Gucci Drops a $685 Luxe Padlock Quartz Watch

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With Gucci‘s accessory game on another level right now, and quite possibly getting inspiration from Supreme’s annual offerings, the elite Italian luxury brand now offers a Padlock mother-of-pearl and leather quartz watch, to further upgrade your timepiece swag.

While it’s more reasonable to invest in a classic rolie, this unique variation of blending a padlock and watch into one essentially evokes the brand’s lavish flair with playful appeal. Draped in the label’s signature colors with gold accents, the timepiece boasts a mother-of-pearl dial and sapphire crystal glass, with Swiss-made quartz movement, while a leather holder rounds out the package.

Whether you want to flex it on a belt or attempt to place it on your wrist with an additional accessory, you can be all Gucci with this timepiece for only $685 USD.

In more premier watch news, Ralph Lauren’s $35K Automotive Skeleton watch returns in stainless steel.

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Agents of Change Lays Out How Young Black Students Fought to Free Minds

This week the documentary, Agents of Change, dropped for a limited time on PBS (2/20, 2/21, 2/24 & 2/25) and chronicles the events at San Francisco State in 1968 and at Cornell University in April, 1969, where Black students demanded that the administrations of these places of higher learning give them freedom to be Black Inteligencia without compromise.

While watching this, one is reminded of when author Virginia Woolf wrote, “There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind” in her book, A Room of One’s Own.  Of course, her context is 1929 post-war Europe and she is looking through the lens of a feminist, young white woman, so she couldn’t possibly fathom what these students’ reality might be. But in theory she is “correct. ” The boundless horizon that your mind can traverse is infinite. While your mind is free, there are tools that can leave it in shackles. Black students in this documentary (and across this country) know this reality too well.

This is the crux of this film. Many Americans can boast immigrating to this land of “Milk and Honey” in pursuit of a better life, most Black and Brown people cannot. Their maafa experience (highlighted by enslavement and exploited labor) was forced, and it reduced the dignity of their transplantation to these shores. Black folk weren’t welcomed with the promise that this new world offered. They considered these people beasts upon arrival, thus their minds were of no value nor could it exercise freedom lest it hurt itself. They believed that the African — and other non-white people were unteachable and that their cultures were not substantive. The “theys” were wrong. Agents of Change as an educational tool displays what students did to show them that they were wrong.

Black students used their minds to demand the respect that equity yields.

The film shows how one of the reasons the movement had to be done by young people is because their parents clung to notions of assimilation as a device of survival. Blend in. Don’t cause trouble. Look at King. This un-tutoring of the Black psyche was necessary but with the urgency of the work at hand in San Francisco and at Cornell, the youth with their Shango Spirit of Emancipation had to move covertly and swiftly. Indeed, elders offered wisdom and history, but were so conditioned by the lash (literal and figurative) that they resigned to being intellectual second tier thinkers. History proves that our children passed on that juice and created a well throughout movement (coupled with slight force) to push for their seats at the table.

This excellently researched film explores how these thinkers recruited students to predominantly white colleges, specifically San Francisco State, and then nurtured students to be the best citizens in the space without neglecting their Black identities. They founded the Black Student Union organizations and worked with out people of color (Asians, Latinos, Indigenous) to found their own. These Black students (and the instructors that advised them) also pushed and developed a Black studies department.

At the BSU offices, they made connection with people that would become heroes many now read in history books or study in social studies… they are also in many ways your favorite rappers mentors: Sonia Sanchez, Amiri Baraka, Danny Glover and then a loose association with The Balk Panther party.  Producers of Agents of Change have rescued the term, Black Power.  It shows how layered the movement was: How socially and academic was two different things, two different methodology but all reaching the same goals.

These students’ goal was to create curriculum that spoke to them with dignity and with real historical accuracy about the African diaspora, Black faculty to teach this curriculum, benefits and increase Black student enrollment.

