Parker Becomes 17th NBA Player to Log 1,000 Games with 1 Team

San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker played the 1,000th regular-season game of his career on Tuesday night against the Miami Heat, making him just the 17th player in NBA history to log 1,000 or more games with a single team, per Jordan Howenstine of the Spurs’ PR department.

The 32-year-old point guard got to celebrate his milestone with a relatively easy win over a rival, as the Spurs cruised to a 95-81 victory against the injury-depleted Heat.

It looked nothing like the Heat team that San Antonio faced in the NBA Finals last season, as LeBron James has since moved back to Cleveland, while Chris Bosh is out for the season due to blood clots in his lung.

Parker made seven of his 12 field-goal attempts over 26 solid minutes, finishing with 16 points, two rebounds, five assists, a steal and four turnovers.

Having now played 1,000 regular-season games in a San Antonio uniform, Parker joins a list of players that is topped by Utah Jazz legends John Stockton (1,504 games) and Karl Malone (1,434), with Parker’s teammate Tim Duncan (1,322) sitting in fourth place, per Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press.

In addition to Duncan and Parker, the active players on the list are Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (1,280 games), Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki (1,258) and Washington Wizards forward Paul Pierce (1,102 with the Boston Celtics).

The Spurs may eventually add a third representative to the list, as 37-year-old guard Manu Ginobili has played 857 games for the only franchise he’s ever suited up for.

Hilary Duff’s New Show ‘Younger’ Is ‘Sex and the City’ for Millennials

Younger Hilary Duff Sutton Foster

Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster’s new show Younger premiered tonight on TVLand with back-to-back episodes, and millennials need to rejoice. Duff’s first big television return since her glorious Lizzie McGuire days isn’t just good: it’s absolutely delightful. If the show’s 20-minute pilot is any indication, Younger is a brisk, bubbly, and snappy dramedy filled with solid acting, glitzy story lines, and one very hot man. While it’s not innovative or groundbreaking by any means, Younger is positioning itself to be the perfect Tuesday night guilty pleasure. And with Pretty Little Liars getting ridiculous AF, we’re in desperate need of a new show. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

The first episode introduces us to 40-year-old Liza (Foster), who is recently divorced and struggling to find a job in publishing — an industry she dominated before leaving to raise her daughter for 15 years. After a ridiculously sexy and tattooed 26-year-old named Josh (Nico Tortorella) asks Liza out on a date — thinking she’s in her 20s — Liza’s friend Maggie (Debi Mazar) suggests that she lie about her age to get a job. And it works. Liza snags a gig assisting marketing HBIC/Dragon Lady Diana Trout (Miriam Shor) at a prestigious publishing firm and meets Kelsey Peters (Duff), a junior editor who takes Liza under her wing. Liza struggles in the beginning — she had to Bing-search how to set up a Twitter account for her first project — but she gains her footing and eventually pitches an idea that her boss steals. (It’s some serious bullshit, really.)

Meanwhile, Kelsey’s boyfriend Thad (Dan Amboyer) is a grade-A prick who makes her fetch him drinks while they’re at bars together. Kelsey gets defensive when Liza confronts her about this, explaining that she likes to “do things for her man.” GORDO WOULD NEVER DO THIS TO YOU, KELSEY.

We end the episode on a cliffhanger. Liza’s daughter Caitlin (Tessa Albertson) is studying abroad in Mumbai, but she’s ready to come home — which will certainly throw a wrench in Liza’s, “I’m 26 and know who Lena Dunham is!” shtick. Also, Liza is about to go on her date with Josh, so that’s exciting. Will they kiss? Discuss the fear of turning 30? Both? WAH!

Thankfully, all is resolved in the next episode. Caitlin has a change of heart and decides to stay in Mumbai because she meets a boy. Liza and Josh keep dating and are adorable as hell; however, when Liza runs into old friends and agrees to go on a date with a divorced 40-year-old, her cover is almost blown.

