4 Injured After Multi-Alarm Fire Rips Through Residential Building In Bushwick

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Four people were injured after a multi-alarm fire ripped through a residential building in Bushwick Saturday evening, officials say.


The fire started around 8:45 p.m. at 227 Wyckoff Ave.

Four people suffered non-threatening injuries.

It is unknown what caused the fire.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Barnaby Joyce says Asia may see our embrace of same-sex marriage as ‘decadent’

Deputy Nationals leader says Asian countries may judge Australia and likens any changes to Marriage Act to ‘making a definition into something that it’s not’

Some parts of south-east Asia could view Australia embracing same-sex marriage as “decadence”, the deputy Nationals leader, Barnaby Joyce, has said.

Joyce also likened potential changes to the Marriage Act to “making a definition into something that it’s not” and said parliament could not “pass a piece of legislation that said that a diamond is a square”.

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Alexis Sanchez Delivers to Help Chile Beat Argentina and Win Copa America

ESTADIO NACIONAL, SANTIAGO – You would never have guessed 99 years of history were weighing down on Alexis Sanchez’s shoulders as he cheekily dinked the winning penalty past Sergio Romero.

La Roja‘s star man was ice cool, dispatching Chile’s fourth spot-kick of the shootout into the net, putting his side 4-1 up, a winning margin, after 120 goalless minutes.

After playing poorly against both Uruguay and Peru in the quarter-finals and semi-finals respectively, there were worries about how effective the Arsenal man was going to be in the final.

He played 52 games in a long season with Arsenal and netted 25 goals. The last of these helped his team win the FA Cup, with Sanchez only enjoying a short rest before being whisked away to his homeland.

Attacking the group stages with panache, Sanchez scored one but inspired his team to put nine more behind Ecuador, Mexico and Bolivia. His form dried up thereafter, and tiredness seemed to set in.

Against Uruguay he wondered why he wasn’t playing well, saying his team-mates questioned him about it too.

His efforts against Peru were even worse, although he did create the first goal with a low cross that hit the post.

Sanchez looked upset with himself after that game, a far cry from the mile-wide smile across his face as he celebrated his winning penalty in the final.

With five days to recover and rebuild, Sanchez came into the final looking fresh and was a thorn in Argentina’s side from the word go.

He nearly made the difference twice, once after turning to strike a volley wide of Sergio Romero’s left post—a perfect connection, but fractionally off target.

The second time was in extra-time, after he barged past former Barcelona team-mate Javier Mascherano, blasting into the area but sending a searing strike narrowly over the crossbar.

He was the best player on the pitch, even if Arturo Vidal later received the man of the match award. Luckily Alexis had one more chance to achieve glory, from the penalty spot.

Terrible misses by Gonzalo Higuain and Ever Banega saw Chile 3-1 up after three kicks each, and Alexis stepped up. He made no mistake.

Estadio Nacional exploded, flares lit on both sides, and the whole Chilean squad ran to one corner of the pitch to celebrate. Argentina were broken, La Roja triumphant.

Claudio Bravo lifted the Copa America trophy, as captain, but in the hearts and minds of the public it will be the forward who is most associated with this victory.

When the smoke from the huge firework display above the stadium clears, it will be Alexis’ name written in the stars for all to see.

At Barcelona he was always in Lionel Messi’s shadow, as many players are by virtue of the Argentine’s greatness, but for one evening, here in Santiago, Sanchez outshone his former team-mate.

Chile will never forget this—the first time they have ever won the Copa America—and likewise they will never forget how they won it, and who scored the winning penalty.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition are the same thing


Windows Phone, or rather, Windows 10 Mobile (as will be the case here), fans have been causing a bit of a stir this weekend ever since Mojang announced an all-new Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft. The beta will launch in the Windows Store on July 29, but the biggest question has been what it will mean for phones.

Fortunately, someone at Mojang heard the numerous questions and has an answer. Windows 10 edition and Pocket Edition are the same.

Ride along with record-breaking runs up Pikes Peak

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Watch Rhys Millen and Paul Dallenbach break the Electric Modified and Open Wheel class records, respectively, at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Then, stick around for a quick post-race interview to get personal impressions of their performance.

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Sing Something Fresh

Sing Something Fresh

I began writing new songs of worship when I was fifteen years old. No one sat me down and said this practice can be a part of growing in Christ, nor explained the spiritual benefits of writing songs. I simply tasted the goodness of God and felt compelled to respond by crafting a new song.


Now, for the last twenty years, I have been trying to bend the English language around for the glory of God and write melodies to encourage the hearts of his people. I know the difficulty and the reward of this labor and, more than ever, I feel the need to sing to the Lord a new song.

The Hymnal’s Not Closed

From the beginning of our history, God’s people have been a singing people. In Exodus 15, Moses stood before the Israelites who had just been rescued from slavery and led them in a new song of praise. In Judges 5, when God powerfully delivered his people from the Canaanites, Deborah and Barak led the people in a new song of salvation. At the dedication of the temple in 2 Chronicles 5, the people sang a new song of God’s love and faithfulness.

The hymnal of the church has no back cover. While the canon of Scripture is closed, our hymnal is an ever-expanding work. We ought to continue to sing the historic songs of our faith, but we should not blush to add new expressions of worship to God. We have many new songs that are helpful, richly theological, and thoroughly biblical.

The “new song” we sing is informed by the “old song” (Exodus 15) and looks with anticipation toward the new song we will sing in the presence of God (Revelation 5:8–10). Through the lens of the past, and with an eye to the future, our songwriting finds its place.

As the timeline of redemption unfolds, culminating in the restoration of all things, God’s people will continue writing and singing new songs.

Old Truths, New Songs

When you hold a diamond in your hand and allow the sunlight to pass through, it casts brilliant colors around the room. When you turn the diamond, you see the brilliance of the stone in even more vibrant and beautiful ways. New songs have the same effect with the truths of God. When we sing new songs, we see the truths we sing in a new light, provoking our hearts to continued praise.

Our new songs proclaim old truths. We walk a well-worn path of people who have wrestled with theological issues, philosophical tensions, and written about their experience with God. That road has not yet reached its end.

When we sing new songs of praise to God, we walk in a tradition that from the beginning is marked by singing. Every historical hymn we sing has a birthdate. It was once a new song and, over the course of time, has served the people of God by putting concepts into words, shaping emotions, and providing a tool of communicating truth. Our new songs aim for the same thing: helping us wrap our hearts and minds around rich, theological truths, resulting in praising God.

Celebrate New Mercies

We should celebrate the historic hymns of our faith. They have carried the burdens and lifted the hearts of countless people who have gone before us. At the same time, we must celebrate new songs of our faith that will surely do the same work in us and the children who follow. As we continue to experience the newness of God’s mercies, surely we will continue to have new songs to sing.

The next time you are in a church service and a new song is introduced, lean in and listen closely. Hopefully in it you will find truths for your heart to be warmed by, and find your mouth open to sing a new song of praise. Walk with renewed wonder and obedience to “sing to the Lord a new song” (Psalm 96:1).

There is more of God to know and praise, no matter how much of him you already have enjoyed.

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