Italy election: country goes to the polls – live

Latest news and reaction as the results come in overnight in one of the most uncertain elections in years
Italian election: who will win and why does it matter?

The 2018 elections are taking place under a new and untested electoral law that has created a mixed system in which just over a third of parliamentarians in the upper and lower house are elected by first-past-the-post (FPTP), and two-thirds by proportional representation (PR) via party lists.

Voters get two slips, one for each house, and can put one cross on each that will count for both the FPTP and PR elements. Candidates can stand in an FPTP ballot in one constituency, but also be on a party PR list in up to five constituencies.

There are already reports of botched ballots in today’s Italian election. Here’s a sample ballot. A new electoral law dictates a combination of proportional representation and first-past-the-post. Super confusing.

Bad weather has hit Italy as hard as elsewhere in Europe over the past few days, but there’s at least one voter determined not to let snow get the better of her:

Snow all around, no way to get my car out of the garage, 10km back and forth to the voting point, but I’m walking there no matter what. Voting is a right and a DUTY and I’ll do mine. No matter what you believe go vote! #Elezioni4Marzo2018 #ItalyElection2018

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Why does battery life get worse over time?

The chemistry that can provide power from metals makes those metals degrade over time and there’s not much we can do about it.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that you see a noticeable difference in how well a phone battery holds a charge after a year or so. If you keep a phone long enough, its battery may not even have enough charge to survive a whole day. Have you ever wondered why?

Batteries: How do they work?

Electricity isn’t magical. In fact, it’s a pretty boring subject for most of us and we only want it to be there when we need to use it. But to understand why your phone needs charged more now than it did when you first got it, you need to know a little bit about how a battery works. Don’t worry, we’re going to stick with the basics here.

Electricity, like any sort of energy, isn’t a thing you can create. All the things we think of as “making” electricity are really only converting one form of energy into another, and a battery uses a chemical reaction (energy) to build an electrical charge that can be metered out over time. Different materials can be used to build this charge and they will produce different results. In our phones, we use lithium-based batteries because they provide a decent level of output for a reasonable cost.

The estimated life of a phone battery is just that — an estimate.

Supreme Taps J.R. Smith to Model Upcoming Nike x NBA Collaboration

Supreme is back with a look at their upcoming collaboration with Nike and the NBA. On the heels of their rumored Air Force 1 Mid collab, which sees the sneaker covered in the logos from all the NBA teams, the label posted a teaser image of another piece — a coordinating jersey and basketball short from Nike, who currently holds the license to make all the official on-court gear this season.

Lensed by Ari Marcopoulos and modeled by controversial player J.R. Smith, formerly of the New York Knicks and currently of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Smith has developed a reputation for his off-court antics as much as his on-court play. In the past, his DM game has been exposed for the joy of the public (his “You trying to get the pipe?” quote is the stuff of modern romance), and more recently, Smith earned himself a one-game suspension for throwing a bowl of soup at assistant coach Damon Jones.

Former Rohingya MP, Aung Zaw Win, arrested in Myanmar

Arrest seen as military sending signal to Rohingya community that they are under threat from further attacks

A former Rohingya MP has been arrested in Myanmar, in move that has been condemned as a further escalation of the attacks on the Rohingya community.

Aung Zaw Win, a major property tycoon and former MP for the Union Solidarity and Development party, was arrested at Yangon international airport on Wednesday as he was about to leave on a business trip to Bangkok.

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