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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn split after 'hectic lives' meant spending too much
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Tiger Woods and his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn have split after 'hectic lives' led to them spending too much time apart, she announced on Sunday night. Ads by Google. Share. Facebook · Twitter · Google · Email. Go To. Comments. Ms Vonn said she will "always …
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Why Jose Mourinho Is Football’s Equivalent of Boxing Superstar Floyd Mayweather

Though at times it may have seemed otherwise, it was never even close.

On scorecards across the world, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao were level after six rounds in their record-breaking, record-setting mega bout on 2 May. The undefeated Mayweather—in customary fashion—downloaded the Filipino’s timing in the fight’s first half, and proceeded to dismantle his opponent in the latter stages, winning by unanimous decision.

Cast as a “boring” fighter, the product of Grand Rapids, Michigan is a complete contradiction.

Outside the boxing ring, Mayweather is flashy, brash and lets nobody within hearing distance forget it. Inside the ring, however, the 48-0 prizefighter is the definition of conservative.

The willingness to “entertain” spectators with crazy amounts of punches, taking reckless chances and seeing knockouts has long been respected by those in the boxing community, and indeed the casual fan. In a blood sport one hopes to see KOs, stoppages, cuts and high-octane action; Mayweather is not in the business of taking punishment to entertain—his modus operandi is simply to win.

Forty-six fighters, on 48 different occasions, have attempted to solve the now-38-year-old’s puzzle, and none have. Touted the greatest defensive fighter in his era, the best method for Mayweather to earn victories is using his sublime defensive wizardry and counter-punching prowess.

In 2 May’s bout, the onus was on Pacquiao to disrupt Mayweather’s comfortability; he was gun shy and the American champion coasted—much to the displeasure of many who watched the fight to see action or Mayweather lose.

It appears when the public loves an aspect of a sport, and a “malcontent” elects to take away what they love, vilification is warranted: Jose Mourinho can relate.

Neither to the obscene amounts of cash Mayweather has collected nor Mayweather’s more-than-despicable criminal history, but in terms of strangling what people love most about their respective sports—the two are an inseparable match.

Similar to boxing, football has its hallmarks. While gore and violence are not appreciated tenets in the “beautiful game,” a desire to play fluent, attack-minded football is why people watch.

The life’s blood of football is goals, and when an individual is comfortable not playing the game with an express purpose of scoring them, stigmas arise.

Though at times it may have seemed otherwise, it was never even close.

At one point above Manchester City on alphabetical order, Chelsea proceeded to win the 2014/15 Premier League title with three games to spare. Mourinho gave his team confidence to complete the task at hand, winning the Blues’ first league title since 2009/10.

Mourinho arrived in west London two seasons ago, taking over at the helm of Chelsea Football Club for a second time. Mandated to play an attacking brand of football, the Portuguese has attempted to instal the expansive brand owner Roman Abramovich requests.

In crucial matches, though, over Mourinho‘s now-23-month spell, he often reverts to his counter-attacking preference.

Given the money Chelsea have spent over the past 12 seasons, climbing the ladder of English football’s giants, one would expect the calibre of players in Stamford Bridge’s dressing room to not require an austere, defensive mindset—but they do.

Tags from outsiders (similar to that of Mayweather) label Mourinho‘s Chelsea as “boring,” lacking the guile to give the public opulent football.

Forgotten in recent memory was how Chelsea were the best attacking side in England to open the 2014/15 campaign. On pace to break their own 2009/10 goals-scored record (103) in the early stages, Mourinho allowed his team to play expansively, amassing 22 points and 23 goals before the season’s first nine EPL fixtures.

Mourinho is not in the business of risking points to entertain—his modus operandi is simply to win. Outside the pitch, the 52-year-old is one of football’s most outspoken, entertaining characters, but his teams do not always carry the same traits.

Though extremely watchable in the season’s first half, the Portuguese flipped an inevitable switch and Chelsea proceeded to grind out results in search of their fourth EPL crown: Eight league victories have come by one-goal margins since New Year’s Day.

To some (Mayweather and Mourinho included) winning, no matter the method, is all that matters.

One cannot expect winners to relinquish their best qualities in an effort to liven proceedings. Both Mayweather and Mourinho pride themselves on defensive organisation and their genius being enough to stifle any opponent.

Tasking Chelsea to play a more expansive style of football, risking points in the process, makes no sense to Mourinho—neither to Blues fans who pay to see a winning team. Contrary to popular belief, there is more tension in a 1-0 nail-biter than an 8-0 blowout. For a title race to transpire, it was contingent on the chasing pack to collect more points, they failed and Mourinho‘s outfit took advantage.

Boxing is more precarious in nature than football—as it can easily damage one’s health irreparably—so wanting Money to risk his own wellbeing for our collective entertainment is rather twisted; especially considering he has an uncanny ability to counter, block and/or evade punches.

Mayweather has stated his last bout will be in September (as noted by The Times‘ Ron Lewis), around that time Chelsea will have launched their 2015/16 title defence. Should the adage “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” be applied anywhere, expect both Mourinho and the pound-for-pound great to yet again neglect pressure for an attack-filled style.

Their calling cards are defensive greatness and an irreverent indifference to optics; with winning everything in sight, stopping their proven methods now would be completely illogical.


