10 of the best ways to enjoy Stockholm … on a budget

Glitzy Östermalm, vibrant Södermalm, historic Gamla stan – we list the best ways to enjoy Sweden’s capital that won’t cost a whole lot of krona

Popular across Europe are boat hotels – or “botels” – refurbished remnants of the continent’s nautical past now used as modern-day lodgings – and Stockholm has its fair share, docked all over town. The city’s boat hotel-hostel combos cost a fraction of what you’d pay on land, and provide loads of ambience. For example, former fishing boat Red Boat Mälaren (from £23 B&B a night in a four-bed room to £106 a night in a private suite, breakfast included) is painted in classic Swedish Falu red. Docked alongside Söder Mälarstrand, it takes you back in time, with refurbished wood-panelled walls hung with nautical lamps and clocks and old lanterns and lifebelts as decor.

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Jack Mewhort Holds the Key for Indianapolis Colts Offense

Who has the most determining effect on the Indianapolis Colts offense?

The easy answer, of course, is Andrew Luck.

But we know Luck is good. We know T.Y. Hilton, Anthony Castonzo, Andre Johnson, Frank Gore and the tight ends are good, aside from slight age concerns on the two free-agent additions.

Even if Johnson (34) or Gore (32) begins to slow down, the Colts have plenty of other weapons to pick up the pace. If Hilton gets hurt, the Colts have other high-potential weapons for the first time, although there would be a drop-off.

What we don’t know is what the offensive line will look like, and this is where the Colts offense could have some variance.

Castonzo is a rock at left tackle, but the rest of the offensive line is a question mark.

With Jack Mewhort moving to right tackle, the interior is a mess. Both left guard and center are open battles at the moment, with none of the potential options looking promising. Right guard seems to be veteran Todd Herremans‘ spot, but he’s turning 33 this year and has already shown signs of decline.

Gregg Doyel of the Indy Star summed it up well Monday:

It’s almost funny, how ridiculous the Colts’ first unit looks on paper. This isn’t Week 13 of the season, when injuries and other attrition can make an offensive line look suspect. This is Day 1 of training camp, as good as it’s going to get, and on Day 1 the Colts unveiled a line with one sure thing — left tackle Anthony Castonzo — and four complete guesses.

The Colts offense looks loaded, and deep, in all other areas.

Luck is the premier young quarterback in the league. Gore has All-Pro experience and a capable slew of backups. The receiving corps might feature the most talented top four in the league, with three or four others battling for spots. Tight end includes a strong pair in Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen, with a good mix of skills behind.

Offensive line is the one thing that could hold the Colts back from being an elite offenseor help propel them to historic levels.

The offense will be good, regardless of what the line looks like. There’s too much talent, and Luck is that good.

But the line will determine how good, and Mewhort is the key there.

The interior is going to be a mess. Fans need to go ahead and accept that before the season starts. It won’t be pretty.

But if Mewhort and Castonzo can turn into a solid pair of bookend tackles, they may be able to mitigate the inconsistencies on the interior. If Mewhort is poor, however, it could create a chain effect that topples any semblance of consistency the Colts may have.

The Colts have faith in Mewhort, cutting veteran Gosder Cherilus this summer in large part because they were confident in the second-year player’s ability to move to tackle. Head coach Chuck Pagano spoke to ESPN 1070’s Conrad Brunner about Mewhort as training camp began this weekend:

The good thing about Jack, he’s played them all. He’s a really bright guy, a tough guy, he’s a selfless guy who’ll do whatever we ask of him and he’ll do whatever he has to do to help this team win. He’s gotten some snaps there, obviously he’s going to get a significant number of snaps in this training camp. I don’t think there’s any obstacle other than perfecting his craft day-in and day-out and becoming a better player each and every day.

As Brunner noted, however, Mewhort‘s varied experience in college and the NFL has been limited at right tackle. He played 27 games at left tackle for Ohio State, but none on the right side. He played right tackle for just one game last season, the regular-season finale against the Tennessee Titans.

The results were mixed.

Mewhort played adequately at guard last season, especially for a rookie, but with the extra space to cover at tackle, he faltered a few times.

It’s like he was so focused on making sure he could move his feet and keep up with speed rushes that he gave up a lot of his power, getting off-balance and allowing defenders to push him back into the pocket.

This loss of power happened later in pass protection as well.

This isn’t to say that this move is doomed, of course.

Mewhort is smart, usually technically and mentally sound, and he has power in the run game. He’s adept at adjusting and was probably the Colts’ second-best lineman last season.

But he also doesn’t have the top athleticism required to be an elite tackle, and the transition may be tougher than the Colts expect in the first half of the season. Fortunately, having a veteran right guard beside him and his impressive communication and adjustment ability should help.

Ben Gundy of Colts Academy elaborated on Mewhort‘s potential transition in April:

While Thornton and other young linemen will often panic when they lose to an initial move, Mewhort seldom lost his technique. His ability to slide his feet and avoid ducking his head in pass protection bodes well for his future, especially if he ends up moving to right tackle. And right tackle might ultimately be his destiny, as Gosder Cherilus appears to be losing his battle with Father Time.

Mewhort has the look of a good right tackle, though he’ll probably never be a great one because of his relative lack of athleticism. Still, he’s smart enough to learn to work within his skills. For example, he was atrocious when pulling in the preseason and the early part of the regular season, but he visibly improved later in the year, missing just one of his 18 lead blocks in the final seven games after missing four of 15 in the first four weeks. That ability to adapt should serve him well wherever he ends up.

