Scott Baio SLAMS Abuse Allegations From ‘Hungry For Publicity’ Charles In Charge Costars!

Scott Baio isn’t going down without a fight!

As we reported, at a press conference with lawyer Lisa Bloom on Wednesday, Charles In Charge star Alexander Polinsky spoke out for the first time to accuse the Happy Days thespian of sexual harassment and abuse. He previously accused Baio of “regular verbal attacks,” “mental abuse,” and “physical assault.”

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Sitcom costar Nicole Eggert, who also claims Baio sexually abused her as a minor, stood by Polinsky’s side.

That same day, Baio spokesperson Brian Glicklich and lawyer Jennifer McGrath held their own press conference to deny all of the aforementioned allegations.

Though Baio was not present, his reps read the following statement from him:

“For reasons I don’t understand I am the victim of false claims that threaten everything precious in my life… Mostly, I’m stunned… I will not let this continue… I will use every ounce of strength I have to fight this.”

The reps then slam “hungry for publicity” Polinsky and Eggert for their “ever-changing stories.”

Reportedly, Eggert — who they say has a track record of making false claims — did a past interview where she said:

“I would love to work with him [Scott] again and am friends with his wife.”

The reps also call BS on Polinsky’s claims as they say no one on the Charles In Charge set ever reported any instances of abuse. Apparently, Polinsky even took a photo with his arm around Scott at his birthday party seven years ago.

Overall, they call the entire incident a “media witch hunt” and “not a dog-and-pony show.”

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Porsche Is Now 3D Printing Classic Car Parts

Porsche will now be using 3D printers to keep older cars running, eliminating the cost of tooling for a conventional production run, as well as storage costs for various vintage Porsche models like the brand’s first true supercar with the 959, reports Digital Trends.

While most car parts are either kept in stock or reproduced using original tooling, super rare cars such as the 1986 Porsche 959 require a different approach since only 292 were built. Now thanks to 3D printing, this new digital fabrication process allows Porsche to simply use a computer and quickly print a single example of parts such as a clutch release lever instead of producing an entire tooling mechanism to produce a small run of expensive components.

Porsche shared that it’s currently 3D printing eight other parts from either steel or plastic, while also testing whether 3D printing can be used to reproduce many more components. In addition, Mercedes-Benz and Ford have already been experimenting with 3D printing to reproduce hard-to-find parts as well.

For additional details, be sure to read the full story on Digital Trends.

Also, in case you missed it, Porsche is gearing up to rival Tesla with three Mission E cars arriving next year.

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Here’s How Your Online Orders Get Shipped to You Overnight

Ever wonder how that international Supreme order arrives at your door the next day? Chances are that’s probably the case only if your package isn’t on time. But when you stop and think, it’s pretty incredible that overnight shipping is even a thing.

Courtesy of Wendover Productions, here we get a detailed look at exactly how overnight shipping is accomplished.

Companies like Amazon have turned the next-day delivery option into a fairly common occurrence, but there of course is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

Furthermore, for example, FedEx’s Memphis location calls home to the second busiest cargo airport in the world, Popular Mechanics points out. Thanks to more than 30,000 employees, the company sends out roughly three million packages each day, with boxes arriving on 150 planes every night. After the items are sorted through, they are then rerouted and shipped in the early hours of the morning.

Once landing in a larger city, the packages are in turn transported onto smaller planes and then shipped off to smaller towns, generally arriving at the start of a normal workday.

For a more in-depth look on how overnight shipping works, press play above, then visit Popular Mechanics.

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More Like Sweeter Things!


Millie Bobby Brown slayed this Valentine’s Day like a demogorgon! She should change her Stranger Things character name to 14! LOLz!

Photo: MBB Just Confirmed Her Relationship With The Singer Last Month

Seriously, the rising star posted the most adorable pic with BF Jacob Sartorius (above), writing:

“Happy Valentine’s day J ❤️”

OMG, that look of young love! We had no idea Eleven had the power to make us weepy!

[Image via Twitter.]

Beewolves have been successfully using the same antibiotics for 68 million years

Scientists have now found that beewolves, unlike humans, do not face the problem of antibiotic resistant pathogens. These insects team up with symbiotic bacteria which produce up to 45 different antibiotic substances to protect their offspring against mold fungi. This antibiotic cocktail has remained surprisingly stable since the symbiosis emerged, about 68 million years ago.

Here’s How Kylie Jenner Is Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Kylie Jenner, will you be our valentine??

As we reported, ever since giving birth to daughter Stormi Webster on February 1, the Life of Kylie star has been slowly making her return to social media.

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On Wednesday, the 20-year-old celebrated the big day of love by posting the (above) selfie!

Travis Scott‘s boo is stylish in a black hoodie, black shorts, and black & white ankle boots.

Miz Jenner also posted the following pic on Snapchat of her festive nails:

On Sunday, the reality TV personality made her second post-baby public appearance at friend Heather Sandersbaby shower, where she wore a red Adidas tracksuit.

Get it, girl!

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram.]

How Many Ounces Are In A Pound?

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However you score your weed, knowing how to measure what you get is crucial. There’s nothing worse than buying too little, or too much. And if you’re looking into converting ounces and pounds, you’re probably interested in buying a lot. So let’s lay out the basics regarding the larger units of cannabis consumption. Exactly how many ounces are in a pound?

How Many Ounces Are In A Pound?

Let’s be honest, if you’re looking at picking up multiple ounces or even a pound of flower, it’s safe to assume people might suspect you’re buying for more people than yourself. Unless you’re committed to 24-hour smoking, it would be hard to keep a pound of weed fresh and potent long enough for a single human to get through.

