Anthony Albanese says Greens’ use of Gough Whitlam image is offensive – video

Anthony Albanese has accused the Australian Greens of ‘opportunism of the worst kind’ after the party attached its logo to an image of the late Labor figure Gough Whitlam. Albanese said the decision was ‘cheap, opportunistic and offensive’. The deputy leader of the Greens, Adam Bandt, defended the image. ‘Right now, a broad cross section of Australians are celebrating the Whitlam legacy,’ Bandt said. ‘In many ways, Gough was the author of modern, progressive Australia and the Greens are proud to join the thousands of others paying tribute to him.’ Continue reading…

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KeilyN Takes It “Back Home”

It isn’t often that Ohio comes out with bangers, but lyricist KeilyN is bringing it back home with the boom bap one time for his home state of Ohio.  The “Back Home” video finds the rapper in Chicago, reminiscing about his hometown and showing off his lyrical finesse, storytelling skill, and smooth delivery as he rides the Audiologists produced beat.  Check out the video above and let us know what you think.

Are Your Freshman Fall TV Shows Faring So Far?? We’ve Got Your Update On All Things Television!!

It’s that time of year again… Fall TV Season!

With every new crop of freshman TV hopefuls, only so many shows can succeed, while many others fall flat.

Just today, for instance, The CW gave full season pick ups to The Flash and Jane the Virgin after just two episodes each, while FX closed The Bridge after two seasons.

The news about Jane the Virgin and The Flash isn’t too surprising, seeing as the former is the most critically acclaimed new show of the season while the latter is the channel’s highest rated series premiere since The Vampire Diaries five years ago!

Don’t believe us that JtV is actually good?

Well, maybe knowing the fact that it has a perfect 100 on will make you think otherwise.

Literally everyone thinks it’s quality TV, and so should you. That’s how it works.

While no new shows have been cancelled as of yet, FOX‘s Mulaney had its episode order cut short, while Gotham, on the same network, as well as ABC‘s How To Get Away With Murder and Black-ish have all received full first seasons.

It’s been roughly three weeks since shows started premiering, so it will be really interesting to see which new series is the first to get the axe!

No Criminal Charges For Driver In Times Square Tour Bus Crash

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The driver of the tour bus involved in a crash in Times Square this past summer will not face criminal charges.

The Gray Line double-decker tour bus he was driving crashed into a parked double-decker CitySights bus around 3:30 p.m. Aug. 5, jumping the curb and causing a lamp post and traffic signal to crash onto a crowd of people.

The crash happened near the TKTS discount Broadway ticket booth at 47th Street and Seventh Avenue, which was packed with people at the time.

Driver Involved In Times Square Tour Bus Crash Will Not Face Criminal Charges

william dalambert 0807 No Criminal Charges For Driver In Times Square Tour Bus Crash
Al Jones reports

The driver, William Dalambert, 58, claimed the brakes did not work. But Dalambert was initially charged with driving while ability impaired, and he was handcuffed, booked, and spent the night in a jail cell.

Soon afterward, he was suddenly released when initial tests showed there were no drugs or alcohol in his system.

Following a two-month investigation, authorities concluded that a mechanical failure was to blame for the accident.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office said the evidence did not support filing charges.

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Sheppard Make Their US TV Debut On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’: Watch Them Perform “Geronimo”

Apache Pop

To quote myself, there’s catchy and then there’s “Geronimo”Sheppard first topped the charts in their native Australia with the unstoppable anthem and now have their sights set on US chart domination. The indie-pop band took an important step towards that goal today (October 21) by performing the song of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It also marked their US TV debut.

The quirky collective, who were recently nominated for seven ARIA Awards, delivered a typically charming performance with tight musicianship and perky harmonies. And it already seems to be paying dividends. “Geronimo” made a huge leap on the iTunes download chart today and should make an appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 in the not-too-distant future. Watch up top.

Did you like the band’s performance? Let us know in the comments below.

Get an eyeful of even more pop music coverage, from artist interviews to exclusive performances, on Idolator’s YouTube channel.

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Board Of Education Continues Suspension Of Sayreville High School Football Coaches

SAYREVILLE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The Board of Education has continued the suspensions of the Sayreville War Memorial High School football coach and his staff, CBS 2’s Lou Young reported Tuesday night.

