‘She’s Lucky She’s Alive:’ Woman Pinned When Massive Tree Falls In Ridgewood, N.J.

RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Powerful winds took down a tree Saturday morning in New Jersey, pinning a woman underneath.

First responders rushed to help the 44-year-old woman after her leg became trapped under a big branch.

ridgewood tree falls on woman boyd a loving Shes Lucky Shes Alive: Woman Pinned When Massive Tree Falls In Ridgewood, N.J.

(Credit: Boyd A. Loving)

“She’s lucky she’s alive, because if it had hit her, obviously, in the upper torso or head… she was partially on the street, partially on the grassy area between the curb and the sidewalk,” neighbor Chris Sargente told CBS2’s Erin Logan.

He and Kathy Skrzypczak live on the corner of Woodland Avenue and Heights Road in Ridgewood, where the massive tree fell. They went over to help when they heard a scream.

“There wasn’t much we could do, because she’s pinned. But we were just trying to make her feel comfortable, and someone called her husband,” Skrzypczak said.

They told Logan the woman was walking her dog with a friend and just happened to pass by a home under construction when the tree came crashing down.

“My first thought was, ‘well, that could have been me,’” said Skrzypczak.

Sargent said the woman who was with the victim told him the very same thing.

“Mentioned in her half-hysteria that she believes she saved her life,” he said. “This woman said, ‘she pushed me out of the way,’ pushed her out of the way. But in that split second, the tree came down and pinned her on the ground.”

Neighbors said first responders showed up within minutes, hovering over the victim, then bringing her to safety and rushing her to an area hospital.

They said they dreaded a situation like this, but it wasn’t all that surprising.

“Every time there’s a storm, or wind or a lot snow, we’re always looking at all the trees around here, thinking I hope they survive this storm,” Skrzypczak said.

Neighbors said they thought they were in the clear from the Nor’easter when they woke up Saturday morning, but they were still dealing with strong winds.

Now, they’re just thankful the woman is going to be OK and no area children were playing outside at the time.

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Crosby Scores In OT, Penguins Squeeze Past Islanders

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Sidney Crosby finished off a 2-on-1 by burying a shot past Chris Gibson 3:48 into overtime to give the Pittsburgh Penguins a 3-2 win over the New York Islanders on Saturday.

Derick Brassard’s first goal with Pittsburgh tied it with less than nine minutes to go in regulation. The Penguins killed off a penalty early in the extra period before Crosby’s 22nd goal of the season helped Pittsburgh snap a three-game losing streak.

Patric Hornqvist added his 18th goal of the season for the Penguins. Phil Kessel picked up two assists to become the sixth American-born player to reach 400 career assists. Tristan Jarry overcame an ugly start to finish with 25 saves.

Brandon Davidson scored his first goal with New York since being acquired in a trade last week, and Anders Lee added his team-leading 31st. Gibson was spectacular at times in his first NHL start in nearly two years. He finished with 47 saves but couldn’t get a handle on Crosby’s winner. The Islanders have dropped six straight.

The Penguins were coming off an ugly 8-4 setback in Boston on Thursday night, one that extended their losing streak to three and blunted their recent surge toward the top of the Metropolitan Division. Coach Mike Sullivan, rarely hesitant to shake things up during even the slightest of downturns, opted for minor tweaks instead of major ones.

Pittsburgh called up forward Dominik Simon and put him on the third line, and defenseman Chad Ruhwedel earned his first start since Dec. 27. Other than that, Sullivan kept the status quo, confident his team’s issue isn’t personnel but performance. If the play in front of his team’s net improved, Sullivan figured the rest would take care of itself.

Not exactly.

The Islanders took the lead just 1:11 into the game when Jarry lost his edge trying to backpedal, fell on his rear and watched helplessly as the rolling puck slipped underneath his pads and into the net.

The advantage held nearly 40 minutes thanks to Gibson. Making just his fifth NHL start and first since April 10, 2016, Gibson spent the first two periods trying to make up for lost time. The Penguins peppered the net for long stretches but didn’t break through until Kessel set up Hornqvist with a slick backhand pass that Hornqvist tapped in for his first goal since signing a five-year contract extension on Tuesday.

Lee put New York back ahead 4:59 into the third when his chip from in front went wide of the net only to carom off Pittsburgh defenseman Jamie Oleksiak and past Jarry.

Brassard responded by camping himself in front of Gibson and jamming home a rebound 11:29 into the third to set up a frantic finish.