Back at work, Liza pitches an idea to get buzz around a veteran author’s latest book that her boss loves. Meanwhile, Kelsey is trying to sign a hot new writer to the agency, but isn’t having much luck. (Plus, her idiot boyfriend is mad she stayed at his place and didn’t have sex with him, as if that’s a damn requirement. Dump. Him. Please.)

We end with Liza running from her failed date with the divorcé and into the arms of Josh for a quick, mysterious kiss. It’s very Carrie Bradshaw, which makes sense given Daren Star (who created Sex and the City) is the brains behind Younger. 

While you wait for the third episode next week, check out the five main things you need to know about Younger. (The big picture? Watch it.)  

1. Foster really does look 26. 

What does she eat? What does she DO? Art definitely imitates life in Foster’s case because she IRL looks super young. Her skin is flawless, and she looks like she could run a marathon faster than most 21-year-olds. Foster and Jennifer Lopez must start a “How to Defy the Laws of Physics” skincare line. We need their secrets.

2. Tortorella is an angel-carved human. 

Tortorella’s face alone is motivation to watch Younger. The actor (who also stars on Fox’s The Following) is so beautiful, it’s scary. That hair! Those tattooed-covered biceps! The way he just says the word “sexy” and makes us feel a little bit pregnant! Even if Younger’s plot lines start to feel recycled, we’ll return every week to watch Josh sex up the screen and our lives. Yes ma’am.

3. Kelsey is who Lizzie McGuire would be at 25. 

Ever wonder what Lizzie looks like grown up? Look no further than Duff’s Younger character. Lizzie has officially grown out of her awkward stage, got over Ethan Craft, and created the glamorous life we were hoping for. Somewhere, Kate Saunders is looking at her middle school cheer outfit and crying into a bowl of ice cream. Revenge is sweet.

4. This show could start important conversations about ageism. 

Younger opens with two 20-somethings blatantly rejecting Liza for a job because of her age. This causes her to to lie about her age to get work, and even then she has to endure snarky comments from Kelsey about older women. Ageism is no joke — just ask Madonna. This show has created the perfect platform to discuss when people are going to stop thinking it’s cool to discriminate or judge people for their age.

5. Are 20-somethings really this vapid? 

You know those 20-somethings who rejected Liza? Yeah, they were awful. In the middle of their interview with Liza, they started gabbing about social media platforms and debating if Tinder was more superior than Bang With Friends. It’s cringe-worthy, but could it be totally on point? The relationship between newer and older generations will certainly be a focus on Younger, and it’ll be interesting to see if the “hip kids” respect the seasoned ones. Kelsey isn’t off to a good start by calling Diana “pathetic” for lying about her age, but that’s what character development is for. Right?

What did you think of Younger? Sound off in the comments below.

Watch Duff and Foster give their younger selves advice.

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Olivia Wilde Is Softer Than Ever After Giving Birth & Howe Discovered Both Krispy Kreme And Pot At The Same Time In High School!

Olivia Wilde is wildly beautiful, and we don’t care who knows it!

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In the April edition of Shape Magazine, Olivia talked about what life after her pregnancy has been like a year later, and two hobbies she took up back in high school:

“I am not in perfect shape. In fact, I’m softer than I’ve ever been, including that unfortunate semester in high school when I simultaneously discovered Krispy Kreme and pot. The photos of me in this magazine have been generously constructed to show my best angles and I assure you, good lighting has been warmly embraced. The truth is, I’m a mother, and I look like one.”

And a gorgeous mother at that! Olivia gave birth to her Otis back in April of last year!

In addition, she also dished on her post-baby body, and how she has since reconnected with… let’s say, an old friend:

“First of all, you haven’t seen your vagina in months, even though it’s all her fault you’re in this situation. Now that you can finally confirm that she is, in fact, still there, she isn’t the gal you remember. I [also] joined the ranks of millions of new mothers when I moaned, ‘Why do I still look pregnant? Is there another one stuck in there?'”

We give infinite praise to this new mom!

[Image via Shape Magazine.]

‘Woman In Gold’ Tells The True Story Of A Priceless Stolen Klimt Painting

Even if you don’t know it by name, I’d wager a bet you’ve laid eyes on Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.

