Balenciaga Is Unifying Men’s & Women’s Collections on One Runway

Joining fellow Kering-owned brand Gucci, Balenciaga has today announced the unification of its men’s and women’s collections, meaning the fashion house will show both drops on one runway going forward. The transition will take effect for the FW18 season, to be presented at Paris Fashion Week in March.

In addition, Balenciaga will introduce men’s pre-collections beginning in January 2018.

While we mentioned Gucci, who is also under the Kering umbrella, other reputable labels have been showing their men’s and women’s ranges in unison in recent months and years, including Kenzo, Burberry and Calvin Klein.

In related news, Balenciaga just added laces to its ever-popular Speed Trainer.

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Chester Bennington’s Autopsy Report Released

An autopsy revealed that Chester Bennington had alcohol in his system at the time of his death. The report, first published by TMZ, said that the singer was not under the influence of drugs at the time of his death. 

The Linkin Park frontman died of suicide by hanging this past July. The new report, which is viewable as a PDF, contains a section by the police officer who found the singer’s body. A dresser in the room contained a prescription for generic Ambien with one pill broken in half; the section that says who the prescription was made out to was blacked out prior to publication. The officer also wrote that there was a glass of Corona less than half full, as well as an empty bottle of Stella Artois. Also present was a journal with a biography that was handwritten but not dated. There was no suicide note.

In the report, the coroner wrote, “autopsy findings are characteristic of suicidal hanging. There was a history of suicidal ideation.”

TMZ reports that Bennington’s wife, Talinda, had informed the authorities of the singer’s previous attempt at death by suicide, including one time in 2006 when he left the house with a gun after drinking heavily. Fingernails were found underneath his iPhone, and Talinda said this was a habit he had when he was anxious. She said he was recently in an outpatient treatment program and that to her knowledge he hadn’t taken antidepressants in a year.

Earlier this year, friends of Bennington told Rolling Stone that the singer had been struggling to maintain his sobriety over the past year. A month before his death, he told his friend, guitarist Ryan Shuck, that he had been sober for only six months. And when Shuck told him that he too was struggling, Bennington sent him text messages in support. “He was describing an hour-by-hour battle with addiction,” Shuck said. “When I look at it now, it’s horrifying. He was telling me, down to the detail, what he would do in the first hour he wanted to drink: ‘I basically just take it hour-by-hour every day.'”

At the time Shuck said he knew Bennington had been drinking at the time of his death. “We don’t know how much [he drank], but it doesn’t take much when you’re that advanced an alcoholic and an addict and you’re battling to the extent he described to me,” he said. “You don’t need much to lose your mind for a minute.”

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NYCHA Chair Grilled Over Lapse In Lead Paint Inspections

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York City Housing Authority Chair Shola Olatoye was on the hot seat Tuesday.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported Tuesday, Olatoye was grilled for hours by furious City Council members about the agency’s failure to inspect properly for lead paint in public housing.

For Sherron Paige, a Brooklyn mother who said her son got sick because her apartment was not inspected, the hearing was just too much. Paige broke down in tears at the hearing, while Olatoye publicly admitted that NYCHA did not perform required lead inspections from 2012 to 2016.

She also admitted she misled the feds by certifying the work was, in fact, done.

“At one point during the hearing, you took out a tissue and started crying,” Kramer said to Paige. “What brought you to tears? Why were you so upset?”

“Because Miss James said exactly everything that my child is facing – everything that he’s going through. Everything that she mentioned what my child is going through,” Paige said.

Paige sobbed as Public Advocate Letitia James described lead poisoning symptoms – symptoms she said her 4-year-old son, Kyan Dickerson, exhibits.

“Lead poisoning in young people can mean brain damage and low IQ scores, and reduced potential for learning; learning disorders,” James said.

Paige said that was exactly what happened to Kyan.

“I’m hurt. My child has a speech delay. My child can’t focus properly in school, OK?” she said. “They’re ready to put my child in special ed, because he can’t really communicate.”

Paige, who lives in the Red Hook Houses development, said the lead paint dangers were concealed from her by the city. The full extent of the problem was made public only recently when Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters issued a report that detailed NYCHA’s failings.

Paige is angry with Mayor Bill de Blasio, who initially downplayed NYCHA’s mistakes.

“It’s important to recognize as troubling as this story is, that when you dig in to the facts, thank God there is less here than appears,” de Blasio said on Nov. 20. “Thank God there has not been harm done to any child because of the mistakes that were made. I want to give you a context for that.”

Paige is also angry with Olatoye, and so were some City Council members.

Bronx Councilman Ritchie Torres (D-15th), himself a product of public housing, wanted to know why it took Olatoye so long to tell the public the agency was breaking the law on lead inspections and abatements.

Torres: “You went 15 to 16 months without telling the general public.”

Olatoye: “It was approximately a year on the HUD compliance piece, yes.”

Torres: “But regarding local law, you’ve known about local law non-compliance since April. So you’ve gone 15 months without telling the general public that your agency was out of compliance. Do you regret that?”

