Does Donald Trump Want to “Make America Great Again” by Re-Fueling Race Wars?

Friday night [September 22], Donald Trump landed in Huntsville, Alabama to campaign and show his support for Sen. Luther Strange. Strange has practically based his entire campaign on convincing potential voters how much of a close knit relationship he has with Trump, and how much he supports and agrees with all of our President’s outrageous objectives, goals, and viewpoints. In doing so, Strange hopes to garner the majority vote in the Republican primary runoff.

As apart of his endorsement for Strange, Trump gave another mouth dropping speech that probably made a lot of viewers cringe but more importantly, a speech that could make many wonder is this the start of a race war initiated by our very own President? Amongst the many topics Trump touched on, his statements in regard to the NFL National Anthem Player Protests were the most disturbing. “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners when someone disrespects our flag — to say, “Get that son of a b*tch off the field right now,” Trump said. “OUT! He’s fired!”

#DonaldTrump fires direct shots at #ColinKaepernick

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Trump went on to acknowledge that whatever coach is the first to take such a course of action against player protests will be the most popular person in the country. As if the demolition of the black man is a necessary achievement to be honored in what seems like our country’s big popularity contest. Trump followed up on such an absurd statement by stating, “That’s a total disrespect of our heritage. That’s total disrespect for everything we stand for.”

Obviously, oblivious to the sole reason these players are protesting it is sad and unfair that Trump can find the fault in these players protests but cannot seem to acknowledge the outright disrespect from racist police officers who some have blatantly, and others who may have accidentally taken the lives of innocent African American people. Is that what America stands for?

The classy, charming, ever so eloquent former President Barack Obama, wouldn’t dare use his influence to throw personal blows at NFL players who have chosen to use their platform to stand for a cause that is close to the heart. It makes it comical yet very scary to witness Trump address menial sports matters more passionately than he ever addressed the natural disasters that happened in Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

If Trump and Strange and all of their supporters share the same great American values, it makes one wonder are those values to ignore the plight of the African American community and move forward with no regard or compassion towards the inequality still experienced in a post-slavery America? Will we make America great again by returning it to its original state of racial warfare? Is that the plan of action?

As a voice and advocates of the Hip Hop community, The Source stands for those who stand for our culture and more importantly, who stand for what’s right no matter their race, religion, or job title. Although we cover pop culture our stance will not always support popular viewpoints and we hope that you all support equality by any means.

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President Donald Trump Delivers Weekly Address; Dems Offer Response

WASHINGTON (CBSNewYork) — President Donald Trump spotlighted his plans for tax reform during his weekly address, delivered on Friday.

Trump laid out four principles of tax reform and said he will focus on “pursuing tax cuts and reform that create jobs in America, for American workers – not foreign workers, but American workers.”

Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky gave the Democratic weekly address, in response.

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Donald Trump Should Be More Concerned About North Korea and Natural Disasters Instead of Sports

Just 10 days before Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas, President Donald Trump canceled one of the most progressive flood-risk management policies, put in place by Barack Obama. The policy, Federal Flood Risk Management Standard (FFRMS), approached the construction at flood-risk boundaries with caution. While we all know that compassion isn’t Donnie’s strongest suit, he seemed to putting his best foot forward in this situation by being in constant communication with FEMA and vowing to push a major recovery package through Congress. He even put his phone down a went to visit Corpus Christi and Austin, which suffered relatively light damage compared to the city Houston.

Following this disaster came two more: Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, which left trails of death and destruction throughout Florida and the Caribbean. Reports say that it will take months to restore power in Puerto Rico meanwhile, the island of Barbuda was completely wiped off the map. Extinguishing a civilization that lived on the island for more than 300 years.

On the other hand, we’re at the brink of a nuclear war with North Korea, and all our President seems to care about is NFL players peacefully protesting the National Anthem. Trump took shots at Colin Kaepernick during a campaign for Luther Strange which enraged current and past NFL players. He also announced on Twitter that the Golden State Warriors were uninvited to the White House because Stephen Curry was “hesitating”, after clearly stating he had no interest in attending anyway.

Who’s in charge of prioritizing Trump’s agendas? Apparently Donnie doesn’t have his priorities straight and he seems to be showing signs of mental illness.

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adidas Recruits “Icons of Tomorrow” to Front New Superstar Campaign

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The adidas Originals ’80 Superstar still figures prominently in the brand’s arsenal, and now the beloved classic is slotted to receive quite the face lift for FW17.

The accompanying campaign centers around authenticity, starring “icons of tomorrow” who are “using their creativity to motivate a better tomorrow.” They include activist Barbie Ferreira, artist and photographer Arvida Byström, musician and activist Kiran Gandhi, skateboarder Rachelle Vinburg, climate change activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and musician Khalif Diouf.

Paying homage to the shoe’s urban roots, the new Superstar will be rendered in a clean grey colorway with subtle tonal contrasts. Other improvements include a version reproduced in nubuck with an oiled-suede 3-stripes mark, placed atop the iconic Superstar capsule model. Other versions will have gold branding details along the ankle with a metallic gold sock liner.

For a shoe that played such a pivotal role in street culture, it’s fitting that it will be paired with other iconic influences, or should we say, superstars. Check out the campaign images above.

In other news, Damon Dash is selling his jaw-dropping sneaker collection on eBay.


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It’s Not Just LeBron James — SO MANY Sports Stars Are Making Donald Trump Look Like A Fool!

Not only are NBA and NFL stars using Saturday morning to make Donald Trump look like a complete idiot (and a white supremacist bigot), they’re using his very favorite method of communication to do it!!

So great!!

As we reported earlier this morning, The Donald drew a TON of controversy from dis-inviting the NBA’s Golden State Warriors from the White House after star Stephen Curry‘s anti-Trump comments.

Couple that with Trump’s bizarre and highly unacceptable comments about football last night in Alabama, too.

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But now, things are going a step further: the sports world is busting back!!! We are SO here for this!!!

Ch-ch-check out ALL these athletes who are absolutely DRAGGING Donald Trump over his outright bigotry and incredible pettiness (below)!!!

Mystery Artist Chemical X & An “Unnamed Supermodel” Unveil Ecstasy-Filled Artwork

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Mystery artist Chemical X has unveiled a new artwork, in collaboration with an unnamed supermodel and the artist Schoony.

Titled The Spirit Of Ecstasy, the piece cost over $1 million to produce and consists of 7,000 privately manufactured ecstasy pills, with a life-sized 3d printed figure as its centerpiece.

The artist has refused to confirm the identity of the model collaborator, only stating that she’s “a British model and actress.” However, as the Evening Standard pointed out, the figure looks remarkably similar to Cara Delevingne, even down to the model’s tattoos.

Shit! She's escaped!

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The work was made as part of Chemical X’s upcoming show, CX300, which will take place in a secret location in London later this month. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Loop, a festival drug-testing charity in the U.K.

In other design news, Kristen Liu-Wong launches a new solo exhibition on female strength.

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