Bridget Jones Actress Says Harvey Weinstein Fired Her Over Refusal To Screen Test In A Bikini

It looks like we’re far from the end of hearing stories of Harvey Weinstein‘s alleged sexual misconduct.

More like right at the start.

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On Friday morning, actress Jessica Hynes, whom you may know from Shaun Of The Dead, Doctor Who, or as the co-creator and star with Simon Pegg of the classic Britcom Spaced (but probably know from somewhere else — back to that in a min), shared her own Harvey tale on Twitter.

She tweeted (and later deleted) the story, which People was able to screen grab:


The saddest part of that story? Jessica did eventually work on a project somewhat related as it was distributed under the banner of MiramaxBridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason.

Thankfully it doesn’t seem like Harvey had anything directly to do with that one.

After her tweet, writer Jack Howard responded:

To which Jessica replied:

“I’m sure there are many more…”

We are too, sadly.

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Chance The Rapper, Snoop Dogg & Solange Celebrate 50 Years of the Levi’s Trucker Jacket

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Last night, Levi’s celebrated their 50th Anniversary of its Type III Trucker jacket at Levi’s Haus in LA. In honor of the iconic American garment, Levi’s partnered with 50 icons and influencers to design DIY style Trucker jackets. The project highlights the limitless expression and individuality that the timeless piece has become known for over the last half century. Each design was featured as part of an art instillation at the event paying homage to the jackets rich history and cultural importance.

Attending musicians, actors, and other media influencers including Diplo, Karlie Kloss, Virgil Abloh, and Chloe Bridges all designed custom jackets that were on display. Ranging from industry editors to designs by young brands like Feng Chen Wang and A-Cold-Wall*, other collaborators included K-pop stars like G-Dragon and Highsnobiety magazine cover star CL.

Those in attendance were also able to put their own design stamp on the jacket at Levi’s Tailor Shop Pop Up. The customization options including embroidery, chain-stitching, airbrushing, patches and pins from Pintrill.

Of course, what’s a celebration without music? Snoop Dogg was also in attendance kicking the night off with a full DJ set followed by live performances from both Chance the Rapper and Solange. Check out highlights from the 50th Anniversary event in the gallery above.

Now check out Levi’s and Google’s tech savvy denim jacket.

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Twitter Is Raging At Donald Trump Over His Pronunciation Of Puerto Rico!

This POTUS is such a puta. (#PutaPOTUS)

Twitter is on fire right now after what Donald Trump has done to Puerto Rico. And by that we mean what he’s done to “Puerto Rico.” The words themselves.

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What’s the problem?

Well, it may not sound awful to say Trump used an especially pronounced Spanish accent to say the name — until you actually hear what we’re talking about:


That is in no way an attempt to respect another people or their language. That’s mockery from the class-bully-in-chief.

It doesn’t help that this is in the context of a President delaying aid for hurricane victims and telling him they threw his budget “out of whack” — shortly after doing fine with hurricane relief on the mainland.

Video: San Juan Mayor Slams ‘Miscommunicator-In-Chief’ After ‘Insulting’ Visit To Puerto Rico

The news also broke today that FEMA had removed from its website the statistics that only 50% of Puerto Rico residents had potable water and just 5% had electricity. Not changed to the reported slight increases of 54% and 9.2% — just deleted so people couldn’t see it.

Trump does know that’s not how things get fixed, right?

See all the heated responses to Trump’s treatment of Puerto Rico and “Puerto Rico” (below):