{VIDEO} Reason- “Kurupt”

Coming off of the success from Reason‘s last mixtape, “The Free Album” the Carson, CA native shows up with his newest record titled “Kurupt.”  The track is an aggressive hip-hop spitting track where Reason displays his feelings about the current rap game and where he feels his spot should be on the west coast. Check out the visual for “Kurupt” below.

Billy Donovan: ‘Enormous trust, confidence’ in Russell Westbrook – ESPN

Los Angeles Times
Billy Donovan: 'Enormous trust, confidence' in Russell Westbrook
OKLAHOMA CITY — Russell Westbrook has been able to do just about anything he wants this season. He averaged a triple double, broke Oscar Robertsons single season record for triple doubles and carried the Thunder to the playoffs despite the loss of …
Thunder needs Victor Oladipo to break out of slumpFOXSports.com
These 2 plays show why you can't judge Russell Westbrook without proper contextSB Nation
Russell Westbrook, after scoring 51 in a loss, has become the NBA's Rorschach testWashington Post
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Five early observations about the Samsung Galaxy S8+

We take an early look at Samsung's Galaxy S8+

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ launch tomorrow. Thinking about buying one of them, but not quite convinced? We have some early observations from our first couple days with Galaxy S8+.

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New British search engine offering unbeatable privacy

For immediate release

The UK search engine offering unbeatable privacy, speed – and cash for a charity of your choice

• New WhaleSlide search engine goes live – and it doesn’t harvest user data
• WhaleSlide is the brainchild of two young British entrepreneurs
• Every time you shop online with partner retailers, WhaleSlide will donate to a charity – and you can choose which one

London 21/04/2017

A new, British search engine is being launched, guaranteeing its users unbeatable privacy as well as a host of other benefits.

WhaleSlide does not automatically store data about users – meaning information about you cannot be sold on to third parties and cannot be hacked.

Additionally, users can nominate a charity and, every time they make an online purchase with one of WhaleSlide’s growing group of partner retailers, the search engine will donate money to that charity.
The entrepreneurs behind WhaleSlide are Fran Petruzzelli and Andy Curran. Fran said: ‘We know from our own research that privacy is the over-riding concern of search engine users, which is why you can use WhaleSlide without any information about you being stored.

‘And WhaleSlide is just as good, if not better, than the leading search engines – it’s fast, it’s anonymous and it doesn’t filter search results based on user preferences.’
WhaleSlide’s own research suggests that up to 1billion pounds sterling a year could be raised for charities in Britain if its policy of donating every time an online purchase is made with a retail partner was adopted widely.

Andy said: ‘It’s so easy for charities to sign up, and WhaleSlide’s donations do not cost shoppers a penny.

‘It is literally money for nothing. Even a small charity with 50 or so supporters could raise 3,000 pounds sterling a year simply by signing up and encouraging those supporters to shop smarter.’
WhaleSlide was originally launched 18months ago, with partners as large as Nike, Selfridges, eBay and Adidas, and the new version is far more user-friendly. For more details got to http://www.whaleslide.com


The WhaleSlide search engine does not automatically store user data – and it donates to charity


The WhaleSlide search engine donates to a charity of your choice every time you make a purchase with a partner retailer. It also guarantees user privacy.
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West Virginia Duo YNC Drop Visual “Ima Bout It” Featuring Mike Jones

Cutting Edge! That’s the word that describes Rap duo YNC. The West Virginia based duo continue to prove themselves as a brand. YNC are quickly making a name for themselves in the independent Hip Hop scene and beyond. Their music has been featured on BET Jamz, Shade 45 on Sirius/XM Radio and more.

Group members Laron and Josh deliver vivid lyrics and smooth flows over stellar production. Their skillful wordplay and witty metaphors paint precise pictures. And their cadence and penmanship are top-notch. Last year the group was interviewed by DJ Envy on Hip Hop Nation. Also, they have worked with Yo Gotti, Dizzy Wright, Chingy, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Young Buck (of G-Unit) and many more

The dynamic duo aim high with their current single called “Ima Bout It” featuring Mike Jones. The single is a tour de force. Moreover, an explosive visual was shot for the song. The video is vivid, colorful and in your face. Additionally, the music video captures the energy and vibe of West Virginia. The chorus is infectious and catchy and it will stay stuck in your head for days. Check out “Ima Bout It.”

Theft Of Cell Tower Battery Packs Could Lead To Chaos During Power Outage

MAHWAH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Police are trying to crack down on crooks who made off with stolen batteries from cell phone towers in Mahwah.

As CBS2’s Erin Logan reported, the crime going on at the base of cell phone towers doesn’t look like one, but crooks posing as contractors are stealing 12 volt battery packs.

“They go in, they’re familiar with the settings. They go in and they remove the lock from the cabinet,” Detective Sergeant Kevin Hebeert said.

Mahwah Police said it happened on April 12, at two locations — one of which has towers used by Sprint and Verizon.

“They take them and they get paid by the pound from scrap yards, and lead right now is $1.08 per pound,” Hebeert said.

One battery weighs 40-lbs. The thieves stole 64 in Mahwah — that comes out to more than $2,700.

Police said it could be months before they even realize the batteries have been stolen. When the padlocked cabinets are opened up an alarm goes off — in this case to Verizon — but the thieves put electrical tape over the connector to stop it.

“He probably worked for a contractor that worked on some of the cell towers in the past,” Hebeert said.

Police have touched base with scrap yards, but have yet to locate the batteries.

When power is lost during a storm, the batteries are used as a backup. If the batteries are missing, customers could lose coverage — in an emergency, that could create a nightmare situation.



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