ICYMI: Donald Trump Is Offending Ireland Now…

Man, Donald Trump is on a roll! Or as he probably spells it, a “rowl.”

In the midst of the POTUS’ embarrassingly transparent claims against Barack Obama this weekend, nearly everyone in America missed this little snafu.

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But not in Ireland!

The Trump team announced on Thursday they would start selling a brand new MAGA hat especially for St. Patrick’s Day, and boy is it hideous:

In case you didn’t notice due to the disgusting color, there’s a major error on the BACK of the cap — instead of a shamrock, the symbol of Ireland, there is a four leaf clover, which has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day at all.

It’s a common mistake, but one you should probably fix before mass-production starts.

People were quick to point out the error on Twitter:

British backpacker beaten and raped in eight-week ordeal in outback Australia, police say

Accused faces four charges of rape, eight of assault, four counts of strangulation and two of deprivation of liberty

A young British tourist allegedly held captive and repeatedly raped, bashed and choked during a two-month road trip through Queensland’s outback has been found during a routine traffic stop.

The 22-year-old was rescued on Sunday afternoon when police pulled over a four-wheel-drive at Mitchell, about 600km west of Brisbane, and found the terrified and injured woman at the wheel.

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RAINS Opens a Quaint New Storefront in Paris

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Recently during Women’s Fashion Week in Paris, RAINS opened the doors to its new physical location in the French capital.

Located in the city’s Le Marais district, the store is centrally located, flanked by historical buildings and landmarks. Featuring a modular interior design, the space’s perforated walls draw a clever contrast to the Danish brands core, waterproof products. The shop showcases mainline RAINS products including apparel and accessories, as well as collaborative products like RAINS’ co-op project with Italian eyewear brand RETROSUPERFUTURE, as well as the label’s self-published RAINS Journal.

78 Rue du Temple
75003, Paris

Now check out Foot District‘s new location in Madrid, complete with an Air Jordan room.

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Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe Says AAU Has Weakened Basketball

When former New York Knicks superstar Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe speaks, you listen.

Four time NBA All Star, NBA Champion and one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players, Monroe chatted appeared on the Scoop B Radio Podcast and discussed his views on AAU basketball.

“We have seen a change in what basketball is and what it means to people,” he told podcast host Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson.  “And I think that in a nut shell makes a big difference in terms of just basketball in general.”

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Last season, retired NBA player, Kobe Bryant, who entered the NBA straight out of high school expressed his displeasure with AAU basketball stating: “I hate it because it doesn’t teach our players how to play the right way, how to think the game, how to play in combinations of threes.”

Monroe’s shared similar thoughts:

“You know I always thought American basketball was strong. I felt as  the game started here and I never really felt as though we should have pros play at the Olympics but be that as it may AAU you know takes guys and they really use the talent of the guys as opposed to teaching the guys. Its interesting that you find today that you see a team like the Knicks and [last season] Coach Fisher talks about teaching guys things at the pro level. So that leads you to believe that as guys come up from junior high or high school or what not they are not getting the same type of teaching as we got coming up and I know Kobe might be a little right in what he says but the same time the game has changed. It has gotten faster you don’t have centers the way you used to you got everybody that is basically a forward or a guard today so you know the scope of basketball is a lot different and obviously everything has to change.”


Monroe also dived in on the expansion of basketball and how it affected the European game. 

“I think that you know it bodes well for those guys in my era and before who played a game in a way that influenced the guys today. When you see the European that are coming over and play today in the league you see a lot of the things that we used to do. I think that they are more adverse in fundamentals is concerned and the guys here obviously you know we have had opportunity to see TV and we emulate more than learn but at the same time we all raise at the spectrum of what the game is right now it being a global sport and we all need to be happy about that.”


Monroe even talked about the state of the New York Knicks.


His advice to the struggling Knicks? “Stick with what you’ve got and let it mature into a winning team.”

“You know more than likely when you look back on the history of the Knicks, in the last ten to fifteen years it’s just constant change and you come in to having four or five  guys playing together and then you are trading.”


Ghost Recon: Wildlands review — A miraculously massive and unfortunately uninspired game

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a remarkable open world achievement, but the tried-and-tested Ubisoft formula is starting to get seriously stale.

As someone who hasn’t played a Ghost Recon title before, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect going into Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The emphasis on cooperative play, tight, squad-heavy tactics and open world shenanigans held a ton of promise. And the few trailers I had seen made the game seem expansive — and it really, really is.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is fun, but it is also painfully formulaic.