Sources told CBS 2 that the varsity team’s hall of fame coach and his staff were suspended after seven Sayreville players were charged with allegedly sexually assaulting four younger teammates during hazing rituals in the school locker room.

“We got destroyed by a football incident that isn’t proven yet, but people got divided. But people that used to talk and be friends don’t talk anymore. That’s what happened to this town,” Sayreville resident Sam Porcaro said.

Those in attendance at the meeting largely voiced their support for Coach George Najjar, Young reported.

“I know he was not there and you can’t hold him responsible for something he didn’t know and didn’t see,” Tony Vallillo said.

Among the supporters is a feeling of dread; a suspicious that this is bigger than a canceled season—a stain on the reputation of the good as well as the bad, CBS 2 reported.

“Coach Najjar was and is one of the greatest influences of my life; he teaches the two words: commitment and character,” varsity football player Vincent Fultz said.

As WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman reported, it got tense when a volunteer coach, Robert Berardi, claimed he overheard Superintendent Richard Labbe celebrating.

“The fact that you bury this football program. You said, ‘We got them, they’re all finsihed,’” Berardi said.

Labbe ignored reporters’ questions after the meeting Silverman reported.

Board Of Education Continues Suspension Of Sayreville High School Football Coaches

sayreville high school Board Of Education Continues Suspension Of Sayreville High School Football Coaches
Alex Silverman reports

The accused players have also been suspended from school, something the Board of Education was also expected to address.

Pamela Brause represents one of the accused players.

“I believe kids need to be in school,” Brause told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan. “Juvenile justice is supposed to be a rehabilitative process. You can’t have people sitting at home doing nothing and expect they can become productive citizens.”

Brause could not talk about the case because all of the accused are juveniles. Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey could not discuss the case either, but in an exclusive interview with CBS 2 he explained how he decides if a case should be moved up to adult court.

“For any case that I could waive a case up to adult court for a juvenile … I take it very seriously. I have people in the chain of command review the case from top to bottom. I get the file; I review it. I want to know what negotiations there were with defense counsel,” Carey said.

The prosecutor said he also looks at the history of the juvenile to see if there is a prior arrest.

“We also take very seriously the wishes of a victim in a case like this,” Carey said.

Carey has 30 days from the time the charges were filed to make the decision whether to move the case from juvenile to adult court.

“If you put somebody in jail for a significant amount of time, they’re not going to come out a better person,” Carey said. “There is a chance we can help Sayreville to heal and to move on from this.”

Board Of Education Continues Suspension Of Sayreville High School Football Coaches

sayreville high school football 1003 Board Of Education Continues Suspension Of Sayreville High School Football Coaches
Derricke Dennis reports

“This evening, we took another wrenching step in demonstrating to this great community that the safety and welfare of our students is by far our highest priority,” Labbe said Tuesday.

Sayreville has been a town divided since the football season was canceled in the wake of the hazing allegations and the student suspects were charged.

On social media, some are blaming the young alleged victims for speaking up.

“Whenever there is a juvenile case and the media is involved, it adds to the peer pressure put on the kids,” Carey said.

Sources told CBS 2 that the district’s head coach and his staff spent very little time in the locker room, but some lawmakers believe they should be held responsible for what allegedly took place.

Board Of Education To Decide On Suspension Of Sayreville High School Football Coaches

sayreville high school football 1010 Board Of Education Continues Suspension Of Sayreville High School Football Coaches
Sean Adams reports

“There has to be changes,” Assemblyman John Wisniewski said. “It’s unacceptable that there is a defense that they didn’t know. They should have known. Their job was to supervise and be responsible for these young men.”

He said the only way for the school’s football program to “have any credibility going forward,” is to have new leadership “top to bottom.”

“They let the community down by allowing this to happen,” he said.

But so far, several hundred signatures have been attached to an online petition in support of Coach Najjar, WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reported.

Some wrote he is a good man, a role model, a mentor and a man of character. Former players planned to defend him at Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting.

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First iPad Air 2 Reviews: ‘Ridiculously Fast’, ‘Vibrant Display’, Thinner Profile Comes at the Cost of Battery Life

Following Apple’s October 16 event that saw the debut of the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3, Apple provided multiple publications with review units. The embargo has now lifted on review posts, so we’ve gathered some of the relevant excerpts from each site in order to highlight general release reactions to the new tablet.

