Intel responds to reports of processor security flaw, says other manufacturers are affected

Intel has now responded to recent reports of a security flaw in its processors, countering the notion that the issue is Intel-specific and claiming that performance impacts from potential fixes “should not be significant” for the average user.

Initial reports suggested that the security flaw, which reportedly would allow attackers to access sensitive information such as passwords and files cached on a disk, affects Intel processors released over the past 10 years. However, in its response, Intel says that the issue isn’t unique to Intel products, and the company is working with other vendors on a solution. From Intel:

Intel is committed to product and customer security and is working closely with many other technology companies, including AMD, ARM Holdings and several operating system vendors, to develop an industry-wide approach to resolve this issue promptly and constructively.

Intel also used its response to push back on the idea that forthcoming fixes will have a “significant” impact on performance.

Contrary to some reports, any performance impacts are workload-dependent, and, for the average computer user, should not be significant and will be mitigated over time.

California’s Legal Seed-to-Sale Tracking System Delayed

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Along with legalization of recreational marijuana, California’s legal seed-to-sale tracking system had its launch. However, marijuana businesses that have temporary licenses do not have the requirement to use the tracking system. The state’s Department of Food & Agriculture’s proposed medical regulations states that anyone with a license to cultivate must start using the system within 15 days of receiving their license. Legalization has taken off with a number of hiccups. And the mandatory use of the tracking system may not happen until much later in the year.

Tracking & Tracing California’s Cannabis

California's Legal Seed-to-Sale Tracking System Delayed

According to the California Department of Public Health’s regulations, track and trace programs will “track the movement of cannabis and cannabis products through the distribution chain established by the Department of Food and Agriculture in accordance with section 26067 of the Act.”

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) requires all annually licensed cultivators and distributors of cannabis to use a seed-to-sale tracking program. Franwell Inc. is the contract service provider for the Metrc California Cannabis Track-and-Trace system (CCTT). All annual licensees will likely use it.

According to the CDFA’s FAQ page, user training is required during the reviewing/processing of an annual license application. It states that “the CCTT-Metrc Account Manager New Business System Training will be provided via live, interactive facilitated webinars [and] via pre-recorded webinars.”

The CDFA’s emergency regulations took effect on Tuesday and they state that:

“Each applicant shall register for track-and-trace system training…within ten (10) business days of receiving notice from the department that their application for licensure…is complete”.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that authorities will compel them to use the system after completing the above steps. Many rules went into effect at the turn of the new year.

California’s Seed-to-Sale Tracking Delayed?

The CDFA’s proposed medical regulations state that growers must implement California’s legal seed-to-sale tracking systems 15 days after receiving a cultivation license. Fortunately, it seems that growers will have more than just two weeks into January before they must use it.

California’s legal seed-to-sale tracking system has seen delays because of the fact that no one has an annual license yet. So far, the state has only granted temporary ones. Temporary licensees do not need to abide by the same regulations that a business with an annual license would.

According to the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s list of regulations, “a license operating under a temporary license issued pursuant to section 5001 is not required to record commercial cannabis activity in the track and trace system as otherwise required by this article.”

Instead, temporary licensees will employ more old-school forms of tracking of their inventory and transactions.

“Temporary licenses shall track and record all cannabis commercial activities and information required pursuant to this division and any other provision of law, at a minimum, on paper receipts, invoices, or manifests.”

Final Hit: California’s Legal Seed-to-Sale Tracking System

It appears that the state won’t implement California’s legal seed-to-sale tracking system as soon as we thought. The state has only given out temporary licenses for cultivation and distribution so far. Temporary licensees don’t have a requirement to use seed-to-sale tracking and will not have access to the system. The state will not accept annual licenses yet but applicants can begin filling them out in the meantime.

Seed-to-sale tracking systems come with their own set of pros and cons. Large quantities of cannabis have managed to make it from licensed cannabis processor’s to the streets without being detected by a legal state’s seed-to-sale tracking system. Tracking and tracing systems provide transparency with lab testing. But things can sometimes slip through the cracks. Tracking each and every plant from seed to sale will likely slow production of legal cannabis down and decrease supplies. Not to mention, the costs of complying with security and tracking regulations will cost growers and retailers more money. This, in turn, will likely drive prices up for consumers.