*Stats via WhoScored.com; transfer fees via Soccerbase.com where not noted.

Ten-engine electric plane takes off

The GL-10 prototype takes off in hover mode like a helicopter (Photo: NASA Langley/David C. Bowman)

In seeking a compromise between helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, engineers in recent years have opted for tilt rotors, but NASA has dusted off and improved on a tilt wing aircraft design that takes off and lands like a helicopter and flies like an airplane. Called the Greased Lightning, or GL-10, the unmanned prototype made a successful vertical takeoff and transition to horizontal flight at Fort A.P. Hill, not far from NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

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The insider’s cultural guide to Thimphu: Chilli, cheese, alcohol, music, archery

From chilli cheese to Buddha, football glory to alcohol-free Tuesdays, Namgay Zam takes us on a cultural tour of Bhutan’s capital city


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Why Manchester United Should Go All out for Mats Hummels This Summer

Manchester United have been linked with Mats Hummels for a long time now, but this summer they should do whatever it takes to bring the German defender to the club.

Miguel Delaney of ESPN FC reported last week that “United [are] confident they can complete deals with both Mats Hummels of Borussia Dortmund and Southampton‘s Nathaniel Clyne.” 

Of the two, it is the man whom Rafael Honigstein described in an ESPN FC article in July 2014 as “the most elegant, skillful centre-back that German football has produced in a very long time” who United should be keenest to acquire.

The Red Devils’ need for an experienced, reliable centre-half has been shown time and again this season. Paddy McNair has performed above expectation during his 1022 minutes of league football, but that number is higher than it should have been. The youngster has repeatedly been forced to step into his senior-colleagues’ shoes by an apparently never-ending series of injuries.

In truth, United possess plenty of talent in the central-defensive positions. Chris Smalling and Phil Jones have the making of a good long-term partnership. However, relying on them to stay fit long consistently enough to grow into that partnership would seem at this point to be folly.

Jones has appeared in just 19 of United’s 35 league games so far this season. Last season he managed 26 appearances, a reasonable figure, but the season before he only made 13 starts in the league. He has never managed 30 league appearances for United in a single season. 

If Smalling starts the next three games, he will hit 21 league starts for the season which will equal his previous best. 

Jonny Evans’ injury record and form this season are such that it seems very unlikely that Louis van Gaal will be inclined to keep him around, unless it is as a squad player. Marcos Rojo has done well in his first season, but it is not clear that he can be one of the world’s finest centre-halves. 

Hummels certainly is. He would not only be an upgrade on all three of United’s senior centre-backs in terms of reliability, but also in quality. 

While Smalling is in the middle of a fine season, and Sir Alex Ferguson once infamously suggested that Jones could become “our best ever player,” per Sky Sports, the German is, in truth, a level above.  

The World Cup winner was, according to Honigstein, the “the de facto leader of the defence” during Germany’s victorious 2014 campaign.” Honigstein also praised Hummels for the improvement in his performances, saying, “He used to have an unfortunate habit of trying to look too nonchalant. No more.”

Joachim Low is quoted by Honigstein—responding to Hummels‘ outstanding performance against France in the Quarter Final of that tournament—as saying “the way he fought for the ball was sensational. He’s always in the right place.”

This season has been a difficult one for Borrusia Dortmund. However, after a slow start—ironically given the above, because of an injury—Hummels has once again proven himself one of the Bundesliga‘s—and world football’s—best defenders.

His positioning and reading of the game remain superb. He is also dominant in the air, having won an average of six aerial duels per game, which puts him in sixth place in the Bundesliga but would be enough for second in the Premier League. 

It is considerably more than any United defender has won—although, as an aside, that can partly be explained by how often the Red Devils have dominated possession.

Hummels is a proven winner, a consistent performer and at 26 years old would be likely to be spending his prime years in United red should he arrive now.

Given that Jurgen Klopp has announced he is leaving Dortmund, it seems as good a time as any for the player to make the move. United need additional options in defence and, ideally, for those options to improve the overall quality of the first XI.

It is a move which makes sense for all concerned, and United should indeed go all out to make it happen.

Facebook to host entire articles from major publications directly on its platform

With Instant Articles, Facebook is set to host content from publications such as BuzzFeed, The New York Times, National Geographic and others natively on its website.

The move is targeted to decrease load times for articles hosted externally, with The Wall Street Journal report stating that links shared on Facebook take around eight seconds to load on mobile devices:

4 Biggest Takeaways from the 1st Month of the Washington Nationals’ Season

The Washington Nationals have managed to pack as much frustration into one month as they were supposed to experience all season. 

The saviors of the 100-win season, everyone’s pick to win the National League and the greatest rotation in baseball history have cashed in all of that hyperbole for a 12-14 record and a seat at fourth place in the division. 

And if things don’t change soon, “too early to panic” can morph into “too late to contend” in a heartbeat. 

Washington has scratched and clawed its way within arm’s length of .500, but the team is one familiar losing streak away from going back to square one. Even the predictable, like Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer‘s early-season conquests, has yielded unpredictable results in the win-loss column. 

This exercise is designed to hash out those factors contributing to the Nationals’ success, or lack thereof, and assign significance to them. The following takeaways are ranked in order of overall impact on the team, positive or negative. 

Let’s see if we can’t make sense of this nonsensical first month of Nationals baseball.

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