Brentwood Hoops Coach Up For Junior Coach Of The Year Honors

BRENTWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A big honor is coming this week for a local basketball coach. The New York Knicks are about to name a junior coach of the year.

One of the five in the running is a janitor from a community on Long Island that’s been in the national spotlight for the wrong reasons.

By day, John Rueb works to clean up Brentwood schools, but after hours the head custodian focuses on making the kids shine on the hardwood.

From tiny dribblers to high school hoops stars, he’s changing young lives. Rueb coaches boys and girls, volunteering his down time to raise up at-risk kids and teach life lessons.

“Acceptance, looking out for each other, especially in this community with all of the gang violence that’s going on,” he said.

It’s not all bout wins for Rueb. Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas were among his star players. They lost their lives to gang violence.

“It was very emotional because it sort of gives you a dose of reality that you can’t save everybody,” he said.

Even more reason now to try and change the game for others.

Rueb coaches travel teams and his very own Brentwood Development League which includes children with disabilities, to give them a shot at the lessons of sport.

Now, the 51-year-old is in the running for Junior Knicks Coach of The Year. The winner will be announced at Wednesday’s Knicks game.

Rueb said more important than winning on the court, is winning in life.

“I want to be the person I needed when I was younger,” he said, “If you’re in the gym two hours a night, you’re going to school doing homework, eating dinner, you don’t have time to be doing bad things.”

Having gotten mixed up in drugs and alcohol himself as a teen, Rueb rebounded and now teaches his kids to play it straight. It’s not whether you win or lose, he said, but whether you win or learn.

The other contenders are from Queens, Westchester, Staten Island, and New Jersey.

The winner will go on to the Junior NBA Coach competition and become eligible for a grant for their basketball organization.


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Blake Lively Looks Toned and Strong After Losing 61 Pounds

Blake Lively
Gisela Schober / Contributor / Getty

Actress Blake Lively has been putting in the work to transform her physique post-baby. 

The star recently revealed she gained 61 pounds while pregnant with daughter Ines.

Shortly after giving birth, she started training with celebrity trainer Don Saladino to help drop the extra weight—and she couldn’t be happier with the results.

“Turns out you can’t lose the 61 lbs you gained during pregnancy by just scrolling through instragram and wondering why you don’t look like all the bikini models. Thanks @donsaladino for kickin my A double S into shape. 10 months to gain, 14 months to lose. Feeling very proud,” she captioned the above photo. 

Saladino has also worked with Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, to whip him into superhero shape for Deadpool and Deadpool 2.

In addition to her 16-month-old, Lively is also mother to 3-year-old James, whom she gave birth to a mere 10 months before shooting surfer flick The Shallows

Troubled waters? DGAF. #TheShallows

A post shared by The Shallows (@shallowsmovie) on

Consider this your #Mondaymotivation. 


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Case Studyo & Pointdextr Make Playful Wooden “House Gods” Sculptures

Visit the original post to see all 5 images from this gallery.

After teaming up with Parra on his “Give Up” tomato piece, Case Studyo, known for producing characterful art and lifestyle products from a range of contemporary creators has now tapped Belgian artist Pointdextr on a series of handmade wooden sculptures.

Dubbed “House Gods,” this edition consists of four household deities — “The Friend,” “The Guardian,” “The Magician” and “The Guide.” With each comprised of solid beech and walnut wood, the pieces possesses its own unique appeal and serves a specific role within the household, as the house gods offer a moment of reflection and meditation in your everyday routine.

Whether you intend to create a domestic shrine or essentially add it as a cool home decor, the pieces exude a clean and playful vibe that will complement any modern home. Although currently sold out online, expect to see a restock in the very near future.

In other design news, this is the Arctic Circle’s first-ever energy positive hotel.

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Is it Possible to Trick a Drug-Sniffing Dog?

The post Is it Possible to Trick a Drug-Sniffing Dog? appeared first on High Times.

Is it possible to trick a drug-sniffing dog? Enthusiastic members of high society have, for decades, told toker tales about how they avoided getting narced out by a K-9 unit during a roadside shakedown. Some have argued that these stories are only urban legends, while others swear that they know a guy who has a cousin whose best friend once smoked weed with an old man that actually did trick the high-powered sniffer of a canine cop.

The stories circulating the scene often suggest the scent of marijuana was masked with a more pungent substance. Other accounts imply that the secret to fooling law enforcement hounds is all in the packaging. But there is too much at stake to leave pot smuggling to chance.

Although marijuana is now legal in over half the nation, there are still plenty of cowboy cops out there ready to nail your balls to the wall for even thinking about transporting weed into their God-fearing community.

Therefore, it is crucial that we get to the bottom of the science behind drug-sniffing dogs once and for all.

Dogs Are King Sniffers and Narcs

There is a reason that law enforcement agencies all over the world use dogs to bust people for drugs. These animals are equipped with olfactory nerves vastly superior to humans. But these beats do have some limitations. Dogs cannot smell through material. The problem is that most material has microscopic pores, which allows odors to permeate.

So, if marijuana is stashed inside plastic or even glass, the aroma will eventually make its way to the outside of the container. This is called an “odor cone.” The longer marijuana is kept there, the more likely it is that a drug-sniffing dog is going to pick up on the scent.

