Get Lost in the Jungle With Sprayground’s New Camo Capsule

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Hot on the heels of the label’s first drop from the back-to-school 2017 collection, Sprayground is back with a curated collection of camo-coated bags and backpacks. But don’t get it twisted: this is “the rebel bag company” after all, and while camo is perfect for blending into the background, this gear is perfect for popping out from the pack.

Kicking off the collection is a selection of Sprayground’s signature DLX backpacks. Boasting the brand’s attention-stealing shark head graphic, three iterations stand front and center: the Gold Stencil Shark, the Italy Camo Shark, and the Japan Camo Shark. While all three styles boast multiple front and side pockets, a velour sunglasses compartment, dedicated laptop and tablet compartments and a durable 900D water-resistant outer, there’s a few exterior differences. The Gold Stencil is wrapped up in a traditional camo with (as you’d expect) a graffiti-inspired golden shark face. The Italian and Japanese camo bags incorporate a dot-based camo with corresponding flag patches adorning the front of each bag. You may be adding some new stamps to your passport this summer, but rest assured that this luggage will have international credentials straight off the shelf.

If you’re still digging the gold designs, but want something a little bit different, consider the Camo Drips Wings backpack. Using Sprayground’s popular Wings design, the 900D water-resistant outer is rendered in traditional camo, with accents of dripping gold paint stretching from the padded back panel and down across the wings.

But what if you’re looking for a travel companion with a little more space? Look no further than the Gold Stencil Shark duffle. With a large main compartment, stash pockets, and a zippered side compartment that’s perfect for a pair of kicks, this is the bag to bring when packing for an extended vacation. Besides, with a 900D water-resistant outer, this duffle has your gear protected—whether you’re sitting on a plane, or lounging poolside.

The most exciting piece to come out of Sprayground’s new camo collection is its Camo LED backpack. Centered around the brand’s Trooper bag silhouette, the Camo LED backpack is reminiscent of Sprayground’s sold out “Bag to the Future” release. Boasting multiple LED lights across the front panel, the integrated, internal lighting system brings new meaning to the concept of “shining.” It’s not all surface level though; with multiple interior compartments and velour-lined sunglasses and laptop pockets, there’s plenty of storage to go with the splendor.

With summer’s bright colors right on our doorstep, standing out from the crowd is easier said than done. While camo is traditionally used to fade into the background, Sprayground’s use of the classic pattern is perfect for standing out this summer—be it with a blend of golden accents, or through the literal shine of illuminating LED lights.

Head over to Sprayground to scope the new drop, but don’t dawdle: like always, Spraygound bags are hyper limited and never produced again.

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Then the unthinkable happens. Marriage. Family. Dinner parties. For Chick, a job at the local newspaper writing an advice column punctuated by blandly inspirational Pepigrams: “To turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones—pick up your feet.” For Nickie, an unlikely career in law enforcement. But just when it seems that their lives have settled down before they could even begin, Chick begins an affair with Mrs. Thicknesse, a newspaper music critic of ample girth and means, and a whole brouhaha breaks loose: blackmail, forgery, secret sleuthing, lawsuits. There is drama in suburbia after all, and Chick and Nickie are up to their necks in it.

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Manresa – An Edible Reflection ($1.99 Kindle), by David Kinch, Christine Muhlke and Eric Ripert [Ten Speed Press / Random House], was a featured New Release a few years ago, when I commented that the cover was a bit strange and the price a bit high ($18.99 at that time). If you found it as intriguing as I did, but held off on getting it, now is your chance. There are three recipes on the Kindle product page that you can download.

The long-awaited cookbook by one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s star chefs, David Kinch, who has revolutionized restaurant culture with his take on the farm-to-table ethic and focus on the terroir of the Northern California coast.

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The result is “an accurate first draft of the Cold War’s last days,” wrote David Remnick in the New Yorker, “filled with gaudy historical riches.” Each an acclaimed author in his own right, Beschloss and Talbott together deliver journalism at its best: an “intimate and utterly absorbing” record of this critical meeting of minds (The New York Times).

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Angry, Awkward, & Just Plain CRAZY Celebrity Interviews!

Nicole Kidman gives absolutely zero fucks during talk show interviews.

No, really. The A-lister pretty much refuses to talk about anything private on chat shows and has NO problem showing exactly how she feels on camera. Just ask Giada De Laurentiis!

When the professional chef tried to make some sexually charged cooking jokes, Keith Urban‘s wife threw all kinds of shade her way. Oh, and let’s not forget about the time Miz Kidman awkwardly pressured Kit Harington to propose to girlfriend Rose Leslie.

Of course, these interviews only graze the surface of the NUMEROUS crazy sit-downs that have gone down in Tinseltown. Discover the others (below)!

CLICK HERE to view “Angry, Awkward, & Just Plain CRAZY Celebrity Interviews!”

CLICK HERE to view “Angry, Awkward, & Just Plain CRAZY Celebrity Interviews!”

CLICK HERE to view “Angry, Awkward, & Just Plain CRAZY Celebrity Interviews!”

CLICK HERE to view “Angry, Awkward, & Just Plain CRAZY Celebrity Interviews!”

CLICK HERE to view “Angry, Awkward, & Just Plain CRAZY Celebrity Interviews!”

US Secretary of State says 'Syria's fate is in Russian hands now'

US Secretary of State says 'Syria's fate is in Russian hands now'The US Secretary of State has reportedly told the United Nations Secretary General that he thinks the fate of Syria and its leader is now up to Russia. Rex Tillerson held a private meeting with Antonio Guterres at the State Department when he said the US was limiting its mission to defeating terror group Isis, according to Foreign Policy. Citing three diplomatic sources with knowledge of the exchange, Mr Tillerson said that though the US is committed to the 2012 Geneva Process that stated it, Russia, and other western countries would put a transition government in place, the fate of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would be in Russia’s purview.