Though he will be key, it’s important to remember that Mewhort alone won’t make the offensive line. The biggest key for Indianapolis will be consistency, though that might have more to do with health than level of play. Herremans‘ age, Lance Louis’ injury history (knee) and Khaled Holmes’ inability to stay on the field put unique concerns at all three interior positions.

Of course, this is all the more reason that Mewhort must stay healthy, and consistent, opposite Castonzo.

No, Mewhort is not the most important or most valuable player on the Colts offense. He’s not even tops on the offensive line.

But how Mewhort plays may have the biggest effect on how the offense performs and, ultimately, whether a Super Bowl trip is possible.

Knocki taps into the Internet of Things

Knocki can be set to alert you via text if someone knocks on your door when you're away

Can you knock on your kitchen countertop to dim the lights, turn on your favorite music or send your partner a text message? You can if you have a “Knocki” stuck to it. Developed by Texas-based Swan Solutions, Knocki is a disc-shaped device that turns solid surfaces, such as walls, doors or tables, into interactive remote controls for internet-connected devices. All you have to do is knock.

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Ja Rule Doesn’t Like Fans Comparing His Beef with 50 Cent to Meek Mill vs. Drake


As Drake continues to flame Meek Mill at OVO Fest in Toronto, Ja Rule is chiming in on his role in the rap beef.

Just at the height of Drake’s festival finale performance where Drizzy rapped “Back To Back” in front of a PowerPoint of Meek Mill memes, Ja Rule took to Twitter to tell people his two cents on the matter.

Kim Richards Spends The Night In Jail After Being Arrested For Shoplifting!

Things just keep getting worse for her.

The last we heard of Kim Richards, she was happily celebrating 30 days of being sober.

Well, it seems as though things weren’t as peaceful as we thought, because the Real Housewife was just arrested on Sunday for shoplifting!

Apparently, a security guard at a Valley Target noticed the ex-RHOBH star trying to pocket over $600 worth of merch and placed her under citizen’s arrest.

[ Photo: Celebrities Who Have Been Caught Shoplifting! ]

The news gets even uglier, because the 50-year-old then had to spend the night in a Van Nuys jail before posting her $5,000 bail on Monday.

This is Kim’s second arrest of 2015 after being charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, battery, and trespassing at the Beverly Hills Hotel on April 15.

We can’t imagine this is going to be good for her sobriety, but we also hope this acts as another wake up call that she needs to change her habits.

[Image via MONEY$HOT/WENN.]

2016 Chevy Volt rated at 106 MPGe, 53 miles of pure EV range

Filed under: Green, Chevrolet, Hatchback, Electric, Hybrid

Chevrolet has released the officials on the 2016 Volt, with the EPA listing the hybrid at 106 MPGe, 42 MPG combined, and with 53 miles of EV range.

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Failed asylum seekers to be stripped of automatic right to financial support

Home Office ministers to adopt more hardline approach to those who have exhausted appeal rights, to demonstrate that UK is not ‘land of milk and honey’

Plans for thousands of families of failed asylum seekers to be stripped of their automatic right to financial support are to be detailed by Home Office ministers on Tuesday.

Ministers have said they want to take a more hardline approach to failed asylum seekers who have exhausted all of their appeal rights, as part of a drive to demonstrate to those trying to come to Britain that it is not “a land of milk and honey”.

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Citi Open 2015: Monday Tennis Scores, Results and Updated Draw Schedule

The eyes of the tennis world shifted to the nation’s capital Monday for the first round of the 2015 Citi Open at Rock Creek Park Tennis Center in Washington D.C.

Among the notable players in this year’s field are Andy Murray, Kei Nishikori, John Isner, Marin Cilic and Sloane Stephens. While most of the marquee singles names did not take the court Monday thanks to early byes, there was plenty of back-and-forth action to keep the fans entertained.

Here is a look at Monday’s full results.


Updated Draw Schedule

Both the updated men’s singles draw and women’s singles draw can be found here, courtesy of the event’s official website.

Notable Monday Results

One notable result from Monday’s action was an upset, at least by name recognition. 

Donald Young handled Tommy Haas in straight sets, 6-3, 6-4, and made quick work of the former Top 10 player on the ATP world rankings. While nobody would mistake Haas for the impressive force he was in his prime, it was still a disappointing loss.

Young tallied only two aces, but he won 76 percent of his first-service points and also converted four critical break points throughout the match. Kelyn Soong of the Washington Post passed along some highlights from the showdown:

While the result was surprising based on Haas’ name recognition alone, this was an important win for Young. Nick Nemeroff of Tennis View Magazine pointed out that Young was in a slump and needed to break out of it moving forward:

The tournament’s official Twitter page passed along some post-match comments from Young underscoring the victory:

On the women’s side, American Lauren Davis also prevailed in straight sets over Zarina Diyas, 7-5, 2-1.

While Davis ultimately won by retirement, the first set was a back-and-forth thriller for the fans in attendance. Davis tallied two aces (to Diyas’ zero), but she still managed to control the match with that first serve. In fact, the American won 73 percent of her first-service points.

Not to be overlooked, Davis converted five of six break points, which helped her ultimately outlast Diyas during that first set.

Most of the marquee names on the women’s side are not in Washington D.C. for the Citi Open. The field is wide open, and Davis already knocked out the No. 8 seed in Diyas. If the American continues to control matches with her first serves as she did Monday, she will be difficult to beat deeper in the tournament.

What’s more, matches in the latter stages of events like the Citi Open are all about taking advantage of opportunities. Davis proved she can do just that Monday during her break-point chances and will likely garner confidence moving forward from her early result.

With no Serena Williams standing in the way, Davis (and the rest of the field) could ride those opportunistic points all the way to a title. 


Stats courtesy of the event’s official website.

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