But dogs have a unique talent in the way they smell. Man’s best friend uses its nose much differently than humans—picking up on individual odors rather than just one. For example, if there is a pot of chili on the stove, humans smell chili. But a dog can identify beans, meat, tomato sauce, peppers, and various seasonings. That’s right—dogs smell every ingredient separately.

Let’s say marijuana is wrapped in plastic, stuffed in a glass container, spayed with a strong perfume and then stashed inside a gas tank. The odor of the weed will make its way out. And if that happens before a police officer decides to sic a K-9 on your vehicle, you’re royally screwed.

It is impossible to mask the scent of marijuana from a drug-sniffing dog. This is what gets a lot of inexperienced drug smugglers pinched early in the game. Forget about it. You cannot fool a dog’s super sensitive sniffer. Don’t even try.

The Science of Permeation Could Trick a Drug Dog

Is it Possible to Trick a Drug-Sniffing Dog?

While the chances of tricking a drug-sniffing dog are slim, there is some science that might help reduce the risk of detection. Odors permeate through the tiny pores that exist in most materials. But some materials are more non-porous than others. If a smuggler can get his or her hands on a lead box that seals tightly, allowing no odors to escape, this might be the best chance at fooling a drug dog.

But the problem with using a lead container, aside from the obvious weight issue, is the police officer guiding the K-9 around the vehicle might get suspicious. Because why would anyone ride around with a lead box in tow if they didn’t have something to hide? It wouldn’t take long for the cop to get a search warrant and discover your X-ray vision proof pot stash soon after. This is not the way to go.

Colder temperatures slow down the permeation rate. Therefore, freezing a weed shipment in ice before transporting it might be a solid method for tricking a drug dog. But depending on the size of the shipment, this, too, may arouse suspicion in an officer. It is important to understand that ice will only slow down the permeation process. It will not stop it. Cold weed will only buy the smuggler time over short distances.

Drug-Sniffing Dog Knows When Marijuana Is Handled Bare Handed

How marijuana is handled prior to packaging is also a crucial element that cannot be ignored. Weed contains microscopic dust particles that have a way of lingering on a person’s hands. This pot dust can be transferred to whatever is touched following packaging. Cars doors, steering wheels and personal clothing can all be tainted by weed particles.

So regardless of how odor proof the marijuana shipment might be, a K-9 could still alert. Many smugglers use Latex or Nitrile gloves when handling marijuana in areas of prohibition. They also may send someone out to have the car cleaned, inside and out.

How Have People Tried To Trick Drug-Sniffing Dogs?

Is it Possible to Trick a Drug-Sniffing Dog?

We have established that it is impossible to trick a drug-sniffing dog, but that doesn’t mean one can’t confuse it and his handler. There are a number of measures that smugglers have taken to decrease the chances of getting popped by a pesky narco-mutt. Drug dogs may have con-proof sniffers, but they are also predatorial creatures. This means any sign of another animal in the immediate vicinity is going to drive the pooch wild.

Some people traveling with weed have sprayed the vehicle’s tires with synthetic deer scent (urine) or have traveled with a pet to create this confusion. These methods could deter a K-9 from his mission to find weed.

Even if the officer removes the “family pet” from the vehicle, the dog may still be too wound up about protecting its territory to focus on his job—putting you in jail.

Final Hit: Is it Possible to Trick a Drug-Sniffing Dog?

It is possible to trick a drug-sniffing dog, but it is not likely. Most smugglers simply take precautions to ensure that they never get pulled over in the first place. They avoid using a vehicle branded with Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd stickers.

Some reports have even suggested that Fraternal Order of Police or DARE window decals are enough to get cops sniffing around for weed.

People traveling with marijuana just try not to stand out, obey traffic laws and make sure their driver’s license and plates have not expired. They are conscientious about making sure all exterior lights and turn signals are working properly. They obviously don’t smoke marijuana during the transport.

After all, the K-9 unit is only going to get called out if the officer has reason to suspect that drugs are in the vehicle.

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Public Officials In Town With Polygamous Sect Resign After Elections

One man’s resignation letter said it is against his faith to follow a woman or to work with “apostates.” A woman had been elected mayor and church members had lost city council seats.

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Kylie Jenner Pulls Off The Russian Gangster Look In Second Public Appearance Post-Pregnancy!

Kylie Jenner is back in the public eye! (You knew it couldn’t last long, right?)

The makeup mogul made her second appearance in public since giving birth to baby Stormi at pal Heather Sanders‘ baby shower on Sunday.

The new momma rocked a very different kind of maternity wear — a red Adidas tracksuit with Cyrillic lettering on the lower back.

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The outfit, designed to commemorate the 2018 World Cup, was Russian gangster chic while still keeping Kylie’s post-pregnancy body under wraps.

See pics and vid of the KUWTK star back out in the world (below):

Kylie today❤️ 2/11/18A post shared by Kylie Jenner (@kyliesnapchat) on Feb 11, 2018 at 11:36pm PST

Kylie at Heather Sanders baby shower 2/11/18A post shared by Kylie Jenner (@kyliesnapchat) on Feb 12, 2018 at 9:35am PST

Kylie at Heather Sanders baby shower

Rocket video game may help schizophrenic patients control their condition

The researchers used the rocket to help patients visualize brain activity

An international team of researchers has used a “computerized rocket game” to help patients with schizophrenia visualize and reduce the level of activity in a region of the brain associated with auditory hallucinations. The condition is known to affect more than 21 million people across the globe.

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