Portuguese children to crowdfund European climate change case

Group from region hit by deadly forest fires to sue 47 countries alleging failure to tackle climate change threatens their right to life

Portuguese schoolchildren from the area struck by the country’s worst forest fires are seeking crowdfunding to sue 47 European countries, alleging that the states’ failure to tackle climate change threatens their right to life.

The children, from the Leiria region of central Portugal, where fires this summer killed more than 60 people and left hundreds injured, are being represented by British barristers who are experts in environmental and climate change law.

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(EMBARGOED 25.09) Valuing Difference – Equal Approach Shines the Light on SSE’s Return on Inclusion

Valuing Difference – Equal Approach Shines the Light on SSE’s Return on Inclusion

Equal Approach, a global specialist provider of leading edge programs to embed inclusion has carried out a ‘Return on Inclusion’ (ROI) exercise for SSE to calculate the financial value generated in its investment in inclusion and diversity initiatives over the three years from 2014-2017.
SSE has published its first ‘Valuing Difference’ report which details how they have worked with Equal Approach to measure their return on inclusion and how they are now refocusing their strategy to become a truly inclusive organisation.

The results of Equal Approach’s detailed analysis showed that for every £1 invested by SSE, there was a £4.52 ROI for gender diversity initiatives undertaken between 2014 and 2017. By refocusing its Inclusion and Diversity Strategy for 2017-2020, the results for future ROI show there is the potential to achieve £15 worth of value as the organisation becomes more focused on creating a truly inclusive workplace.

John Stewart, SSE’s Director of Human Resources, said:
“For SSE, an inclusive and diverse organisation is essential to our human capital strategy and meeting the looming skills gap expected to impact the energy industry in the early 2020s. Our future commercial success genuinely depends upon the actions we take now to attract, develop and retain a workforce that can provide the skills and talent we need.
“SSE’s Inclusion and Diversity Strategy for 2014-2017 centred on three core elements, ‘IN, ON, UP’: Encouraging women IN to the business; Supporting women to stay ON at SSE; and Helping women progress UP in the organisation. Equal Approach’s analysis shows these actions delivered significant financial value for SSE, but we are committed to going further to create a truly inclusive culture right across the organisation – one that celebrates difference in every sense.

“This means we need to move from focusing on actions linked to specific individual characteristics, like gender, to actually embedding real inclusion throughout the organisation. Our new Inclusion Strategy for 2017-2020 is an important next step for SSE – one that challenges us to focus on fewer, more important factors using an evidence-based approach that drives real change. We believe that this will ensure SSE grows from strength to strength to meet the challenges of the future.”

Dawn Milman-Hurst, CEO of Equal Approach, said:
“SSE now has a significant opportunity to embed the principles of inclusion and diversity throughout its business and create a truly inclusive culture over the next three years. Achievement of this offers substantial commercial benefits for the organisation, and would confirm SSE as an industry leader in this area that others aspire to emulate. I look forward to seeing SSE implement their new Inclusion Strategy and the business benefits gained as a result.”

SSE’s new Inclusion Strategy for 2017-2020 focuses on five key areas, building on the ‘IN, ON, UP’ elements of its strategy to date:

• IN: Candidate attraction and recruitment
• ON: Retention of talent and managing leavers to maintain positive brand exposure
• ON: Embedding inclusive values throughout the organisation
• ON: Mentoring, networks and partnerships and;
• UP: Progression, promotion and creating opportunities.

To make sure the organisation succeeds in the future; SSE is committed to long-term change and will nurture the principles of inclusion at every level of its operation.
View SSE’s ‘Valuing Difference’ report online: http://equalapproach.com/media/271285/sse-valuing-inclusion-…
SSE’s ‘Valuing Difference’ report is available to download https://we.tl/A0toZovUTb along with Equal Approach and SSE logos, and images of Dawn Milman-Hurst and John Stewart.



Equal Approach

Equal Approach is a global specialist provider of inclusive talent and is at the forefront of delivering leading edge programs to embed inclusion. Our work primarily focuses on measuring and embedding inclusion within organisations, and the attraction, recruitment, retention, recognition and promotion of diverse talent.
For more information, please visit: www.equalapproach.com
For more information on Equal Approach’s services, please visit: http://equalapproach.com/media/271288/equal-approach-inclusi…
For more information, please contact Ben Runcorn, Marketing Manager at Equal Approach: ben.runcorn@equalapproach.com, 07702 955 512.

Dawn Milman-Hurst, Chief Executive of Equal Approach
Dawn Milman-Hurst is the owner, founder and CEO of Equal Approach. 13 years ago Dawn left a well-respected career within HR, where she worked for a number of international organisations, to pursue her passion for diversity and inclusion, and her drive to create a level playing field for talent with difference. As a result, Dawn established Equal Approach in order to embed inclusion within organisations, remove barriers for diverse talent and specifically championing individuals with difference to maximise their potential.
Over the last two years Dawn has been working across three continents, with a number academics to develop a unique Return on Inclusion tool in order to evidence the financial impact of inclusion of an organisation’s performance by using a series of formulae, algorithms and data analysis. Since its launch in 2017, the Return on Inclusion tool has saved organisations significant amounts of money in identifying arbitrary inclusion programmes which had limited impact on performance and realigning their strategies ensuring they are getting maximum return on every £ invested.
To arrange comment or interview with Dawn, please contact Ben Runcorn, Marketing Manager at Equal Approach: ben.runcorn@equalapproach.com, 07702 955 512.