Agents of Change, as a tool, is needed in every school, in every city, in every state. The Civil Rights movement is often colored as Blacks only operation. Just as the thought that Black Power movement at San Francisco State was a violent activation, prompted by the Black Panther party. It was not. It was a joint movement with students and teachers. That myth was fueled by then governor Ronald Reagan who suggested that this protest was the countries own Vietnam. He fanned flames that he himself created. He took the college students and placed their prison, trying to shackle their minds.

The doc shows how students stepped up to make a change. Two years later, multiple after incarceration of students, after many nights of blood, sweat and tears, the protest ended and these students won what is considered the equivalent of Brown vs. The Board of Ed for the university level.  And schools in 2018 reap the benefit.

See what happens when minds fight to be free.

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Nike Is Releasing the Vapor Street Flyknit “Black” This Week

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Brand: Nike

Model: Vapor Street Flyknit

Key Features: Flyknit upper, enlarged Swoosh branding, heel pulls, tonal laces

Release Date: February 23

Price: Presumably $180 USD

Buy: Nike

Editor’s Notes: Following a release overseas, Nike is set to launch the Vapor Street Flyknit Stateside later this week.

The on-hand “Black” colorway welcomes breathable Flyknit construction and is highlighted by enlarged Swoosh branding alongside. Contrary to the Zoom VaporFly Elite running variant, the Vapor Street Flyknit is more of a lifestyle iteration, lacking the ZoomX cushioning found in the Breaking2 model.

Nonetheless, you can try for the sneaker through select Nike providers Friday, February 23.

For more Swoosh, here’s an official look at Supreme’s NBA logos Air Force 1.

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Excessive alcohol use strongly linked to early-onset dementia in massive study

The association between early-onset dementia and excessive alcohol consumption has been solidified in the new, large-scale ...

A large-scale observational study of over one million adults has confidently linked chronic heavy alcohol consumption with early-onset dementia. The strong association confirms several recent similar studies examining the damaging effects of alcohol on the brain.

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Category: Health & Wellbeing


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‘It’s Not Political, It’s A Human Issue:’ Students, Parents Affected By School Shootings Meet With Trump In ‘Listening Session’

WASHINGTON (CBSNewYork/AP) — Columbine. Newtown. And now, Parkland.

A grim fellowship of parents, teachers and students affected by school shootings over the past two decades sat down with President Donald Trump on Wednesday as the White House sought to show resolve against gun violence amid questions about the president’s commitment to action.

Watch Extended Coverage Of The Wednesday Session:


“I was born into a world where I never got to experience safety and peace,” Parkland shooting survivor Justin Gruber said. “There needs to be significant change in this country.”

A strong supporter of gun rights, Trump has nonetheless indicated in recent days that he is willing to consider ideas not in keeping with National Rifle Association orthodoxy, included age restrictions for buying assault-type weapons. The president is facing growing calls for action on gun control after the mass shooting that took 17 lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida.

“I was lucky enough to get my son home, but 17 families it’s… this is, it’s not left and right. It’s not political, it’s a human issue,” Justin’s father, Cary said to Trump. “People are dying.”

“All these school shootings, it doesn’t make sense,” one outraged father proclaimed. “It should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it, and I’m pissed. Because my daughter, I’m not going to see again. She’s not here, she’s not here. She’s at King David Cemetery. That’s where I go to see my kid, now.”

Television personality Geraldo Rivera had dinner with Trump at his private Palm Beach club over the weekend and described Trump as “deeply affected” by his visit Friday with Parkland survivors. In an email, Rivera said he and Trump discussed the idea of raising the minimum age to purchase assault-type weapons.

Trump “suggested strongly that he was going to act to strengthen background checks,” Rivera said.

MOREStudents Stage Walkouts At Florida Schools As Shooting Survivors Demand Action On Guns

The NRA did not respond to a request for comment. Trump embraced gun rights on his campaign, though he supported some gun control before he became a candidate, backing an assault weapons ban and a longer waiting period to purchase a gun in a 2000 book.

