South Korean navy officer arrested on charges of spying for China

Lieutenant commander in South Korean counter-espionage body accused of handing classified data to suspected spy while studying in China

A South Korean navy officer has been arrested for allegedly leaking military secrets to China, a defence ministry spokesman said on Saturday.

A lieutenant commander assigned to the Defense Security Command faces charges that he handed over classified information to a suspected Chinese agent while studying in China from 2009 to 2012.

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Miguel Cabrera Injury: Updates on Tigers Star’s Leg and Return

Detroit Tigers’ superstar first baseman Miguel Cabrera left Friday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays with a calf injury.

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Cabrera to Undergo MRI

Friday, July 3

The Tigers announced Cabrera suffered a strained left calf Friday night and will be evaluated further to determine severity.

Cabrera has been tremendously durable since making his MLB debut in 2003. The two-time American League MVP has never played less than 148 games in his 12 full seasons. 

The Tigers have been hovering around .500 all season, entering play on Friday at 39-39, so seeing Cabrera limp off the field isn’t what this team needs as it moves into the All-Star break next weekend. 

Daily Driver: 2015 Acura TLX

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Acura’s TLX may not be as sporting as models past, but it’s more refined than ever. We drive it for a bit, to find out if that’s enough to stave off boredom.

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Fare Well, Liberty Bell

Fare Well, Liberty Bell

The 350-year marriage of Protestant Christian theology and American popular culture is over. Christianity, it may be sadly said, is no longer the preeminent social influence in American life. We Christians who dared to presume that America was ever all and only ours are, apart from some God-ordained awakening, unlikely to “get our country back.” We will live and work henceforth, as do most other Christians around the world, amidst a public square hostile to our beliefs.

Christian citizens of the United States of America nevertheless still have great reasons this day to lift thanksgiving to God for the blessings of liberty and to celebrate heartily the 239th anniversary of the nation’s declaration of its God-given rights and independence from tyranny.

In Gold We Trust Too

The mobilization of so-called “values voters” in U.S. elections since 1980 spawned a whole genre of “City on a Hill” histories portraying the American founding as the creation of a Christian nation, by Christians, for Christians. The influence of Christian theology, and more specifically Protestant Reformed theology, on the founding generation is inarguable, and the favor that God has shown this society thusly influenced seems historically evident. Yet, such favor hasn’t flowed to America as a Christian nation; rather, because it has been and remains a nation occupied by so many Christians.

The American Revolution was less about the formation of a Christian society, and more about a God-ordained convergence of Enlightenment thinking and Great Awakening passions, a history well-supported in Marvin Olasky’s Fighting for Liberty and Virtue: Political and Cultural Wars in Eighteenth Century America. This American garment was woven from the two different threads that Joseph Galloway referred to as “Presbyterians and Smugglers,” some in search of God, others in search of gold.

America has never been a single thread, but rather a cord of both worldliness and holiness. These strands were woven so tightly for so long that it became difficult, certainly for Christians, to see them as twain, but twain they have always been, and twain they are now parted.

The Twain Cities

Is the life of the American Christian now to be one of little more than nostalgic waxing, pharisaic finger-pointing, lamentation, and separatism? Never let it be so! Such would neither be American nor Christian. What is America without the engagement of its free citizens? How can a Christian be salt and light in a social ghetto or separatist’s undercroft?

No, we are, as Augustine wrote, citizens of two cities: the city of God and the city of man. For most of American history, at least culturally, we have resided in a duplex with a common street address. Now, we’ll be obligated to keep two quarters in different neighborhoods. But keep them we must.

At our American residence, we’ll remain “citizens,” a revolutionary moniker that declares our liberation from the yoke of human tyranny. This honorable name, “citizen,” distinguishes us from those who are “subjects” of earthly despots. The price of such liberty is, as Jefferson wrote, eternal vigilance.

At our Christian residence, our eternal address, we will be slaves, glad bondservants to the sublimely beneficent king of all kings. Until this king summons us to his throne, we Christians serve as both his subjects and, by his grace, as free citizens of the United States of America.

Six Legacies of the Reformation

Writing in The Genevan Reformation and the American Founding, David W. Hall identifies six legacies from the Protestant Reformation — interlocking themes that are deeply embedded in the idea of American citizenship. While these six legacies of Calvinism may no longer be quite so widely embraced by the popular culture, they remain on this 239th Independence Day, thank God, still championed and treasured by tens of millions of American citizens, not all of whom are Christians or even know that the liberties they treasure have roots in the Protestant Reformation, arguably the greatest human rights movement in all of human history. These ideas are now known throughout the world as American ideas:

  • A limited charter for the state (and conversely, opposition to totalitarianism)

  • Checks and balances (and divided powers) addressed to the reality of human depravity

  • A belief that all governments are judged by transcendent moral norms

  • A persistent opposition to secular authority as the primary basis for political structure

  • An abiding emphasis on the family as the essential building block of successful government

  • A view of the law as necessary and not subjective

The Liberty Bell, enshrined outside of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, though cracked, still rings. The descendants of Mayflower pilgrims and aspiring citizens alike share a heartfelt desire to honor its Old Testament exhortation to “proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants” (Leviticus 25:10).