About SSE

SSE plc is one of the UK’s leading energy companies, involved in the generation, distribution and supply of electricity and in the extraction, storage, distribution and supply of gas. Its core purpose is to provide the energy people need in a reliable and sustainable way. It supplies energy to around 7.77 million energy customers throughout Great Britain and Ireland, is frequently ranked number one for customer service and is the UK’s leading generator of electricity from renewable sources. It became a Living Wage employer in September 2013 and was accredited with the Fair Tax Mark in October 2014. All images and written content is property of the listed RSS FEED if you would like more on this story and images please click the listed feed. http://www.responsesource.com/rssfeeds/feed.php?t=p&cat=Business

Holy Fuck — Donald Trump Just Flipped Off Live Television In An Interview About The National Anthem

This is so brazen, it’s actually fucking AMAZING.

Donald Trump was giving MSNBC an interview on live TV on Sunday afternoon when — in the middle of talking about how disappointed he was with the NFL for its players kneeling during the National Anthem — his stubby little middle finger popped up on screen.


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Here are the specifics: Trump was responding to a question about New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft; a large portion of Kraft’s Patriots team chose to kneel down for the National Anthem at their game Sunday, and Kraft released a statement in support of the players.

Trump — who has been very friendly with Kraft, and Kraft’s quarterback Tom Brady, in the past — responded to a question about Kraft’s anti-Trump statement with a one-finger salute so subtle (and yet so obvious!!!) that it FUCKING BOGGLES THE MIND THAT THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Watch it happen on video (below) right at about the 30-second mark of this video clip:


That’s so boldly, wildly absurd, it’s actually… kind of funny??

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But seriously, after all the bull shit stunts, outright bigotry, and unbelievable ignorance this President has showed off that should legitimately cause outrage, this is just… hilarious.

We’re through the looking glass.

How will we describe 2017 to future generations???

[Image via MSNBC.]

Police: Citi Bike Rider Seriously Injured In Collision With Uber Cab In Chelsea

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A cyclist was in serious condition Sunday afternoon after a collision with an Uber cab while riding a Citi Bike in Chelsea, authorities said.

The accident happened around 11:40 a.m. at Ninth Avenue and 21st Street.

Police said the Uber driver, a 23-year-old man, was headed south on Ninth Avenue while the cyclist was headed west on 21st Street. The cyclist, a 23-year-old man from Rochester, ran a red light and then ran into the Uber cab, police said.

The Uber cab driver remained at the scene, police said.

Citi Bike Rider Struck

A Citi Bike rider was struck and seriously injured in Chelsea on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017. (Credit: Jake Petersen)

The cyclist was taken to NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue and was reported in serious condition, according to the FDNY.

The NYPD Collision Investigation Squad was investigating.

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NFL players kneel for anthem in unprecedented defiance of Trump

NFL players staged an unprecedented wave of protest on Sunday, beginning at Wembley Stadium in London, as Donald Trump maintained his attack on players who kneel in protest of the national anthem.

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Stevie Wonder Shows Solidarity With NFL Stars, Takes A Knee In Concert To Protest Donald Trump!

So inspiring!!! Let’s make it a trend!!!

Stevie Wonder performed yesterday at the 2017 Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park, and in doing so he decided to take a stand — and a knee — to protest Donald Trump and the divisiveness our President has brought to this country!!!

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The legendary performer took to his knees in explicit response to Trump’s Friday night “sons of bitches” comment about NFL players who have been kneeling for the National Anthem… and in doing so, Wonder made a powerful statement of his own!!

Watch the moment happen on video (below):

Do you see this, Donald Trump?? Do you see what you’ve started with your bigotry and ignorance?! You’ve woken up a population of real Americans to prove just how much they love America — by peacefully and non-violently pointing out its flaws!!!

Good for Stevie Wonder and all the NFL players…. And Trump, you can fuck off and read the Constitution for once!

Of course, The Donald has continued to rant and rave about it like a baby.

Just in the last few hours, here’s what Trump has tweeted and retweeted these four things (below):

J. Cole Calls for NFL Boycott Over Colin Kaepernick Treatment

As football players around the NFL took a knee and locked arms during the National Anthem in protest, J. Cole called on his fans to boycott the NFL over the league’s seemingly concerted mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback who started the anthem protests and remains unsigned by any pro team.

“God bless every player that finds courage to kneel today. But the real power comes from you deciding to not watch,” J. Cole wrote in a series of tweets Sunday.

“Your eyes translate to advertising money for the League and [its] owners. Same ones who speak out against Trump today, are the same ones that denied a qualified man a job because he took a stand against injustice.”

The rapper added that the NFLPA should launch an third-party investigation to determine whether Kaepernick remains “unfairly” unsigned by any NFL team as “punishment for his stance” on racial inequality and police brutality.

“You and me have the power to deny them our attention ($$ to them) until they make a wrong situation right,” J. Cole wrote.

Earlier on Sunday, Donald Trump also suggested that NFL fans boycott the league as punishment for the #TakeAKnee demonstration. Trump similarly argued that fans boycotting games would force the NFL’s hand, in this case making players respect the anthem or face suspensions.

However, the rapper tweeted that through boycott, fans could institute real change.

“Some of us got grandparents that walked miles to work instead of riding bus, just to show the bus companies that they won’t tolerate racism,” J. Cole wrote.

“So when I think about it like that it’s very easy on Sunday to say, ‘Nope, I’m straight.’ This may be the biggest opportunity we have ever been presented to come together and show the world and ourselves our true economic power.”

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