Bethenny Frankel’s Real Housewives Comeback Has Been In The Works For HOW LONG??!

She’s bbbacccccckkk!

But don’t get it twisted, Bethenny Frankel‘s return to Real Housewives Of New York was a LOT of work.

In fact, executive producer Andy Cohen admitted he’s been seducing one of the most beloved Housewives to make a comeback since June!!!

Andy said:

“I think the timing was really right. I think one of the reasons she’s so good as a Housewife is she’s really an oxymoron. She’s super tough but she’s super vulnerable. It’s kind of an amazing unique moment for her to rejoin the show. It really makes sense in a weird way. When I first started talking to her about it, it seemed kind of unbelievable. But the more we talked about it, it seemed totally right.”

Of course it’s right!

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Bethenny marriage and talk show didn’t necessarily pan out, but that’s because gurlfriend BELONGS back in NYC with the rest of her reality TV ladies!

No doubt her reappearance will mark the reappearance of even more viewers!

Sam Smith Wrote ‘Stay With Me’ About a Married Man

Sam Smith Songs

The buzz surrounding singer Sam Smith is huge. In fact, that name “Sam Smith” alone gets at least 450,000 searches via Google each month, according to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. With an amazing vocal range and heart-rending lyrics, Sam has won fans all over the world.

As such, those followers want to know more about Smith, including further details about his personal life. The term “Sam Smith gay” gets 22,000 searches per month – however, even those searchers may not know that Sam’s album was about unreturned love for a married man, reports CBS News.

It’s fitting that the query “Sam Smith tour” comes up next in popularity of searches about the singer, with 14,800 average monthly searches for that phrase. For those folks, the Ticketmaster Sam Smith page is pretty popular.

For those who’ve heard the vocalist’s stunning intro to Disclosure’s “Latch” song, especially the acapella version of Sam singing the intro on CBS Sunday Morning, it’s no wonder that searches for phrases like “Sam Smith Latch” and “Sam Smith Disclosure” also come into Google in the thousands each month.

Sam Smith says SNL was possibly the scariest night of his life

Another popular query regarding Sam is the three-word phrase “Sam Smith SNL,” which points to the uber-popular Sam Smith Saturday Night Live appearance, a video that has gotten more than 6 million views since April 1, 2014.

In fact, the “Sam Smith World VEVO” YouTube channel is garnering so many millions of views that stars like Kelly Clarkson are taking notice and putting their own spin on “Stay With Me,” the song that has placed Sam on a worldwide map, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Now that the invasion of Smith into America has birthed a wide interest into Sam’s songs, lyrics, concert tickets and more, those searching for “Sam Smith girlfriend” might be interested to know that his curious relationship with Daisy Lowe was cleared up by Sam when the Daily Mail reported that while Smith “loves her to bits,” Lowe is not Sam’s girlfriend.

Sam Smith Instagram account “Sam Smith World” reveals more

For fans who want to know even more about the man who dons a little gold cross earring during most performances, following Sam Smith on his “Sam Smith World” Instagram account displays his hate for kettle bell weights and love of cross jewelry all at once. With nearly one million followers on his account, Sam has only just begun.

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Fire Rages At Bayonne, New Jersey Medical Center

BAYONNE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A fire broke out late Friday at a hospital in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Officials told CBS 2 the fire was raging at CarePoint Health Bayonne Medical Center, at 29 E. 29th St. in Bayonne.

Further details were not immediately available late Friday. But Twitter users documented the fire as it raged.

China’s top graft-buster says fight will never end

Former China's Politburo Standing Committee Member Zhou Yongkang attends the closing ceremony of the NPC in BeijingBEIJING (Reuters) – China's fight against deeply engrained corruption will never end, the country's top official in charge of tackling graft said ahead of a key meeting to root out corruption in the world's second-largest economy. Since President Xi Jinping launched his high-profile campaign against corruption upon assuming office last year a series of senior official have been felled, including powerful former domestic security chief Zhou Yongkang. …

Jaden And Willow Smith (a.k.a. Gweelos) Take The Stage In NYC

FullSizeRender (40)

These two are getting serious about music

Jaden And Willow Smith Perform Live

Jaden Smith has been releasing a lot of music and videos as of late, often with vocal backings from lil sis Willow. The two have actually formed a duo — going by the name of Gweelos (and no, we don’t know what that means) the two hit the stage in NYC for what appears to be their first live performance at TheFADER’s FADERfortConverse Stage:

Hard to really get a feel for it with such short clips…but they look pretty comfortable on the stage if nothing else! Flip the page to see the two getting into Willow’s “classic” joint Whip My Hair.


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