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Apple’s $29 Battery Replacement Program Could Lead to 16M Fewer iPhones Sold in 2018

Apple’s decision to offer $29 battery replacements to customers with older iPhones could cause iPhone sales to drop in 2018, according to Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz (via CNBC).

Customers opting for a battery replacement instead of upgrading an iPhone could be a “mild headwind” for iPhone unit sales, potentially resulting in millions of fewer iPhone purchases during the year. Moskowitz believes up to 77 percent of iPhone users are eligible to upgrade their batteries.

In our base case scenario, 10% of those 519M users take the $29 offer, and around 30% of them decide not to buy a new iPhone this year. This means around 16M iPhone sales could be at risk, creating ~4% downside to our current revenue estimate for C2018.

It remains to be seen if and how the battery replacement program will impact sales in practice despite analyst predictions, as there are other considerations that drive upgrades, such as new features.

Apple began offering reduced-cost battery replacements following backlash from an admission that it slows down some older iPhone models with degraded batteries to prevent them from shutting down unexpectedly.

The power management issue impacts the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus, but only in situations where battery health has declined. Affected iPhones see throttling during times of peak power usage, such as when running a benchmark.

iPhones that are running slower can be restored to their original condition with a fresh battery, which is why Apple has decided to offer $29 replacements from now until the end of 2018.

While Apple implemented power management features in older iPhones in an attempt to extend their lives as long as possible, some people have claimed that Apple is intentionally slowing devices to push its customers to upgrade, which the company says is not true. From Apple:

First and foremost, we have never — and would never — do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product, or degrade the user experience to drive customer upgrades. Our goal has always been to create products that our customers love, and making iPhones last as long as possible is an important part of that.

Though Apple may not have been aiming to get customers to upgrade their devices by implementing power management features, it’s an inevitable side effect, hence why the battery program could cut into sales somewhat. Apple is currently facing several lawsuits from customers who claim they upgraded after experiencing slower speeds on their older iPhones.

Apple plans to offer $29 battery replacements throughout the year, and according to internal documentation, all customers who ask for a battery replacement for an affected iPhone will receive one, regardless of battery health.
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Terry Richardson Is Officially Under Investigation for Sexual Assault

Famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson, who has been accused on numerous occasions of sexual harassment, is being investigated by NYPD’s Special Victims Squad, after yet another model claimed he sexually assaulted her during a photoshoot, reports New York Daily News.

The news comes two months after a number of elite fashion magazines banned Richardson over the bevy of accusations made over the years. Multiple women who have been sexually harassed by Richardson have been contacted by NYPD investigators in recent days requesting sit-down meetings. The women claim that Richardson used his fame and influence, enticing them to photo shoots before sexually assaulting them, from exposing himself to forcing them to perform sexual acts.

“I was afraid and confused and hoping to get it over with. I left there feeling like human garbage,” former model Lindsay Jones tells the NY Daily News. “He thought I was disposable.”

In addition to the models behind the accusations, the NYPD has reached out to the advocacy group Model Alliance for more assistance with the ongoing investigation.

For a further look and additional details, be sure to read the full story at the New York Daily News.

Now, read our exclusive opinion on why the fashion industry is hypocritical for dropping Terry Richardson. If you have been sexually assaulted, there are resources to help you. Donate to Rape Crisis here (UK) or RAINN here (U.S.).

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This Mercedes O 319 restomod camper van shames your VW Microbus

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The view out the sleeping area in the back is awesome.

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A Student Stabs Herself in the Eye in Disturbing ‘Slender Man’ Trailer

Sony Pictures has this week shared the first trailer for its upcoming horror feature, Slender Man. The picture is loosely based around a pair of incidents that occurred back in 2014 when two young girls stabbed one of their friends in a Wisconsin forest, and one unrelated 13-year-old in Ohio then attacked her mother with a knife.

Per the movie’s plot description, “Following recent disappearances, a group of girls venture into the cause of these incidents.”

Slender Man stars Javier Botet as Slender Man, alongside Jaz Sinclair, Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, and Annalise Basso, as Sylvain White directs.

You can look forward to the film landing in theaters May 18.

Press play above for your first taste.

For more, be sure to watch the trailer for Netflix’s new psychotic comedy, ‘The End of the F**cking World.’

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Can Caffeine Levels in Blood Predict Parkinson’s?