Apple’s iPad Air 2 is an entire millimeter thinner than the original iPad Air, and Apple has billed it as the thinnest tablet in the world. It offers a new A8X processor, Touch ID fingerprint support, an anti-reflective screen coating, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and an improved 8-megapixel rear camera.

Walt Mossberg, Re/code:

So when Apple brought out new iPads last week, and I had a chance to test them over the past four days, you might think I’d be pretty excited about them — but I’m not. They are, in most respects, the best iPads ever made. But for average users, they represent only a modest evolutionary improvement over last year’s models, not the kind of big change that the first iPad Air or the Retina display iPad mini did last year. [...]

The Air 2 didn’t allow me to hold or carry the tablet longer and more comfortably than the Air. Its weight of 0.96 pounds isn’t discernibly lighter than the Air’s weight of one pound. And its thickness of 0.24 inches is a barely noticeable reduction from the Air’s 0.29 inches.

Nilay Patel, The Verge:

The Air 2 has a vibrant, sharp display that looks almost painted on. Apple says the new antireflective coating on the Air 2 reduces glare by 56 percent, but I didn’t really notice it making a huge difference; you definitely can’t use it in bright sunlight. [...]

Inside the iPad Air 2 lies Apple’s new A8X chip, which is a variant of the A8 found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with additional graphics capabilities. It’s ridiculously fast — noticeably faster to load web pages and launch apps than my iPad Air, and it has so much graphics headroom that I’m eager to see how game developers take advantage of it.

Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch:
The 6.1 mm chassis just makes all the difference when it comes to the Air feeling like something that you could comfortably hold for long periods of time, and even for all-day computing, should you need it (and it’s easy to imagine an event coordinator, for instance, needing exactly that).

Our review unit came in Apple’s gold finish, and let me just say that on the iPad, that means there’s a lot of gold going on. Apple’s take on this particular metal color is better than most, but this definitely isn’t my favourite finish. The Air 2 in either space grey or silver still looks fantastic however, and the gold is definitely going to stand out in a crowd, especially if you’re also using the iPad as a camera.

Brad Molen, Engadget:

A thinner profile comes at the expense of battery size. The new Air’s is 5.1Whr smaller than the old one, but Apple still promises that you’ll get the same 10-hour battery life because the A8X is more power-efficient. Real-life use shows that the original Air still rules the roost; after a day of heavy use, I typically went to bed with around 20 percent left in the tank. If you’re only using it moderately — say, for casual content creation or consumption — you should get a little over two days. In our video test, in which an HD movie plays through the life of the battery, the Air 2 squeezed out 11 hours and 15 minutes, significantly lower than last year’s Air and about an hour short of the Samsung Tab S. [...]

The Air 2 also doesn’t have a mute switch, which I didn’t think would be a huge loss until I actually found myself trying to use it and becoming frustrated more frequently than I expected. Your new options are to press and hold the volume down button or go into the Control Center and press the mute key; if you used the switch to lock screen orientation, you’ll need to do that in the Control Center as well. A microphone now sits where the mute switch once was; there’s another one right next to the camera.

Joanna Stern, The Wall Street Journal:

That anti-reflective screen also makes a great, though admittedly ginormous, viewfinder for snapping nature shots with the revamped 8-megapixel camera. It takes much crisper shots than before, and in many cases, ones as good as those I can take with my iPhone 6. But I won’t bring my iPad to some mountain peak, as some Apple promo shots suggest.

Besides, when I set the iPad Air 2 down for a second on a bench, it slid off and hit concrete, shattering the screen. Sure, I’m to blame, but if Apple wants me to climb every mountain armed with nothing but an iPad, ruggedness should be as important as anti-reflectivity.

Harry McCracken, Fast Company:

The weirdest fact about the iPad Air 2 is that Apple isn’t publicizing (or even acknowledging) one of its best new features. The tablet now has 2GB of RAM, up from the rather cramped 1GB allotment in the original iPad Air. (Some competitors, like the Galaxy Tab 10.1, have even more.)

Doubling the RAM means that the iPad can keep more apps and browser tabs in memory without having to reload anything. That results in a speed boost which which is very apparent as you hop between apps and load new web pages.