Perhaps you’ve caught glimpses of the gold-flecked Gustav Klimt painting in passing while browsing through coffee table books at your local mega-bookstore, or a display of classical art-themed greeting cards at a gift and trinket shop. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve beheld the real thing, whether at the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna, or the Neue Galerie in Manhattan. To many of us, Klimt’s iconic work is simply a thing of beauty (as it was originally intended to be). But if a picture is worth a thousand words, this painting is worth millions (as are many others of its era), not for its obvious aesthetic merits, but for what it represents: The restitution of a precious heirloom to its rightful owner.


The Woman in Gold tells just one story out of many about the theft of Jewish family property at the hands of Nazis during WWII, but what a story it is. Helen Mirren stars as Maria Altmann, an Austrian Jewish woman who fled Nazi-occupied Vienna in the late 1930s for California, vowing never to return—that is, until the discovery of old family information regarding stolen artwork prompts Maria to confront her long-buried past. Ryan Reynolds costars as Randol Schoenberg, a struggling Los Angeles lawyer of prominent Austrian descent, who aides Maria in bringing the art restitution case to the US Supreme Court in an unprecedented battle to return Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I and several other valuable Klimt paintings to their intended heiress.


With strong performances all around, not to mention a riveting timeline of events, Director Simon Curtis (My Week with Marilyn) has quite a prize piece of clay to mold into a film. For the most part, he does just that, seamlessly weaving vignettes dramatizing the upheaval of the Altmann and Bloch-Bauer family in the face of Nazi annexation of Vienna with scenes of contemporary court proceedings in Los Angeles and Vienna. At times, the film’s grandiose score overwhelms the action at hand; there is one exception, which involves a stirring string performance in one of Vienna’s world-renowned concert halls. Mirren and Reynolds play well off each other, infusing just the right amount of humor into their relationship; so do Tatiana Maslany and Max Irons, as the German-speaking Altmann newlyweds (an impressive feat for Irons, who spoke no German before taking this role). Katie Holmes, Daniel Brühl, and Allan Corduner also turn in memorable supporting performances.

The Woman in Gold opens in theaters on Wednesday, April 1.

Get Cozy in New Air Mag-Inspired Slippers

words // Ian Stonebrook: Back to the future or back to bed? Whether you’re sleeping on your past or dreaming of a new day, these new Air Mag-Inspired slippers have you comfy and covered. Sporting the same styling as Marty McFly’s famed footwear, this robe-ready rendition mimic the Mags, cutting the heavy hardware for a […]

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‘Living in the Age of Airplanes’ Trailer Narrated by Harrison Ford

National Geographic has released the first trailer for their upcoming documentary Living in the Age of Airplanes, which is narrated by longtime pilot Harrison Ford. The airplane has changed our world, but do we really understand exactly how much? Living in the Age of Airplanes reminds us how profoundly this amazing invention has changed the way we do just about everything. It also renews our appreciation for the airplane and stunningly conveys the wonder and grandeur of flying.

Not that long ago, traveling between continents was a migration. Now, on any given day, 100,000 flights transport people and products between any two points on Earth in a matter of hours. Indeed, the airplane may be the closest thing we have to a time machine. Filmed in 18 countries across all 7 continents, the film explores the countless ways the airplane affects our lives (even when we don’t fly). With a fascinating take on history, breathtaking visuals, soaring music, and a truly unique perspective, Living in the Age of Airplanes shows the airplane in a fresh light as it takes audiences on a wondrous trip around the globe.

Living in the Age of Airplanes was produced and directed by Brian J. Terwilliger (One Six Right), is narrated by Harrison Ford, and features an original score by Academy Award winning composer James Horner (Avatar, Titanic). It will be released in giant screen, digital, and IMAX digital cinemas worldwide on April 10. clickHere for the full theater listing to see if this documentary is playing near you, and then check out the first trailer below.

Living in the Age of Airplanes comes to theaters in 2015 and stars Harrison Ford. The film is directed by Brian J. Terwilliger.

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