Manny Pacquiao gets thoroughly patronised by HBO’s Max Kellerman – video

HBO interviewer Max Kellerman’s post-fight interview with Manny Pacquiao, following the Filipino’s defeat against Floyd Mayweather. Pacquiao received some stern questioning by Kellerman after the bout, after he told the reporter he thought he’d won the fight. ‘You thought you won the fight? Why?’, Kellerman demands. Pacquiao looks a little flummoxed by the persistence of Kellerman’s questioning and despite the language barrier does his best to explain Continue reading…

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5 Things That Are Holding Liverpool Back from Being Premier League Contenders

How do Liverpool rise from top-four hopefuls to genuine Premier League contenders? It seems a big step for manager Brendan Rodgers to take after a late-season struggle for form.


But Rodgers still believes he can win the title during his time at Liverpool, as Chris Bascombe of The Telegraph retold last week.

I think it’s a mark of how the club has moved forward that there’s such disappointment that we weren’t challenging this year,” Rodgers said. “Of course it’s been disappointing not to have had a challenge this year. I have absolutely no doubt it will happen.”

The manager added: “That’s something that I’m very hungry to do. And it’s something I won’t rest in my time here until we have.”

So how can the Liverpool boss mastermind a rise in the Premier League?

Here are five things currently holding Liverpool back from being Premier League contenders, including the requirement of a fit, proven goalscoring striker.

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Floyd Mayweather Interview After Beating The Brakes Off Manny Pacquiao [Video]


Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Manny Pacquiao in a 12 round lopsided decision on May 2nd 2015. It was obvious, to us, that Manny was outclassed from the opening bell.

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Payrolls to test second quarter climate for Fed

Pedestrians walk past the Federal Reserve Building in WashingtonBy Mike Peacock LONDON (Reuters) – Always top of the data pile, this week will be no exception for the U.S. jobs report with a first interest rate rise likely this year despite a dramatic slowdown in the first quarter. The Federal Reserve has put in place a meeting-by-meeting approach on the timing of its first rate hike since June 2006, making such a decision solely dependent on incoming economic data. "They will need better data to justify a rate hike, and that need is pushing the timing of a policy change ever-deeper into 2015," said Tim Duy, a professor at the University of Oregon and a noted Fed watcher. You need the jobs and inflation data to turn sharply better to pull the Fed back to June." The Fed has kept rates near zero since late 2008.


Watch Wes Anderson’s Iconic Violence Scenes

Filmmaker Wes Anderson has carved out a niche for himself in the way he directs, implanting his characters with whimsical attributes while shooting in a very distinct style. Sometimes those characters are tasked with enacting action sequences and these violent episodes, however sporadic they are, make their way into a supercut from David Velenczei titled, “Wes Anderson’s Violence.” Check out the video above.

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Christian Covington to Houston Texans: Full Draft Pick Breakdown

The Houston Texans did their research on this year’s late-round draft prospects. On Saturday night, the Texans drafted someone that was likely to be the No. 1 pick in the CFL draft, defensive lineman Christian Covington.

With a year left of draft eligibility, Covington probably could’ve been a top-rank pick in the NFL, too. Instead electing to leave Rice a year early, Covington entered the draft knowing he was a chance to fall in the late rounds, and now he’s got a chance to prove he could be a steal.

The Texans obviously saw something in Covington that was special, because no one really expected them to draft a defensive lineman this year. You could point to Covington’s knee injury in 2014 for the reason other teams stayed away, but with such strong experience at the position, it’s not hard to see why the Texans saw positives.

Covington is known for his vision and rarely takes his eyes out of the backfield. He’s got a great stance and can break down the quarterback’s pocket from an inside lane. As a run defender, Covington gets into the gap to bring the ball-carrier down, which isn’t hard since he’s got huge 33-inch arms.

Matching up against tight ends and lead blockers, Covington looks at his best. He gets really low in his pads, and as long as he’s running in a straight line, he does have some speed behind him. Most of Covington’s strength comes through his lower body, so if he can add some muscle up top, knee injuries and discomfort should become less likely.

Since rookie minicamps start on Friday, the Texans will likely give Covington’s knee the once-over sometime next week. Since he is so aggressive, Covington does have the tendency to lose his balance sometimes and let offensive tackles get underneath him, so it’s important the Texans medical staff makes sure his knee is flexible and strong.

If Covington does pass that test like he should and moves into minicamp and impresses, it’s likely we could be hearing a lot about him during practices and into training camp. The Texans don’t need help on the defensive line, but with Louis Nix and Tevita Finau both sharing only three years of experience between them, there is definitely room for a rookie to come in and make an impact.

Covington’s dream has been to make the NFL for years, and since battling a knee injury and also playing a handful of games with a cast on his right hand, he’s definitely showed resilience to earn an opportunity.

Although the Texans had some blockbuster picks in the first few rounds, selecting Covington could really be Rick Smith’s chance at saying he found a “steal” in 2015.


Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Bob Arum Claims Injury Controversy Cost Manny Fight

Promoter Bob Arum has blamed a ruling that denied Manny Pacquiao an anti-inflammatory shot for the boxer’s defeat to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Pacquiao was beaten by Mayweather following a unanimous points verdict at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday.

But Arum claims that the outcome of the fight would have been different if Pacquiao had been allowed an anti-inflammatory shot for his shoulder in the locker room, per Tim Dahlberg of The Associated Press.

“The ruling made tonight affected the outcome of the fight,” Arum said.

Pacquiao had injured his shoulder during his training camp for the fight but had been given permission to have anti-inflammatory injections at that time by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, per Dahlberg. However, the Nevada Athletic Commission refused to let Pacquiao have an injection on the night of the fight.

Dan Roan of BBC revealed from the NAC that they didn’t receive the request for a shot until 6:30 p.m. PT, and that it was too late at that point.

The Filipino, though, had no quarrel with the decision of the Nevada Athletic Commission:

Per Dan Rafael of ESPN, Pacquiao did consider postponing the fight against Mayweather after suffering a tear in his right shoulder:

Pacquiao’s punches lacked their usual power against Mayweather, even allowing for the fact he struggled to land a glove on the winner on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, Rodney Berman, the Chief Executive Officer of Golden Gloves, claims the scores were not an accurate reflection of Pacquiao’s performance, per Marc Lewis of Eyewitness News. Two judges scored the fight 116 to 112 in Mayweather’s favour and the other judge 118 to 110.

Berman said: “It was very lopsided and it must be justice to Pacquiao to win 118 and it very clear that he won some rounds clearly.”

Whether the outcome would have been any different if Pacquiao had been fully fit is debatable, and Mayweather’s father has ruled out a rematch:

Pacquiao must now recover from the injury, and it is likely to be months before he is ready to fight again.

When he is back to fitness, he will also have to make a decision on where his career goes from here and whether he has anything left to prove.

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