Lance Ulanoff, Mashable

To get an anecdotal sense of the performance, I installed a pair of console-level games: Asphalt 8 Airborne and Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Each of these games is notable for rich imagery and physics including smoke, water, rain, and reflections. The games looked and worked great on the original iPad Air and worked just as well — if not better — on the iPad Air 2.

However, Apple isn’t just blowing smoke when it says the A8X is more powerful. I ran Geekbench 3 on both Airs and found that that Apple’s A8X has 3 cores (the A7 had 2) and that the multicore score for the iPad Air 2 is nearly double that of the original Air. The singlecore score for the iPad Air 2 is only slightly better than that of the iPad Air.

Other Reviews:

Farhad Manjoo, The New York Times
Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian
David Pogue, Yahoo Tech
Chris Davies, Slashgear
Matt Warman, The Telegraph

The iPad Air 2 is currently available for pre-order from Apple’s online store, with prices starting at $499. Apple has not yet revealed when the new tablets will be available in stores, but the first pre-orders will be arriving to customers this week.

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Taylor Swift: ‘Men Threatened To Either Kill Me, Kidnap Me, Or Marry Me’

Taylor swift opens up about dating, celebrity culture, and why she has a security guard

Taylor Swift has a security guard who follows her everywhere, and if what she says is true, she needs one.

In an interview with Esquire due out in the November 2014 issue, Swift talked about her safety, dating, and the way the media treats celebrities.

Swift revealed that she resisted security for a long time, but she hasn’t been out alone in six years because of “the sheer number of men we have in a file who have showed up at my house, showed up at my mom’s house, threatened to either kill me, kidnap me, or marry me.”

“I don’t want to be walking down the street scared. And when I have security, I don’t have to be scared.”

Commenting on the public’s fascination with her’s and other celebrities’ private lives, Swift said that she believes no matter how perfect a celebrity seems to be, there always has to be a “Yeah, but…”

“Take Beyoncé,” she said. “She’s incredibly talented, gorgeous, perfect role model for girls, empowering women all over the world. Yeah, but … let’s try to pick at her marriage.”

Taylor also had something to say on being judged for, and the media’s obsession with, her past “serial-dating,” a subject she also discussed recently in an interview with Australian radio station 2dayFM.

“I really didn’t like the whole serial-dater thing,” she says. “I thought it was a really sexist angle on my life. And so I just stopped dating people, because it meant a lot to me to set the record straight—that I do not need some guy around in order to get inspiration, in order to make a great record, in order to live my life, in order to feel okay about myself. And I wanted to show my fans the same thing.”

She does, however, enjoy being surrounded by what she calls her “incredible girlfriends,” such as Selena Gomez, who The Inquisitr reports shared some relationship advice Taylor dished out to her recently.

Swift also said she knows she can trust her girlfriends because nothing true is about her is being written in the press right now.

On celebrity culture and the media, Taylor is cynical, calling it “the takedown culture.”

“You have celebrities who are pushed to the brink of a public meltdown, and so the public thinks that every person in the public eye has dirty secrets that they’re keeping, or isn’t what they seem, or is masking it and faking sincerity, faking authenticity, faking being surprised at award shows when you win a Grammy.”

“I’m not going to let them make me have a meltdown,” she said.

Swift seems to come across as a pretty level-headed young lady. Do you agree?

[Image via My Favorite Post]

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Meek Mill Dropped A New Song With Boosie Badazz, But He’s Not Out Of Jail Yet

meek mill jail prison leaving

Photo: Getty Images

Meek Mill tweeted for the first time since he was sentenced to three to six months in prison on July 11 for a parole violation, and immediately the Internet exploded with people celebrating the release of the MMG rhymer. According to sources, however, Meek is not yet out of jail, however.

But don’t despair just yet—the tweet did indicate some good news for fans of the Philly MC: it was the title of a new song, “Fuck You Mean Boi,” which he released and which features another rapper who knows a thing or two about being incarcerated, the recently-renamed Boosie Badazz.

The track may or may not be a leak off Meek’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, which was initially scheduled for Sept. 9 but was understandably pushed back after his sentencing. For now, there’s no further news, and Meek Mill remains behind bars, but XXL will update the situation as soon as any new information becomes available. Check that new Boosie/Meek heat below.

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Letting The Freedom Of Truth Uncover The Value Of Life