Top 20 Battle Rappers of 2017

Since the early 2000’s, a whole sub-culture of emceeing has made its way into the hearts of Hip-Hoppers that value raw lyricism over pop rhyming.  People around the world have taken to YouTube (and before then SMACK DVDs, Lionz Den or MTV2’s Fight Klub) with excitement, to catch their favorite stars spar in this the underground battle rap world.  Street emcees have found their niche and the culture has since not only developed into a premier genre of music, but as its own industry.

Many attribute this business model to SMACK/URL, but quite honestly leagues from all over have turned lyrical combat into serious money… building up their own celebrities for fans to follow.

The Source is always in the midst of cultural revolutions and with the help of the battle rap community (league owners, bloggers, artists & fans), we’ve curated a list of the Top 20 Battle Rappers of 2017.


The list is as followed:

1.  TayRoc  (Hollow Da Don at URL: SM6, Chess at URL: NOME 7 & Charron at UDUBB: High Stakes 2)

2.     T-Top

3.     Brizz Rawsteen

4.     JC

5.     Nu Jersey Twerk

6.     O-Red

7.     DNA

8.     Rum Nitty

9.     Cortez

10.  B-Dot

11.  Loso

12.  Iron Solomon

13.  Ave

14.  Geechie Gotti

15.  Chef Trez

16.  Goodz

17.  Shotgun Suge

18.  Ill Will

19.  Arsonal

20.  Mike P

What does this list show?

Pioneers of the genre such as : O-Red, Cortez, Iron Solomon, Goodz and Arsonal have shown they can still compete against the new and emerging talent of battle rap’s next generation.

Vets such as Tay Roc, Shotgun Suge and DNA continue to prove why they command respect in every battle.

The new class of battlers are not all from New York, which has traditionally been the Mecca of the genre.

Honorable mentions include K-Shine, Dizaster, Jimz and Charlie Clips.

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