Japanese researchers found that low levels of caffeine were more common in people with Parkinson’s disease than in those without the disorder, even if they had consumed the same amount of caffeine.

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The Ultimate Guide to Bulletproof Your New Year’s Resolution

Woman Doing Battle Ropes at the Gym

Peathegee Inc / Getty Images

It’s 2018! A new year. A new beginning. So how do you make sure to kick butt this time around? You need apply only one rule to your most important resolution—give it 100%.

The best business advice my business (and life) mentor gave me was, “99% is hard, 100% is easy”. Too often we are 99 percenting it. We delay a CrossFit Level 1 or 2 certification because our schedules are too tight. We have an idea to start a supplement business or enter a fitness competition but don’t begin because “the timing isn’t right”.

What we really mean is we’re just not at 100%. 

Here’s how to apply the 100% rule to your life, stat.

1. Know What You Want

The first rule of getting what you want is knowing what you want. Priorities exist to give us clarity. They force us to contemplate the specifics of what it is that we want to be, do, or have. What do you most want to achieve this year? This is what will receive your 100%.

2. Make It Achievable, But Not Easy

In coaching we call the best goals “stretch goals”—possible but with some stretch. We always want to push forward. It’s how we grow and feel happy. Is your 100% goal a stretch enough? Be honest. Make sure it’s something that, when you’re working toward it, you feel tested, inspired, and proud.

3. Act

Part 3 is most important. Nothing, nothing, nothing changes without action.

Remember: All the best goals are deadline-driven. We need the why and the what, but also the when. If your goal is ongoing (for example, to take 10 minutes daily for meditation), then it’s simply a daily commitment. But give yourself no choice but to do it and you can tick it off your mental list every morning with satisfaction.

4. Make It Easy to Stay On Track

There are such great resources available to keep you focused. My favorite go-to’s include reading How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell, listening to the “Being Boss” podcast when I’m on the go, and using the Evernote app to stay organized and on top of my to-do list. 

The sole reason I published my first book this year was that I heard this advice. It was two years in the making and then published within two months. There were no more decisions to make over when to sit down and write. It was type or die.

The right mindset and tools support you to make success much easier. But you just have to decide to commit to it 100%.


See the next page to find out how to bulletproof your goals.

The above chart is adopted from Life Incorporated. Re-create and expand it in your journal as you see fit.

Make Your Resolution Bulletproof

So how do you put that plan into action—and track your progress? Halley Bock, author of Life, Incorporated: A Practical Guide to Wholehearted Living, has a blueprint to help you succeed at whatever you commit to 100%. Her book has tons of actionable exercises to help you work out everything from what you should do for work, play, and self-development; who are you doing things for; how to make a daily plan; and how to positively utilize help from your community for your and others’ benefit. Here are Bock’s top tips to follow through on your resolutions.

Follow Your Passion

“First, figure out what you’re passionate about,” she says. What have you been most obsessed with over the years? Put your energy there.

See Roadblocks Ahead

To plot out an action plan, Bock explains, you need to consider obstacles you’ll encounter and what’s going to get in your way. “If you’ve tried to reach this goal before but weren’t successful, take time to pinpoint what got in the way. Was it self-sabotaging? Do you lack the necessary skills? Did you lose the passion?” By asking those questions when taking inventory for your plan you can anticipate or sidestep these obstacles.

Vision Board Bliss

Bock encourages you to maintain an area of your office with inspired images that mirror what you want. “But a vision without a plan is fantasy,” Bock warns—which is why the planner at right is key. Use her tips and worksheet to pull off your goals and change your life for the better.

  1. Start with the big picture, beginning with a vision of yourself that’s as grand as you can imagine.
  2. Break goals into annual increments with major milestones, then work backward from there into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and then daily goals.
  3. Some life coaches and therapists advise that you publicize your goals so you’re accountable to someone. But don’t blast out your goals. “When you do that, you trick your brain into thinking you’ve already achieved it; your brain starts to sense that you’ve gotten what you want, and motivation starts to slip.” She adds: “Setting resolutions and life goals is an intimate process. If you give in to the tendency to tell everyone about them, you are dispersing energy rather than concentrating that energy on your goals. Tell only a few of your most trusted friends and family for accountability and support, rather than the whole world.”
  4. Lastly, don’t be hard on yourself if and when things come up that set you back a few weeks. You can always rework monthly/quarterly goals.


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