The foodie traveller … on the bunny chow trail in Durban, South Africa

The hollowed-out loaf filled with curry is a South African favourite, and best sampled in its oceanside home city of Durban

Bunny chow was created in 1940s Durban, South Africa, as a way for immigrant Indian plantation workers (who were often banned from certain cafes during the apartheid era) to carry their food to the fields. It’s typically a mutton or bean curry crammed into a hollowed-out white loaf. You break off bits of crust and eat them dipped in the spicy stew. The name is said to come from the city’s banyan trees: the snacks were originally sold by vendors sitting in the shade underneath them.

Today, bunny chow is enjoyed all over South Africa by diners looking for a filling, spicy dish that’s perfect with a couple of cold beers.

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