But there are plenty of reasons for stocking up. The most practical one is cannabis cooking. If you’re planning on preparing edibles as your primary method of consumption, having a large volume of fresh weed on hand is a good thing. The same is true if you’re interested in any home-brewed concentrates.

Fortunately, the higher up the quantity scale you go, the easier the conversions become. Unlike converting grams to ounces, moving from ounces to pounds keeps you in the imperial system.

So how many ounces are in a pound? It’s simple: 1 pound equals 16 ounces. Easy.

1 Pound = 16 Ounces

How Many Ounces Are In A Pound?

If you like numbers, let’s play around with our answer a little bit. The timeless, basic unit of buying and selling cannabis is the “eighth.” Dispensaries and the concentrates phenomenon are changing that in important ways. But for the most part, you’re dealing in 8ths.

An “eighth” stands for an eighth of an ounce. One ounce equals eight eighths of an ounce. Take a hit and say that eight times fast!

So another way of asking: how many ounces are in a pound? How many eighths are in a pound?

If 8 8ths = 1 ounce, and 16 ounces = 1 pound, then 8 x 16 = 128 eighths in a pound. Yeah, that’s a lot of herb.

Why not go all the way? If an eighth ounce is equal (somewhat roughly) to 3.5 grams, there are 448 grams in a pound. Actually, a more accurate number is 3.5437 grams x 128, or 453.6 grams in a pound. Pretty wild how one small rounding down, compounded 128 times, makes you miss out on 5.6 grams of weed. That’s almost a quarter ounce!

Fortunately, buying in ounces and pounds means avoiding the metric to imperial conversion that requires rounding down in the first place. One pound is a full 16 ounces. Simple as that.

How To Accurately Weigh Large Amounts Of Weed

Now you know how to convert ounces to pounds of weed, and vice versa. You can even make the leap from grams to ounces if you need to. But can you put that knowledge into practice?

Weighing out ounces and pounds of weed requires a bit more know-how than just dropping a few buds into a tray on your scale. Without the proper technique, you’ll end up spilling weed everywhere.

In other words, accurately weighing larger quantities of weed is made easier with the best tools an equipment. Here are a few recommendations for weighing out ounces and pounds.

Should You Use A Scale To Figure Out How Many Ounces Are In A Pound?

How Many Ounces Are In A Pound?

The days of triple beam scales with calibration weight sets are more or less behind us. Now, digital scales are a dime a dozen. Picking out the best one for the situation is a matter of figuring out the resolution you need and the max capacity of the scale. If you’re measuring ounces and pounds, get a larger, sturdier digital scale.

Resolution refers to how accurate a scale can measure. Most pocket digital scales have a tenth of a gram accuracy (0.1g). That’s perfect for measuring out eighths, which are 3.5 grams, and other fractions of an ounce.

Everyone’s accuracy needs vary, but for most people 0.1 grams is plenty. But if your accuracy demands are a bit higher, you’re in luck. The larger scales needed for measuring ounces and pounds consistently tend to have better resolutions. Typically, one hundredth of a gram (0.01g).

It may seem counter-intuitive that measuring larger amounts of cannabis would benefit from measurements down to 0.01-gram accuracy. But here’s the important point. Those scales are capable of that kind of accuracy because their load cells are better quality.

Digital scales convert the force of weight into an electric signal. And the cheap pocket scales most people use are kitted with cheap load cells—the part that does the conversion. They work just fine with small amounts of cannabis. And sure, most can go up to a kilo (1000g). But with heavier weights, accuracy decreases.

Larger scales with higher resolution, by contrast, tend to have better load cells that keep their accuracy with heavier weights. That’s what makes them better for weighing larger quantities of cannabis.

Use A Large Container To Weight Large Quantities Of Weed

How Many Ounces Are In A Pound?

Additionally, larger scales have bigger platforms capable of holding many ounces or pounds of weed at once. And that leads to a second important tip. Use a container or bin with high sides, so that you can stack the weed vertically as you weigh it.

For one, that keeps the weed you’re trying to measure accurately directly above the scale, ensuring it registers. Second, cannabis flower is not very dense. A pound or two of fresh flower would easily fill a one-gallon container.

And that’s another reason why higher quality scales with better load cells are a must. It’s not just the weed you’re measuring, but the container itself, which can often weigh more than the weed you’re trying to measure.

So it’s critical to ensure you accurately and consistently “tare” your scale. Taring a scale means “zeroing” it out. Basically, the scale does the math for you, subtracting the weight of the container on top of it from the weed therein.

You can even take the container off the scale. You’ll notice the display reads a negative amount, with a “minus” sign in front of the weight, indicating how heavy your container is. If you don’t use a large sturdy container, get used to dumping your stash all over the table.

Can You Measure Weed By Eye?

If you’ve spent some time measuring weed, it’s natural that you’d have a sense of how much an ounce or pound of cannabis is by sight. But there are a few challenges awaiting anyone trying to measure ounces or pounds by eye.

In the first place, cannabis flowers can vary significantly by density. This means that an ounce of stocky dense indica buds could take up half the space of an ounce of wispy sativa. Additionally, the water content of strains can vary widely. So it’s best to avoid measuring large quantities of weed without some kind of scale.

Final Hit: How Many Ounces Are In A Pound?

Now you know how to convert ounces of weed to pounds and, importantly, to grams. That last conversion will be crucial for using a good digital scale to accurately measure your weed.

So just remember, a pound of cannabis is about 450 grams. An ounce, roughly 28 grams.

You might be able to measure quantities that high on your pocket digital scale. But the scale platform isn’t big enough for an accurate measurement. Get a good scale with a high-walled container, and you’ll be set!

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