Drake Sets ‘More Life’ Release Date With Globetrotting Teaser

Five months after Drake first announced his More Life with four new songs, the rapper has officially set a release date for the “playlist project”: March 18th.

Drake announced the release date at the tail end of a new More Life teaser that follows the globetrotting rapper on tour, onstage and partying.

The rapper previously unveiled More Life’s “Two Birds One Stone,” “Fake Love,” “Wanna Know” and the single “Sneakin'” featuring 21 Savage. In February, Drake dropped “Hush Up the Silence” with his “One Dance” cohort Wizkid.

In a January interview with University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari, Drake said More Life was not a conventional album and rather “a body of work that I’m creating,” with the purpose “to keep people excited, give people new music, let them know that I’m still hungry.”

More Life will reportedly feature new Drake music alongside songs from artists under the OVO umbrella.

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Justin Bieber Lashes Out At Fan Requesting Photo: ‘Look At You, You Make Me Sick’

The fallout from this isn’t going to be good…

Justin Bieber is in Melbourne right now, and played a show Friday night in the Australian city, but he’s causing worldwide news controversy with something else he did Down Under just before the show.

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While out and about in Melbourne, Bieber was approached at one point by fans — including a 20-year-old girl named Sabah Helal, who requested a photo with Justin since she was a huge fan of the pop star.

Justin’s response to the request? Well, it ain’t good (below):

“You’re invading my privacy, I don’t want a photo. Look at you, you make me sick.”


Other fans documented and immediately shared the moment on social media, like in this instance (below):


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We’ll see how this ends up playing out — and whether Justin reacts publicly to it — but for now, even the fan’s mother, Houda Bennaoui, is talking.

She told reporters:

“My daughter was bawling her eyes out. She was dying to meet him and then he humiliated her.”


And concert-goers were un-impressed with Justin’s performance later last night, too, with Houda adding in:

“His hands were in his pockets for the first five songs and it seemed like he didn’t want to be there. After years of supporting him, my daughter will never see him again in concert.”

Are you having another bad day down under, Justin???

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Mama June Shannon Denies She Wore A Fat Suit Before Filming From Not To Hot — Wait, This Is Actually A Conspiracy Theory?

Seriously, the Internet finds the weirdest shit to turn into crackpot conspiracy theories — and no, we don’t just mean President Donald Trump‘s kooky ideas about wiretapping.

Mama June Shannon is now actively denying rumors that she wore a fat suit to hide (and publicize?!) her weight loss ahead of the Friday premiere of Mama June: From Not To Hot, her new health-focused weight loss show that’s airing on WEtv.

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Speaking on The Domenick Nati Show on Friday to help publicize her new series, Mama June — who first came to fame as the mother of the infamous little star of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo — addressed the fat suit conspiracy theory, saying:

“Definitely did not wear a fat suit. I was fat.”

She went on to say more, too (below):

“I never had like an ideal weight in mind. I’m pretty much happy where I’m at right now.”


But as for the fat suit conspiracy, well, listen to Mama June deal with the whole thing on video during the interview:

Crazy! And now you know the wacky but-what-if-Mama-June-wasn’t-really-fat conspiracy…

Something tells us Trump is going to tweet about it soon! Then it’ll be a **real** conspiracy theory!! LOLz!!

3/11 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather Headlines

By Matt DeLucia
CBS2 Meteorologist/Weather Producer

Good afternoon, everyone! Its another COLD March weekend around here, as temps struggle to hit the freezing mark today and tomorrow. With those gusty northwest winds, it’ll feel more like the teens for much of your Saturday.

afternoon today 3/11 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather Headlines

(credit: CBS2)

Bitter again tonight, dropping to around 18 in Midtown and single digits in those NW higher elevations. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour before heading to sleep as we “spring forward” overnight. Despite the sun setting later, Sunday stays on the frigid side! Fortunately with lighter winds, it shouldn’t feel as harsh.

afternoon 7day 3/11 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather Headlines

(credit: CBS2)

Of course everyone is talking about the potential of a major coastal storm next week. It’s looking more and more likely that a big storm will develop, but the details still need to be ironed out. The time frame would be late Monday night through early Wednesday morning, with the bulk affecting us on Tuesday. Part of the energy is just now moving onshore in the Pacific NW, so we’ll have a better idea over the next day or so.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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Man who jumped White House fence arrested by US secret service

The 26-year-old climbed the fence and got onto the south grounds while Donald Trump was at the White House late Friday night

The US secret service arrested a person who climbed the White House perimeter fence and breached the mansion’s south grounds on Friday night, claiming to be “a friend of the president”.

The breach happened at about 11.38pm Friday night, the agency said, while Donald Trump was at the White House. The person “scaled the outer perimeter fence by the Treasury Building and East Executive Avenue”, the agency said in a statement.

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