Watch Salma Slims’ Video For “100 Racks”

Atlanta rapper, Salma Slims‘ new music video for “100 Racks” is an ode of celebrating hard work by flexing and stunting in the desert with her girls. From working two jobs in Atlanta to going on tour with MadeinTYO, Salma leaves a promising imprint that she is here to stay. The song is off her 2016 EP Ghetto Girl Dream which was by far her biggest project.

The Private Club’s first lady is working on a you EP this year titled Left Out which is set for release this fall. “I named the project Left Out because I feel like I work so hard, but I’m still heavily slept on,” she explains. “I often feel like I’m in the shadows of my collective, so it’s time to really prove I deserve attention in my own right as the first and only female of Private Club.”

For more Salma Slims’ music, check out her SoundCloud. As for the video, watch it below.

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Get Ready For Senator Kid Rock — Political Experts Are Saying He Could Actually Win…

What. The. Fuck.

Kid Rock has been teasing a Senate seat run in his home state of Michigan, and while the jury is still out on whether he’s actually going to do it — smart money says this is just a ploy for him to drum up publicity for an upcoming music tour — experts are starting to weigh in on Kid Rock’s chances.

And the verdict?

Way fuckin’ better than you can imagine.

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Kid Rock, born Robert Ritchie, is unbelievably popular in Michigan, and that combined with what would no doubt be a non-traditional campaign on his end could push him to at least win the Republican nomination to run for Senate there in 2018.

There’s a new report out in Politico today all about Kid Rock’s chances for a Senate seat that has been making the rounds, and there’s some really interesting stuff in it.

Take, for example, Republican political consultant Dennis Lennox, who believes Kid Rock has already locked up the Republican nomination to run — if he wants it:

“Presuming Kid Rock doesn’t get caught in bed with a little boy, or beat up a woman between now and August 2018, he’s going to win the nomination if he gets in. I think there’s no question about that. I think he’s the prohibitive favorite if he gets in.”

Another famous entertainer-turned-politician, Donald Trump, at least had to run through more than a dozen other GOP candidates before locking up the nomination for President last year, but Kid Rock? Sounds like it’d be a piece of cake.

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Furthermore, his connection to Michigan — and specifically Detroit — make Kid Rock a very serious political foe to current Senator (and Democrat) Debbie Stabenow.

Saul Anuzis, the former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, said:

“The fact that he’s non-traditional is appealing to a lot of people. Obviously it scares others who want someone more predictable. But if you’re going to beat an entrenched candidate like Debbie Stabenow in a purple state, you need to do something different. He’s well-liked in Michigan. He’s a hometown darling. He’s got deep connections to Detroit. He’s done a lot throughout the state. Anybody who’s writing him off is making a mistake.”


The whole report is pretty interesting — you can read it HERE.

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Teen Struck, Critically Injured In Gravesend, Brooklyn Hit-And-Run

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A young man was in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle in a hit-and-run in Gravesend, Brooklyn Sunday afternoon.

Around 3:10 p.m., the 18-year-old man was crossing the street in the crosswalk at Avenue T and West 10th Street in Brooklyn when he was struck by a white BMW sport-utility vehicle, police said.

The driver of the SUV was turning left from southbound West 10th onto eastbound Avenue T, police said.

The teen was taken to Maimonides Medical Center with severe head trauma and was in critical condition late Sunday, police said.

The SUV driver fled the scene, police said.

The NYPD Crash Investigation Squad was investigating late Sunday.

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Usher’s Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Speaks Out About His Herpes Scandal

Talk about being unbothered!

Tameka Foster is speaking out about Usher‘s rapidly growing herpes exposure scandal, and she does not sound like she has much care in the world for what’s happening to her ex-husband!

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Foster, who has been divorced from Usher for nearly a decade now, made a pretty pointed comment on her Instagram page to let everyone know exactly what she thought about all this — and whether she may have been one of Usher’s alleged exposure victims, as well.

Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Do not come on my page discussing rumors or adult people that have NOTHING to do with me. I have been divorced 8 years… Some issues are not my business… ex husbands, ex friends, bitch-maids, snakes, hoes, characters, etc. Not my circus, not my clowns … I’m good and my health (Everywhere is great