Olatoye: “Look as I’ve said, in hindsight, our communication could have been better.”

The councilman also questioned the notifications that were sent to residents, which initially did not say the inspections had not taken place.

Torres: “I know you sent them a letter — specifically stating that NYCHA was out of compliance?”

Olatoye: “You know what we did say was that we needed to conduct an inspection…”

Torres: “Which is quite different from saying that you were out of compliance.”

Olatoye: “And in hindsight, our communication could have been more precise.”

The chairwoman said repeatedly there was no intent to mislead.

When asked when she told Mayor de Blasio, she said she informed city attorneys but did not know when they told the mayor.

Torres went on to ask Olatoye about paperwork she submitted to the federal government, falsely claiming the agency had checked 55,000 apartments for lead.

Torres: “I’m asking you: When did you find out about the false certifications? And I’m not getting a clear answer from you.”

Olatoye: “As part of the ongoing investigation by the southern district, we began to uncover the compliance gaps. And that information became clearer to me in 2017.”

Torres: “When in 2017?”

Olatoye: “I don’t recall a specific date.”

Torres: “So you do not recall when in 2017 you discovered that your agency was falsely certifying lead-safety inspections?”

Olatoye: “I don’t recall a specific date. I do not.”

Torres: “I just, I find that incredible.”

The councilman also wondered if thousands of inspections done by untrained workers will have to be redone.

At one point, a member of the audience stood up and shouted, “You’re killing our kids!” Another interrupted, saying “Great job covering for the mayor!” Both were escorted out.

As for Paige, she said she was not satisfied with Olatoye’s testimony.

“She’s not answering the questions,” Paige said. ”They just inspected my apartment after everything hit the fan. There was no lead inspection in my apartment since I’ve been in that apartment, and my son is 4 years old.”

The first time NYCHA publicly acknowledged the problem was last July, when it amended its false filing with the federal government. It was about the same time Paige’s son tested positive for lead poisoning.

She is filing a lawsuit against the city.

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Three charged in Malta with murder of Panama Papers journalist

Suspects, including two brothers, pleaded not guilty to charges at hearing following death of Daphne Caruana Galizia

Three Maltese men have been charged for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the investigative journalist who was killed by a car bomb last month.

The three suspects include two brothers, George and Alfred Degiorgio, and Vincent Muscat. The suspects were also charged with criminal use of explosives, being involved in organised crime, and criminal conspiracy.

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Banned From Winter Olympics, Russia Faces Greatest Sports Crisis Since Soviet Era – New York Times

New York Times
Banned From Winter Olympics, Russia Faces Greatest Sports Crisis Since Soviet Era
New York Times
MOSCOW — Russia, which has long burnished athletic prowess as a symbol of its great-power status, faced its largest international sporting crisis since the Soviet era on Tuesday when the International Olympic Committee banned the country from
While giving Russia a path to move past doping scandal, IOC must not be too lenientUSA TODAY
Let's not congratulate an IOC that awarded Russia an Olympics in the first placeWashington Post
Olympic ban for Russia's World Cup organizing
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Apple Says iOS 11 is Now Installed on 59% of Devices

iOS 11 is now installed on 59 percent of iOS devices, according to new statistics Apple shared this week on its App Store support page for developers.

That’s up from 52 percent on November 6, indicating iOS 11 adoption has grown just 7 percentage points over the course of the last month.

33 percent of iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices continues to run iOS 10, while 8 percent of devices run a version of iOS earlier than iOS 10.

iOS 11 adoption has been slower than iOS 10 adoption. Based on Apple’s official App Store numbers, for example, iOS 10 was installed on 54 percent of devices in October, a month after the operating system had been released. Comparatively, iOS 11 was only at 52 percent in November, a month and a half after launch.

Apple has already released several updates for iOS 11, but that doesn’t seem to have improved installation rates, especially as many of those updates have been made available to address major bugs found in the operating system.

Over the weekend, Apple released iOS 11.2, the second major update to iOS 11. iOS 11.2 introduced Apple Pay Cash in the United States, but the update was released early to fix a date bug that was causing crashes on December 2. As a result, Apple Pay Cash was not initially available and wasn’t provided to customers until yesterday.

With Apple Pay Cash now available, though, customers who have been reluctant to upgrade may install the iOS 11.2 update to access the new feature, so it’s possible we’ll start seeing improved installation rates in Apple’s next App Store support page update.

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Aukey’s $15 USB Outlet can charge six devices at once

No more power struggles over who gets to charge first.

Amazon has the Aukey USB Outlet on sale for just $14.99 when you enter promo code AUKEYX06 at checkout to save $5. This is this product’s lowest price since its release in late September.

Aukey’s USB Outlet features two USB ports and four AC outlets, allowing you to triple your standard wall outlet’s charging capability. It’ll charge two USB devices at once with a total output of 2.1A. It features a night light which turns on automatically when it detects low light levels, though you can choose to turn it on and off as you’d like. There’s also a built-in phone stand to hold your device while its charging.

This outlet comes with a 24-month product replacement warranty card and a 45-day money back guarantee.

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