it was quite challenging. And I had to do a lot of running. And, yeah, learning the Russian was pretty tough. Because, you know, they would just bring things up on the day and say, “Hey, try this, try that.” And it’s completely alien to me, you know? It was challenging. I definitely enjoyed it, but it was tough.


What was it like collaborating with the directors and the rest of the cast?


Great! Chad and Dave were just very very hands-on, and they just gave us a lot of freedom as actors to be able to sort of improv a little bit here and there. Sometimes it can be quite scary, but when you’re in the right hands it can sort of be guided along in the right way. It was good. I remember doing the scene with John Leguizamo, I’ll never forget that, and that was incredible. Hopefully I’ll get to work with him again some day.


Did any of the freedom and improvisation they allowed wind up shaping or changing the story or the script in any way?


No. It was just little bits here and there. You know, movements almost. There’s a part in it where I get of the car and just before I’m walking in (I’m about to go see my dad) I sort of check myself in the mirror. That adds a sort of vanity to the character.


What was your favorite scene to shoot and why?


I liked the gas station scene in the beginning. That was great. It’s the introduction to the character. And also the scene with Michael Nyqvist, where he tells me how I’ve messed up and who John Wick really is. I come in with a sense of bravado, thinking I’ve done the right thing, and then the end of the scene it’s completely different. It was interesting, a there-to-there.


As you’re going through your career, how do you determine which projects you want to take on and which ones you’ll pass?


It’s a luxury which … I’m not quite there yet. I read a lot of scripts, and I don’t know, I just sort of take things as they come. I try not to plan stuff like that into the future, and if a great thing comes along then hopefully I’ll be able to do it.


Did you have any sort of routine or preparation you’d go through each day to get into character?


No … when I first got the look together with the hair and the clothes, when you get into costume that’s when it really starts to take over in your head. But no I didn’t have any sort of routine everyday.


In what way did the costume affect you?


He had just really show-y costumes. It was very very sort of expensive suits, leather jackets, and shiny shoes. It was brash.


What do you hope that audiences take away from this film?


It’s kind of a crazy love story in there somewhere. It’s not like any other love story I’ve seen. I think the theme in it, that all men can change, and who is the bad guy in it really? Keanu Reeve’s character, John Wick, has done some bad things, but he’s the good guy in a way. But he’s actually killing a lot of people.


What was it like working with Keanu Reeves?


Really good. He’s a very giving, generous actor, and he just sort of puts you at ease. Definitely very very open and easy to work with. Just a very very nice human being.


What’s next for you? Any projects you’re working on?


I’ve got something which is in the pipeline, possibly shooting in January.  It’s a road trip movie about three men going into Mexico. And hopefully that’ll happen. Cast is attached now, and we’ve got some good people there. So we’ll have to wait and see, keep my fingers crossed.

-Stephen Jones

Nicki Minaj Fell Asleep FOUR TIMES During Her GQ Interview & It Was A Big A$$ Problem!

No one can deny Nicki Minaj‘s sass and a$$.

Nicki has flaunted her butt with a lot of twerking and bare-naked images, but GQ reporter Taffy Brodessor-Akner wrote that Nicki thinks the discussion of her a** is “degrading”!

Actually Nicki is so tired of talking about her booty, that she reportedly fell asleep 4 times during her interview!!!

Taffy wrote:

“To be completely accurate, she never fell into actual REM sleep during our interview, but at four separate times she dozed off, her head jerking awake at just the moment it had started to dip. In between, she was what I could call low-key and reserved, because I am generous, but the picture looked like this: those eyelids, falling, falling over eyes that would cross momentarily, closing for a moment but staying too long—a blink that lasted a few blinks longer than a blink.”

We’re all about respecting women, but perhaps Nicki shouldn’t bring so much attention to her butt in music videos, on stage, and in song lyrics if she doesn’t want to talk about it.

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Just a suggestion!

Sister Cristina From The Voice Of Italy Covers Like A Virgin! See A Singing Nun Slay A Madonna Cover HERE!

Sister Cristina, the famous “Singing Nun” who won The Voice of Italy, is ready to drop her debut album!