No, we Christians do not bid thee, “Farewell, Liberty Bell.” We bid thee, “Fare well.” Fare well as you have through bloody wars. Fare well as you have through many economic cataclysms. Fare well as you have through periods of civil unrest, racial disharmony, and changing social mores.

We thank God, the author of our American liberty and source of the unalienable rights that our founding document declares and which our unique-in-all-the-world system of human government still mostly seeks to preserve.

Let freedom ring! Fare well, Liberty Bell. By God’s grace, fare well.

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Insiders Close To Kourtney Kardashian Say Scott Disick Has ‘Fallen Off The Wagon’ AGAIN!

So is this the official excuse?

On Thursday, sources close to Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian came forward with more info regarding the very suspicious pics that surfaced of LD canoodling with his ex, Chloe Bartoli. In the snaps, the pair looks super cozy as they party in Monaco for Chloe’s 25th birthday.

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Now insiders have come forward to say that this nothing more than a “boys trip” gone awry and that the reality star is back to his hard partying ways.

The insider explained:

“They fear he is out of control and has fallen off the wagon. He is partying hard and they are concerned.”

Sigh. How many times have we heard this story before?! Obviously there’s more going on…

As for Kardashian’s relation to Bartoli, a source simply stated:

“Kourtney and Chloe are not friends.”

You don’t say! Color us surprised!

We just wonder when Kourt will finally kick Scott to the curb — this has been going on since 2006! It’s time for a refresh, girl!

[Image via Instagram.]

Police: Man Believed To Be Behind Several Bias Attacks In North Brunswick

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Police in North Brunswick, New Jersey say there has been a recent string of bias attacks against men of Indian descent.

As CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported, Rohit Patel has broken teeth and stitches, wounds impossible to miss. But his pain is more than skin deep.

The 57-year-old man said it hurts to talk after he was beaten over the head by a stranger.

Police said the attacker targeted Patel because he is Indian.

“My dad is a very fragile, innocent man who was just on his daily walk,” said Dipen Patel. “What went through your mind to see him and actually want to cause him pain?”

Patel’s son took Sanchez back to the sidewalk on Hartland Commons, where his father was jumped on Wednesday afternoon.

“He realizes there’s a car that’s stopped, keeps walking, and he realizes someone gets out of the car,” Dipen said.

Patel said that someone followed him for less than a minute before knocking him out with a blow to the head.

Police arrested Patel’s alleged attacker and identified him as 24-year-old Nyle Kilgore, who also lives in North Brunswick.

Police believe he may be responsible for several attacks on men of Indian decent in the area, and now Kilgore is free on bail.

“I don’t know. I don’t understand how you can have someone who is continuously committing hate crimes, violent hate crimes, and he’s able to get out the same night,” said Dipen.

With his alleged attacker out on bail, Patel said he’s afraid to leave home and so are many in the local Indian community.

The Patels find irony in the Independence Day weekend, while fear makes them prisoners in their own home, Sanchez reported.

“Once he’s in jail, we can feel a bit more freedom,” said Dipen said.

Patel and his wife just moved to New Jersey from the United Kingdom in May. And now, they may be moving back.

Police believe there may be more victims.

CBS2 tried to reach out to Kilgore, but were unable to reach him at his last known address.

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Giorgetto Giugiaro sells shares in legendary styling house to Audi

Filed under: Design/Style, Hirings/Firings/Layoffs, Audi, Volkswagen

Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son have sold their remaining 9.9 percent stake in Italdesign Giugiaro to Audi, and the two of them have resigned from the company that bears their name.

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adidas Originals EQT Guidance Channels Classic ’90s Design

When adidas Originals EQT Guidance made its return in 2014, it was warmly welcomed by sneakerheads who are partial to the Three Stripes and many who aren’t. The brand has released yet another iteration of the model rendered in an OG colorway of radiant blue, white and black. The sneaker stays true to the original ’90s running silhouette by featuring­ a wraparound tongue, mesh vamp panels and the signature upper branding.


Set for a global release on July 18, the EQT Guidance OG is testament to the timelessness of ’90s design.

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