Trump Signs New Revised Travel Ban Temporarily Halting Entry From 6 Muslim-Majority Nations

WASHINGTON (CBSNewYork/AP) — President Donald Trump has privately signed a revised travel ban that temporarily halts entry to the U.S. for people from six Muslim-majority nations who are seeking new visas and suspends the country’s refugee program, White House spokesman Michael Short said.

The new directive aims to address legal issues that arose from the original order, which was blocked by the courts.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the new order “a vital measure” for strengthening the nation’s security.

“It is the president’s solemn duty to protect the American people and with this order, President Trump is exercising his rightful authority to keep our people safe,” Tillerson said.

The revised order is narrower and specifies that a 90-day ban on people from Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen does not apply to those who already have valid visas.

“Like every nation, the United States has a right to control who enters our country and to keep out those who would do us harm,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

Revised Travel Ban Announcement

(L-R) US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Homeland Security Secretary John Kellyat the US Customs and Border Protection Press Room in the Reagan Building on March 6, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo credit: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

Sessions said three of the nations are state sponsors of terrorism, and the other three have served as safe havens for terrorist countries.

“This executive order responsibly provides a needed pause so we can carefully review how we scrutinize people coming here from these countries of concern,” Sessions said. “The Department of Justice believes that this executive order, just like the first executive order, is a lawful and proper exercise of presidential authority.”

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) opposed the ban and said it must be repealed.

“Despite the Administration’s changes, the #MuslimBan2 makes us less safe, not more, it is mean-spirited & un-American. It must be repealed,” he wrote on Twitter. “Americans need to know that this latest Exec Order has absolutely nothing to do with national security. It is still a ban.”

The White House also dropped Iraq from the list of banned countries. Iraq was originally included on the list of banned countries. It was removed from the order after agreeing to increase cooperation with the U.S. government on vetting of its citizens applying for a travel visa.

Iraq said the decision sends  a “positive message” about the future of bilateral relations as the two countries work to combat the Islamic State group. Government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi said it shows there is a “real partnership” between Washington and Baghdad.

The new ban also makes clear that lawful permanent residents, known as green card holders, are excluded from the ban.

It will be effective as of March 16.

New Jersey’s junior senator is also sharply criticizing the reworked version of the controversial travel ban.

Cory Booker said the order makes it clear that Trump’s intent is still “to exclude refugees and immigrants of a certain religion” from entering the United States. He said a “rebranded Muslim ban is still a Muslim ban, plain and simple.”

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez says it’s “preposterous to see a recalcitrant White House” again put “fringe politics” ahead of national security and the Constitution.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who last month filed a lawsuit against the original ban, said his office is closely reviewing the new order.

“While the White House may have made changes to the ban, the intent to discriminate against Muslims remains clear,” Schneiderman said in a statement. “This doesn’t just harm the families caught in the chaos of President Trump’s draconian policies – it’s diametrically opposed to our values, and makes us less safe.”

The American Civil Liberties Union said it will move “very quickly” to block the new travel ban from taking effect, either by amending existing lawsuits that blocked the original order or seeking a new injunction.

“We’re going to move very quickly in court to make sure that at least one of the injunctions currently in place around the country remains in place,” Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, told The Associated Press.

Gelernt said while the new order addresses some legal problems, it does not “eliminate the basic constitutional problem we saw in the first executive order, which is discrimination on the basis of religion. And so we will continue to challenge.”

The changes might be subtle, but Cornell Law professor Steve Yale-Loehr, who teaches immigration law, thinks they might be enough, WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reported.

“I think that this is going to be more likely to succeed on the merits in court,” Yale-Loehr said.

Unlike the old order, the new one does not give preference to Christians, Haskell reported.

“I think that’s another evidence that the Trump administration is trying to make sure that this is not perceived as being a religious ban,” Yale-Loehr said.

Trump’s original order, signed in January, sparked immediate confusion, panic and outrage as some travelers were detained in U.S. airports and prompted federal courts to intervene.

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Floating fluorometer could get the drop on oil spills

The technology uses UV LEDs and color-filtered photodiodes to detect and differentiate between different types of ...

It goes without saying that the sooner you know an oil spill has occurred, the sooner you can set about containing it. That’s why scientists from Spain’s Universidade de Vigo have created a compact and inexpensive oil-detection sensor. Mounted on a buoy in areas where spills are a risk, it could detect them before they’re obvious to the naked eye, and even determine the type of oil that’s present.

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