Cara Delevingne & Rumored Girlfriend St. Vincent Spend The Day Together In NYC!

Whoa, look who’s out and about… with their rumored significant other no less!

Cara Delevingne may not have gone verbally public with her alleged relationship with St. Vincent, but she DID go outside in public with her!

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Exhibit A? The two spent the day together in NYC on Monday!

The two were previously spotted reportedly sharing a kiss at the BRIT Awards, so does this day out confirm their relationship?

Additionally, a recent report says that the pair have actually been dating since December!

We wish this potential couple the absolute best! Four months is a big deal!

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Image captures light as both wave and particle for very first time

Light simultaneously showing both wave pattern and particle energy attributes (Photo: Fabr...

In 1905, Albert Einstein provided an explanation of the photoelectric effect – that various metals emit electrons when light is shined on them – by suggesting that a beam of light is not simply a wave of electromagnetic radiation, but is also made up of discrete packets of energy called photons. Though a long accepted tenet in physics, no experiment has ever directly observed this wave/particle duality. Now, however, researchers at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland claim to have captured an image of this phenomenon for the first time ever… Continue Reading Image captures light as both wave and particle for very first time

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No. 2 Virginia shrugs off slow start, beats Syracuse 59-47 (Yahoo Sports)

Virginia head coach Tony Bennett, right, greets Virginia's Anthony Gill, left, during a timeout in the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against Syracuse in Syracuse, N.Y., Monday, March 2, 2015. Virginia won 59-47. (AP Photo/Nick Lisi)

When Virginia coach Tony Bennett glanced up at the Carrier Dome scoreboard as the first half was dwindling, he winced. His second-ranked Cavaliers had made just one field goal in the first 13 minutes and trailed Syracuse by 11 points. We’re just either going to sink or swim with these guys.” The Cavaliers decided to swim some more. After the shakiest of starts, they settled down and carved up Jim Boeheim’s 2-3 zone, reeling off a 35-12 spurt spanning halftime and won going away, 59-47, on Monday night.

Zachary Quinto Remembers Leonard Nimoy As His Star Trek Father Figure

Hollywood lost a legend when Leonard Nimoy passed away on Friday.

One actor in particular was especially hurt by the death, and is opening up about his relationship with the Star Trek star.

Zachary Quinto famously portrayed Spock in the J.J. Abrams adaptation of the sci-fi classic, and now he’s speaking out about meeting Leonard for the first time and how their relationship flourished.

In a recent interview, Zachary called Leonard a father figure to him, saying:

“I guess I never could have imagined how close we would become. At the time, I had just hoped that he would support me and my exploration of the role, and be available to me as questions arose, but it was through that process that we forged a friendship. And he became really much more of a father figure to me than anyone else in my life, and it was that that I really cherished and will continue to cherish even in his loss.”

That’s such a heartfelt sentiment.

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While Zachary may not have been able to be by Leonard’s side as he passed, he was able to say goodbye in a different way.

“I was shooting in Berlin and felt a million miles away. I was really, really grateful to be able to get in in time to be here for his family and to be here for his funeral and to speak at his funeral and honor him in that way… Even though it was under such sad circumstances, I feel like my grief is counterbalanced by my gratitude for having had him in my life and being able to consider him a dear and life-long friend.”

We bet Leonard would have loved your speech, Zachary.

We’re glad someone in the Star Trek family was able to pay their respects, considering William Shatner was unable to attend the funeral.

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Baylor vs. Texas: Score and Twitter Reaction for Longhorns’ Upset Win

Take a deep breath, Texas fans. Your team just picked up a marquee victory over a ranked squad with the NCAA tournament right around the corner.

The Longhorns defended home court with a 61-59 overtime win over No. 14 Baylor Monday. Texas is toiling on the bubble because of its lack of quality wins this season, so this victory will go a long way toward improving its chances come Selection Sunday. 

NCAA March Madness certainly suggested as much while congratulating coach Rick Barnes for his 400th win at the school:

While the victory was the most important outcome for the Longhorns and their resume, the game was marred by an ugly incident in overtime. The benches cleared during a scuffle, and seven players were ejected in the aftermath. passed along a Vine of the incident:

Sam Vecenie of CBS Sports commented on the brawl in a rather amusing fashion:

While the fight and ensuing ejections may have overshadowed the outcome of the game, Texas’ victory will be what stands out when the selection committee weighs its at-large resume against fellow bubble contenders. Beating the No. 14 team in the country in March is a loud statement to make, even if it did come on the Longhorns’ home floor.

Bob Ballou of KEYE TV in Austin passed along a postgame quote from Barnes:

ESPN’s Myron Medcalf perfectly summarized the proceedings:

There was more good news than just the win for Texas in the aftermath. Jane Slater of ESPN noted that there won’t be any additional discipline for the ejected players, which is critical considering how important every win is at this stage of the season:

Seth Greenberg of ESPN said what plenty of coaches would probably think if Texas lined up across from their team in the NCAA tournament, but Stewart Mandel of Fox Sports pointed out there is still work to be done for that to happen:

The Longhorns will have to establish some momentum from Monday’s win moving forward if they want to go dancing.

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