U.N. calls for credible Myanmar election, minority protection

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The United Nations called on Myanmar on Friday to continue reforms to ensure credible elections next year and to step up efforts to protect ethic and religious minorities. A resolution passed the U.N. General Assembly committee dealing with human rights welcomed positive steps in political and economic reform in Myanmar but reiterated serious concerns about violence and other discrimination against the Rohingya Muslim minority. …

Apple Is Strategically Equipping All iPhone’s And iPad’s With Beats Music In 2015

It looks like Apple is planning to end the competition come 2015

With the steady growth of streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud or even Rhapsody, competition has a been bit stiff for Apple. Interesting enough, with their new plan shaping to take place in 2015, it could be the first of many re-branding ideas for the company.

According to The Financial Times, as early as March 2015 owners of iPhone’s and iPad’s will now have the Beats Music subscription part of their iOS software. In a valiant effort to get Apple music buyers to try the streaming service, Apple plans to make Beats Music monthly subscriptions  accessible with Apple Pay. In an arena dominated mostly by Spotify, Apple will start streaming services at $9.99 per month and $99.99 per year. Apple is known for being a giant among the phone and laptop arena, we’ll have to pay close attention to see if they can compete in the streaming world.

Drew is not an iPhone user but after this news, he may switch. -@Drewtheabstract

Stussy x Lee Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Stussy‘s Japanese division has hit up archetypal denim brand Lee for a new Fall/Winter 2014 collaboration. The capsule collection is rounded out by a re-interpretation of Lee’s classic “Storm Rider” jacket that features a tan corduroy exterior, complemented by a classic pair of blue jeans. The collection hearkens to a classic Americana aesthetic, with custom co-branded tags and hardware as an added bonus. Watch for these pieces to drop at Japanese Stussy chapter stores on November 21.

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NBA Afterthoughts Who Are About to Become X-Factors

NBA perceptions can change in an instant. Today’s 24-hour news cycle causes hot streaks to become overblown and slumps to send players plummeting toward obscurity.

But a players’ impact has a lot to do with opportunity and fit. A player can be in over his head or buried on the bench if his talents don’t scratch an itch for his team. But that same player can transform into a valuable piece once he finds the right niche for his skills.

This also hinges on the appearance of importance, something that often draws heavily upon a franchise’s success. Role players on good teams and bad ones might do the same jobs, but their values are cast under dramatically different lights.

For the six players on this list, they have been—or soon will be—given a second chance to redefine their careers.

Some have found the right system to help unleash their full potential. Others have taken on larger roles than they have ever held. Still another could soon find himself plucked from a lottery-bound team and tossed into the championship race, a move sure to alter the way he is viewed by the basketball world.

No matter their means of metamorphosis, all of these former afterthoughts are now (or soon to be) in position to become full-fledged X-factors.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Backfires As Britney Spears Hater Attacked On Twitter!

We’ve seen several installments now of Jimmy Kimmel‘s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, and we laugh our butts off every time.

But have you ever stopped to think about how the segment affects the Mean Tweeters?

[ Video: Jimmy Kimmel Forces Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, And MORE To Read Mean Tweets! He's A Monster! LOLz! ]

@trickyfoxski (who wishes to remain an anonymous Twitter handle for obvious reasons) was the one who in this most recent video called Britney Spears a “tired hag.”

And she says that ever since the episode aired, her account has been hit non-stop by fans who want to defend Britney’s honor by saying awful things to her hater. @trickyfoxski said:

“The reactions have been entertaining. One lovely person suggested that I kill myself. Another charming person said I should rot in hell. The one that made me laugh though accused my family of inbreeding. I guess they saw where I was from and fired off that gem.”

Unfortunately, it went farther than just “mean tweets.”

One fan sent this NSFW message:

And another crossed the line with this full-on death threat:


Come on guys, we all love Britney, but that doesn’t give you the right to be horrible! This is a real person!

This has moved from trolling the troll to breaking the law.

China building island in South China Sea big enough for military installations

The work is visible in satellite images and runs counter to calls from the US for an easing of provocative activity in the much-disputed territory

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There is bipartisan agreement on one thing: Obama’s immigration action is controversial

President characterised his move to reform immigration as pragmatic and ‘common-sense’ approach – but his decision is viewed differently among critics and supporters alike

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