On The Rise: A. Dash Drops “Preaching To The Choir”

Already one of New York’s premiere emerging lyricists, A. Dash looks to up the ante with his latest visual titled “Preaching To The Choir.” Lifted from his recently released album “Versatile Epiphany,” A. Dash lets off an onslaught of bar work reflecting society’s current state.

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How to switch on the light theme for Xbox One

Light theme is here for Xbox One, and it looks pretty slick!

If you’re a fan of light themes on Windows 10, we have some good news for you, a light theme is on the way for Xbox One too!

Currently available only on the Xbox Alpha ring, the light theme offers a far brighter take on the Xbox UI, adding a white background to menus, guides, and beyond. It’s easy to activate, and we’re going to tell you how to do it.

Owner Pistol Whipped, Bound With Extension Cord As Men Ransacked Edison Restaurant

EDISON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Police are searching for two men who stabbed and robbed a New Jersey restaurant owner at gunpoint in broad daylight.

“I was praying, don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me, don’t kill me,” Sunil Pendse told CBS2’s Marc Liverman.

A gun was pointed at his head and there was no one around to hear Pendse scream.

Pendse had been doing paperwork at Shezan — a restaurant and banquet hall on Oak Tree Road — on Tuesday afternoon. He heard a noise and walked to the front.

“As I walked here, the guy from here and hit me. One guy hit me with the bottom of the gun,” he said.

Pendse was knocked down — struck so hard that he briefly blacked out.

“I was lying here on the floor, and they said, ‘don’t move, I’ll kill you,” he said.

The damage was everywhere — broken glass, knocked over tables, and coins from the cash register were all over the floor.

Pendse said the men also asked him for a safe. He told him he didn’t have one, so they dragged him by the collar toward his office, and asked for more money.

“They kept hitting me here, back here,” he said, “A guy was punching me.”

As Pendse was being lead to his office he felt a sharp pain along his upper arm. One of the men had started to stab him over and over again.

“They kept asking me money, they kept stabbing me. I went just like this to defend myself,” he said.

Pendse said the men used an extension cord to lock him in his office while they searched the rest of the building for money. For nearly 10 minutes, he laid in silence and prayed the men would leave before he called 911.

Pendse spent Tuesday night in the hospital. In the end, the thieves got away with more than $1,500 in cash, his watch, and his wedding band, but spared him his life.

“Thank god I’m alive. That’s what I could say, because the way they were acting, behaving for the money, I could have got killed. I’m happy that I’m alive,” he said.

So far, police haven’t released any suspect descriptions.

Pendse said he plan on installing surveillance cameras at the restaurant and hopes to reopen for business on Wednesday.

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No Siree, Bob! The “Insidious: The Last Key” Trailer Is Here & SPOOKY AF

New Insidious: The Last Key Trailer

Here we go (AGAIN) with ANOTHER Insidious flick that will certainly scare your popcorn appetite away. This time, your favorite parapsychologist “Dr. Elise Rainier” (Lin Shaye) faces her most personal haunting by a very nasty (and petty) demonic force that’s been stalking her for three movies. Oh yes, it’s LIT.

Peep some Twitter hysteria over the spooky trailer on the flip.

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