Throughout the day Wednesday, television news showed footage of student survivors of the violence marching on the Florida state Capitol, calling for tougher laws. The protests came closer to Trump, too, with hundreds of students from suburban Maryland attending a rally at the Capitol and then marching to the White House.

Daniel Gelillo, a senior at Richard Montgomery High who helped organize the protest, said students were hoping to pressure lawmakers to act. He said that “up ’til now nothing has quite fazed them.”

On Tuesday, Trump directed the Justice Department to move to ban devices like the rapid-fire bump stocks used in last year’s Las Vegas massacre. It was a small sign of movement on the gun violence issue that has long tied Washington in knots.

“We must do more to protect our children,” Trump said.

Asked at a press briefing Tuesday if Trump was open to reinstating a ban on assault-type weapons, spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said White House officials “haven’t closed the door on any front.” She also said that the idea of raising the age limit to buy an AR-15 was “on the table for us to discuss.”

rifle Its Not Political, Its A Human Issue: Students, Parents Affected By School Shootings Meet With Trump In Listening Session

Rock River Arms AR-15 rifle (Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat and leading advocate for tighter gun control, said Trump’s directive on bump stocks suggested the president was aware of fresh energy on the issue and called it a sign that “for the first time” politicians are “scared of the political consequences of inaction on guns.”

A bipartisan legislative effort to ban bump stocks last year fizzled out. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives announced in December that it was reviewing whether weapons that use the devices should be considered illegal machine guns under federal law.

Under the Obama administration, the ATF had concluded that bump stocks did not violate federal law. But the acting director of the ATF told lawmakers in December that the ATF and Justice Department would not have initiated the review if a ban “wasn’t a possibility at the end.”

The Justice Department had not made any announcement regarding its review when Trump on Tuesday signed a memorandum directing the agency to complete it as soon as possible and propose a rule “banning all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.”

Some Democrats argued the proper way to handle bump stocks was through legislation.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said, “If ATF tries to ban these devices after admitting repeatedly that it lacks the authority to do so, that process could be tied up in court for years, and that would mean bump stocks would continue to be sold.”

Earlier, a White House statement said Trump was looking at a bill that would strengthen federal gun background checks.

That bill was developed in response to a mass shooting last November in which a gunman slaughtered more than two dozen people at a Texas church. It would penalize federal agencies that don’t properly report required records and reward states that comply by providing them with federal grant preferences. The measure, which is pending in the Senate, was drafted after the Air Force acknowledged that it failed to report the Texas gunman’s domestic violence conviction to the National Criminal Information Center database.

The GOP-controlled House paired the background checks bill with a measure making it easier for gun owners to legally carry concealed weapons across state lines, a top priority of the National Rifle Association.

Democratic Sen. Murphy said any attempt to combine background checks with concealed-carry provisions would significantly jeopardize the chances of passing a bipartisan overhaul of the system.

Among the steps sought by gun control advocates: closing loopholes that permit loose private sales on the internet and at gun shows, banning assault-type weapons and passing laws to enable family members, guardians or police to ask judges to strip gun rights temporarily from people who show warning signs of violence.

On background checks, Trump has suggested he is open to a bipartisan bill developed in response to a mass shooting at a Texas church. It would penalize federal agencies that don’t properly report required records and reward states that comply by providing them with federal grant preferences.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, said the bill is “a small step,” stressing that Democrats want to see universal background check legislation.

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania said Wednesday that he’ll probably reintroduce bipartisan legislation that would require background checks for all gun purchases online and at gun shows. He said he planned to discuss the idea with Trump.

The Parkland shooting also has prompted the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature to take a fresh look at gun control legislation, although so far GOP leaders are refusing to endorse calls to ban assault rifles. Still, the discussion of some types of gun control legislation is a turnaround for Florida, which some have dubbed the “Gunshine State” for its gun policies.

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