The Patriots’ Turnout To Meet Barack Obama Vs. Donald Trump Says It ALL! See The Pics!

Wow. The Patriots‘ turnout to visit the White House and meet with Donald Trump on Wednesday was smaller than we even imagined!

As we reported, Tom Brady announced he would not be attending due to “personal family matters,” but he wasn’t alone. Including the star athlete, 34 of the team’s players were noticeably absent!!

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While not all of them skipped out for political reasons, a handful definitely did as it was previously said Devin McCourty, LeGarrette Blount, Alan Branch, Chris Long, and Martellus Bennett would not make it to the Super Bowl ceremony.

If you think HALF the football team passing up on this opportunity isn’t unusual, just ch-ch-check out the comparison pic of the Patriots’ visit when Barack Obama was still president in 2015 compared to Drumpf’s (below):

SAD! Such small numbers! Wow.

It kind of reminds you of those pics from the Inauguration, right??

Maybe that’s why a bitter Donnie left Brady’s name out of his speech on Wednesday!

Anyway, take another look at the small group (below)!

The Source Sports Was Able To Talk Boxing With Canelo Alvarez

With another blockbuster fight just weeks away, Canelo Alvarez is on the prowl to end all debates as who is today’s best pound-for-pound fighter. The Mexican power puncher is ready to knock out all doubters and naysayers about becoming the undisputed middleweight king.

With power that can knock you into next year, speed faster than a Busta Rhymes rhyme scheme and a toughness that’s “built Ford tough”, Canelo Alvarez is living proof why he is regarded as the baddest fighter in the game today. The 26-year-old Mexican superstar is ranked as the #1 pound-for-pound fighter by BoxRec and the #8 overall fighter according to Ring Magazine. Canelo was able to score major career defining victories on boxing greats such as “Sugar” Shane Mosley, Kermit Cintron, Miguel Cotto and Amir Khan. In addition, he held the WBC light middleweight title from 2011-2013 and the WBA and Ring Magazine light middleweight titles from 2015 to 2016. His only defeat in his career came against Floyd “Money”Mayweather Jr on Sept. 14, 2013 for his WBA Unified, WBC and Ring Magazine light middleweight titles. Ever since the crushing majority decision lost, Alvarez has been on a tear winning 5 straight fights while regaining his middleweight titles he lost roughly 3 years ago. Now the champ has another huge test on his hands. Here comes challenger Julio Caesar Chavez Jr., a well established veteran who continues to follow the world championship boxing path of his father’s footsteps in boxing legend and former six time world champion, Julio Caesar Chavez.

With a huge fight coming up on May 6, The Source Sports was able to catch up with Alvarez about his upcoming fight and his future plans.

The Source Sports: So Canelo, how do you feel about the upcoming fight against another well known veteran fighter like Julio Caesar Chavez Jr.?

Canelo: I feel very good about the upcoming bout. I’ve been training hard. I am very focus and I am confident that I will come victorious and still be middleweight champion.

The Source Sports: Now with the fight falling on the weekend of “Cinco De Mayo” in Las Vegas, how do you feel about the pressure of scoring a victory around the time of your home country’s most important day?

Canelo: I believe that there’s no pressure at all. I look at this as a regular fight and I’ve been prepping for it like it is a regular fight. It will be great if I do get the win but I would not make it such a big deal because of the day. I would look at it as a another win for my record and be on the look out for my next opponent.

The Source Sports: Now speaking on next opponent, it’s been rumors and talks saying that the winner of this bout may have the opportunity for a mega title fight with Triple G (Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin). Is there any pressure for the potential buildup for this bout? How do you feel about the critics and experts saying this?

Canelo: I’ve heard talks about it and I believe there’s no pressure of me winning my fight against Chavez to get to Triple G. I believe it’s the other way around. It’s Triple G trying to get to me and planning on getting me in the ring with him. But as far as the potential fight between myself and Triple G, I think it would be a great matchup but right now, I am just taking it one fight at a time. I’m solely focused on my current opponent which is Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. and I would not overlook him whatsoever.

Fight fans and critics are just estatic of the state of middleweight boxing. With superstars such as Canelo Alvarez, Julio Caesar Chavez Jr, Triple G, Daniel Jacobs and Amir Khan, any fighter out of this small list can emerge as the middleweight king while give the fans their money worth. Make sure you mark on your calendar. May 6 is the day you should have a super duper fun fight party as Alvarez is on the prowl to go 51-1 and continue his dominance in the middleweight division.


Russian thinktank gameplanned undermining of US election, sources say

Former US officials describe confidential documents from thinktank, controlled by Vladimir Putin, that allegedly provide framework for interference

A Russian government thinktank controlled by Vladimir Putin developed a plan to swing the 2016 US presidential election to Donald Trump and undermine voters’ faith in the American electoral system, three current and four former US officials have told Reuters.

They described two confidential documents from the thinktank as providing the framework and rationale for what US intelligence agencies have concluded was an intensive effort by Russia to interfere with the 8 November election. US intelligence officials acquired the documents, which were prepared by the Moscow-based Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, after the election.

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Is Nintendo Releasing a SNES Classic Edition?

After announcing the end of the NES Classic Edition last week, and the subsequent crazy re-sell prices, there are rumors circulating that a new Nintendo release might be on the way.

According to Eurogamersources close to Nintendo have confirmed that the game company is currently producing a SNES mini, aka a SNES Classic Edition, and it will arrive just in time for the holidays.

The mini NES, which was released last November, was a huge hit for the brand, so it makes sense for them to expand to the SNES. What’s confusing is why the NES mini was discontinued in the first place. In its statement announcing the discontinuation, Nintendo referenced customer difficulties in actually acquiring a console, but that doesn’t seem enough reason to just scrap the product completely. Polygon has suggested it could be all be part of a Supreme-like marketing scheme, designed to keep up hype around Nintendo.

Regardless of the reasoning, if a SNES is actually on the way, that can only be a good thing.

In other news, you can now cop Balenciaga’s “IKEA-inspired” tote bag.

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Anik Khan’s “Kites” Is a Buoyant Ballad About Holding on in the Face of Adversity

“I remember being super down one night, but I still had to head to the studio to finish mixing. Instead, we ended up working on this song. I recorded a lot of this record lying down and forgetting anyone was around. ‘Kites’ is about feeling lost but also finding yourself. It’s about holding on by a thread but also realizing the people steering the kite are the most important. Regardless, if I stay flying high up or end up falling to the ground, they’re there guiding me throughout it all,” says Anik Khan of his buoyant new ballad, “Kites.”

Khan, who was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, moved to Queens, New York, when he was only three-years-old. His father was a former freedom fighter in their home country and it was his inspiration combined with the vibrance of Queens, New York’s most diverse borough, that would influence his music. Khan’s brand of hip-hop is a true melding of the Southeast Asian diaspora and the stories of other immigrants – Caribbean, West African and Latin sounds seamlessly weave their way through his production.

“Kites” is the lead single from Khan’s forthcoming EP of the same name. While still influenced by world sounds, the song does veer a bit away from emphasizing them, instead placing the focus on meditative lyrics about holding on in the face of darkness and adversity.

The full Kites EP will release April 28. In the meantime, take a listen to the single below.

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