Beyoncé & Jay Z Spent Their Anniversary On A Bora Bora Babymoon — Get All The Romantic, Relaxing Deets!

The couple that does R&R together, goes far together.

Beyoncé and Jay Z hit a remarkable milestone recently — they’ve been married an extremely-impressive-for-Hollywood nine years!

Photos: Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Most Adorable Moments!

It took us over a year to find out what the secretive couple did on their eighth anniversary, so getting the skinny on their ninth only a week and a half later is pretty darn good!

A source told E! News the power couple have spent a week power-napping in paradise:

“Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their anniversary and babymoon in Tahiti. They spent five nights at the Intercontinental Bora Bora and Thalasso Spa.

They stayed in a secluded overwater villa on a private island only accessible by boat. They were very low key and rarely left the villa. Jay-Z went jet skiing several times and Beyonce watched from the villa. They both swam in the water and relaxed on the deck.”

Sounds bora boring — in the best way possible that is! For such hardworking stars and parents, low key relaxation is ideal!

Video: Beyoncé’s Drops A BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO In Honor Of Her Anniversary!

Besides, this is exactly how Bey needs to be treated right now, what with TWO babies on board! Nonstop chill!

“They spent a lot of one-on one time together reading and taking naps. They didn’t do much other than relax. They were very nice to the staff and appreciative of the service they received.”

Recharge your batteries, y’all!

You’re going to need every bit of that energy when you’ve got THREE rugrats running around.

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Queens Students Turn Graffiti-Covered Underpass Into Map Of Neighborhoods

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Spring break is a time to unwind and relax for most teens, but this week has been nothing like that for a group of high school students from Queens.

As CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock reported, the students have been painting over graffiti with a work of art all their own.

One outspoken woman who has lived in Forest Hills since 1947 said the neighborhood is “turning into a slum.” She said lately, people just toss trash right into the streets and scrawl or spray graffiti onto signs, lamp posts and underpasses.

An underpass on Fleet Street, right on the dividing line of Forest Hills and Rego Park, was covered with graffiti recently.

“We were driving around with my mom – this underpass was filled with graffiti,” said Alice Aronov, 16.

Aronov is a junior at the Baccalaureate School for Global Education. She tells CBS2 seeing the graffiti made her sad.

“There’s little kids coming by here every day. There’s a school over there,” she said. “It’s very detrimental to how they see their neighborhood.”

Aronov decided the location littered with graffiti was a perfect fit for a school project, and she teamed up with her classmates at the start of the school year to make it happen.

“It was just like this empty place,” said high school junior Natalia Blagic, 16. “It was dirty and there were vines everywhere.”

They created a design for a map honoring their neighborhoods, and over February break, they braved the cold to prime the wall.

“Imagine freezing hands. You’re holding a metal tool; you’re trying to like pound into the walls to get the paint off,” said Anielka Espinosa, 16. “That hurt.”

But despite the paint then, paint on Friday proved Espinosa’s dedication. She admitted she could see the silver lining of their work as she put the finishing touches on the Eden Project – one of many community points of interest highlighted on the map they painted of Rego Park and Forest Hills.

Neighbors drive by at a slow roll to see what is going at the underpass, and some offer a thumbs up thanks. Those who spoke to CBS2 were grateful that the students stepped up to beautify a once ugly space

“I think it’s wonderful,” a woman said. “I’m happy to see this young generation doing nice things.”

“Before, when I walk by here, it was always this dark, dirty, wall,” added Chihai Zhang of Rego Park. “Now suddenly, it’s getting, you know, beautiful.”

Students said they got a lot of help from people passing by. Children as young as 6 picked up paintbrushes just to pitch in.

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Senegal’s Good Friday Dish Is A Treat For Both Christians And Muslims

Marie-Victoire Carvalho Sow prepares ngalakh, a traditional Easter treat for friends and family of all faiths.

Senegal is a Muslim majority country, with a Christian minority. Christians celebrate Good Friday with a sweet porridge called ngalakh. They share it with their Muslim family and friends, too.

(Image credit: Ofeibea Quist-Arcton/NPR)

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Fear of God’s 1987 Collection Pays Homage to the Boston Celtics

Visit the original post to see all 24 images from this gallery.

Brand: Fear of God

Season: 1987 Collection Pop-Up

Key Pieces: Track suit, pullover jacket, batting practice jersey

Editor’s Notes: Next Saturday, April 22 — Jerry Lorenzo‘s Fear of God will be taking over clothing retailer, Backdoor Bottega located in Bologna, Italy, for the first of many surprised pop-ups surrounding the brand’s Fifth collection.

Highlighted by a range of activewear that reflects the Boston Celtics’ signature colors (particularly correlating with the 1987 NBA Finals vs. the Los Angeles Lakers) — the line includes basketball shorts, a hoodie with handmade chenille patches, a track suit, pullover jacket, batting practice jersey, an “I Love LA” pop-up merch tee and socks made in Italy. In addition, a limited number of the brand’s black/white basketball sneaker will be sold, ahead of the global release set for later this year.

Now, here’s Dover Street Market’s latest releases.

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Travis Scott’s “Goosebumps” Video ft. Kendrick Lamar Is Now on YouTube

Today has been a good day for music — word to Kendrick, Playboi Carti and John Mayer, among others. And while many of you are still diving into K Dot’s new album, DAMN. — or any of the other previously eluded to drops — Travis Scott has blessed with a fresh stream of his recently-released “Goosebumps” video via YouTube.

As mentioned earlier this month, the aesthetic is notably psychedelic, in typical Travis Scott fashion, featuring appearances from both Scott and Lamar. Initially, the “Goosebumps” video was an Apple Music exclusive.

After enjoying the YouTube stream of Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar’s “Goosebumps” above, see below for the much-anticipated DAMN.

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Charlamagne Tha God Gets Heated While Eating Spicy Wings on ‘Hot Ones’

For the latest episode of Hot Ones, First We Feast and Sean Evans sat down with host of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and MTV2’s Uncommon Sense, Charlamagne Tha God. Seeing as Charlamagne is pretty much as unfiltered as it gets, it should come as no surprise that things got heated in more thane one sense of the word while the on-air personality dove into Hot Ones‘ spicy wings.

While transitioning from wing to wing, and downing a few gallons of water, Charlamagne in turn dished on everything from the keys to beefing on Twitter, the importance of hustling at an internship, and the plight of “Kanye Kardashian.”

Did Charlamagne make it the entire way through, though? Press play above to find out.

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