Dallas Mavericks vs. Portland Trail Blazers: Live Score, Highlights and Analysis

When the Dallas Mavericks visit the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday (10:30 p.m. ET on TNT), they’ll get a reminder of why they gambled on mercurial point guard Rajon Rondo.

The four-time All-Star has had a bumpy transition to Dallas. The Mavs were 19-8 before they acquired him and are 21-14 since. Their offense has been clunky at times, and the point guard recently served a one-game suspension after a mid-game shouting match with head coach Rick Carlisle.

But Dallas needed a defensive presence at point guard to deal with the wealth of talent the Western Conference has at the position. And it will face one of the best in Portland’s two-time All-Star, Damian Lillard. The 24-year-old has averaged 22 points, 6.5 assists, 6.0 rebounds and 2.5 steals in his two matchups with the Mavericks this season.

Containing elite talents like Lillard is the reason Rondo is in Dallas. His ability to do so could determine the outcome of this game—and the level of postseason success that the Mavs will enjoy.  

The Classic Dog Tooth Pattern

The Classic Dog Tooth Pattern

Black, white and silver is a really nice combination of colours! The classic dog tooth print has been stuck onto the white nail. The silver glitter brings a bit of sparkle to the pattern overall! The silver chain and ring brings it altogether and makes the whole design stand out

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Statement Regarding Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash Released

We’re so glad he’s on the mend!

Harrison Ford is doing okay despite being battered, according to his son Ben Ford.

The Star Wars actor crash-landed his vintage WWII plane on the Penmar golf course in Venice on Thursday.

Here’s what the rep for NTSB Patrick Jones (no relation to Indiana Jones) had to say about the crash in a statement:

“At approximately 14:20 there was a vintage airplane that was taking off from Santa Monica.

The pilot reported a loss of engine power and was attempting to return to the runway. It appears he clipped the top of a tree and came to rest on the golf course.

At this time the NTSB has started an investigation with the FAA . Our goal is to do some on-scene documentation. We will ultimately recover the aircraft tomorrow morning to a local facility and continue the investigation.”

He claimed that Harrison was in fact “lucky,” while mentioning that there are over 2,000 aviation accidents a year, and that some result in fatalities, and that some don’t.

Prior to the press release golf course employee Howard Tabe spoke about seeing the accident, saying:

“There was blood all over his face… Two very fine doctors were treating him, taking good care of him. I helped put a blanket under his hip.”

We wish Indy a speedy recovery!

[Image via CNN.]

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