And she’s starting with a music video for her first single, covering the most appropriate artist a Roman Catholic nun can – Madonna!

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Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to hear her very different version of Like A Virgin!

Sister Cristina does SLIGHTLY clean up the lyrics, but for the most part she is singing the same song that got Madge in trouble three decades ago!

How does she reconcile that with her faith? She has a unique take on the classic tune. She said:

“If you read the lyrics without being influenced by what has gone before, you discover that it is a song about the capacity of love to make people new again To release them from their past. And this is how I wanted to interpret it. That’s why we’ve transformed it from the pop-dance track it was into a romantic ballad a bit in the style of Amos Lee.”

We love the fresh take!

But sorry, Sister, this song is totally about sex. Maybe it’s a translation thing…

You can see what else Sister Cristina sings when her album drops on November 11th!

Anthony Albanese says Greens’ use of Gough Whitlam image is offensive – video

Anthony Albanese has accused the Australian Greens of ‘opportunism of the worst kind’ after the party attached its logo to an image of the late Labor figure Gough Whitlam. Albanese said the decision was ‘cheap, opportunistic and offensive’. The deputy leader of the Greens, Adam Bandt, defended the image. ‘Right now, a broad cross section of Australians are celebrating the Whitlam legacy,’ Bandt said. ‘In many ways, Gough was the author of modern, progressive Australia and the Greens are proud to join the thousands of others paying tribute to him.’ Continue reading…

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KeilyN Takes It “Back Home”

It isn’t often that Ohio comes out with bangers, but lyricist KeilyN is bringing it back home with the boom bap one time for his home state of Ohio.  The “Back Home” video finds the rapper in Chicago, reminiscing about his hometown and showing off his lyrical finesse, storytelling skill, and smooth delivery as he rides the Audiologists produced beat.  Check out the video above and let us know what you think.

Are Your Freshman Fall TV Shows Faring So Far?? We’ve Got Your Update On All Things Television!!

It’s that time of year again… Fall TV Season!

With every new crop of freshman TV hopefuls, only so many shows can succeed, while many others fall flat.

Just today, for instance, The CW gave full season pick ups to The Flash and Jane the Virgin after just two episodes each, while FX closed The Bridge after two seasons.

The news about Jane the Virgin and The Flash isn’t too surprising, seeing as the former is the most critically acclaimed new show of the season while the latter is the channel’s highest rated series premiere since The Vampire Diaries five years ago!

Don’t believe us that JtV is actually good?

Well, maybe knowing the fact that it has a perfect 100 on will make you think otherwise.

Literally everyone thinks it’s quality TV, and so should you. That’s how it works.

While no new shows have been cancelled as of yet, FOX‘s Mulaney had its episode order cut short, while Gotham, on the same network, as well as ABC‘s How To Get Away With Murder and Black-ish have all received full first seasons.

It’s been roughly three weeks since shows started premiering, so it will be really interesting to see which new series is the first to get the axe!

No Criminal Charges For Driver In Times Square Tour Bus Crash

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The driver of the tour bus involved in a crash in Times Square this past summer will not face criminal charges.

The Gray Line double-decker tour bus he was driving crashed into a parked double-decker CitySights bus around 3:30 p.m. Aug. 5, jumping the curb and causing a lamp post and traffic signal to crash onto a crowd of people.

The crash happened near the TKTS discount Broadway ticket booth at 47th Street and Seventh Avenue, which was packed with people at the time.

Driver Involved In Times Square Tour Bus Crash Will Not Face Criminal Charges

william dalambert 0807 No Criminal Charges For Driver In Times Square Tour Bus Crash
Al Jones reports

The driver, William Dalambert, 58, claimed the brakes did not work. But Dalambert was initially charged with driving while ability impaired, and he was handcuffed, booked, and spent the night in a jail cell.

Soon afterward, he was suddenly released when initial tests showed there were no drugs or alcohol in his system.

Following a two-month investigation, authorities concluded that a mechanical failure was to blame for the accident.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office said the evidence did not support filing charges.

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