NOTES: Pittsburgh G Matt Murray missed his third straight game since getting a concussion in practice Wednesday. … Pittsburgh scratched D Matt Hunwick, F Carter Rowney and C Zach Aston-Reese. … New York scratched Ds Dennis Seidenberg and Sebastian Aho and F Ross Johnston. … The Islanders went 0 for 2 on the power play. The Penguins were 1 for 2. … Pittsburgh is 7-1-1 in its last nine games against New York.


Islanders: Begin swing through Western Canada on Monday in Vancouver.

Penguins: Host Calgary on Monday.

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Read the Bible with Someone Else: Four Benefits of Studying in Community

Read the Bible with Someone Else

God has given us many good ways to read his word. You may have utilized several of them: studiously, devotionally, reflectively, Christologically. But what about communally?

Communal reading is when two or more people gather to read, hear, and discuss a written text. It was a popular practice in the first century, and it is a powerful way to approach God’s word still today. Yet in the age of the printing press, and now the digital revolution, communal reading has become one of the more neglected spiritual practices of our time.

Four Benefits of Communal Reading

Communal reading was not only popular in Jesus’s day; it was essential. With no printing and no smartphones, men and women across the Roman Empire, of all ages, races, and social classes, gathered to hear recitations from many different kinds of literature. Orators would show off their abilities before their admiring fans.

Jesus, Paul, and the earliest Christian communities all read communally (Luke 4:16–30; Acts 17:1–3). Indeed, the New Testament documents were written with the intention of being read in community. Paul explicitly instructed some of his letters to be read aloud (Colossians 4:16; 1 Thessalonians 5:27), along with other Scripture (1 Timothy 4:13).

Contemporary Christians might benefit greatly from resuming this practice. Here are four ways that communal reading can edify individual believers and churches, and even help reach into non-Christian communities today.

1. Reading together shapes our faith.

Early Christians read together in order to grow spiritually. They gathered to hear God’s word read aloud so that they could discuss and apply it together (Acts 13:14–15). Their goal, as was the goal of the biblical authors, was not merely to be informed, but to be conformed to the image of Christ (Galatians 4:19). And Jesus tells us through John, “Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it” (Revelation 1:3).

Reading together counters our individualistic tendencies and fosters humility and gratitude. By reading and discussing Scripture in community, we acknowledge our inability to fully grasp God’s truth on our own, and we learn to appreciate the insights of others. Gifts are shared, weaknesses offset, and personal interpretations exposed to inquiry. When we receive God’s revelation together and interact with one another, our personal biases are exposed, and other opinions are conveyed and considered. This teaches us to listen attentively, think carefully, question kindly, and respond humbly. Our souls are formed when we read together.

2. Reading together aids discipleship and evangelism.

Communal reading can and should occur outside typical worship settings and with non-believers as well as other Christians.

Philip taught from Isaiah in a chariot. Paul read God’s word in synagogues, taught it in lecture halls, and evangelized with it along riverbanks and in marketplaces. Communal reading is a powerful tool for evangelism and discipleship because it aids understanding and promotes interactive discussion of our common confession (Acts 17:2). In fact, believers’ lives were meant to be walking communal-reading events for everyone to examine and read (2 Corinthians 3:2–3), and one way early Christians loved their neighbors was by reading with them.

3. Reading together unites a community.

We are reminded that we are a community when we read communally. Despite our differences, reading with other believers connects us and reminds us that we are one in Christ. Consider the diversity of people hearing Paul’s letter read aloud in Rome (Romans 16:3–16). There are Greek, Latin, and Jewish names listed among the slaves, siblings, and saints, gathered together at multiple house churches.

Reading the Bible alone should certainly be a staple of our devotional life, at least for those of us blessed to live in literate societies. Yet the model of Christ, the missionary efforts of the early church, and the message of the New Testament authors all support including corporate Scripture readings into our spiritual disciplines. As individualistic as we are, and as isolated as we’re becoming, we need to seize upon more occasions and opportunities to come together and grow as communities.

Communal reading can also unite Christians across congregational and denominational lines. It has done so through the centuries and can continue doing so until Christ’s return.

4. Reading together protects the truth.

Communal reading is an effective but neglected safeguard against misquotations, misinterpretations, and misapplications. It’s almost impossible to misquote a movie line or name the wrong player on a sports team without someone noticing and correcting it because so many people are viewing these events. Imagine that same type of thing happening with the Bible in your community.

In the New Testament, there were apostolic endorsements (Colossians 4:16), conciliar decrees (Acts 16:4), textual examinations (Acts 17:11), gospel feedback (Acts 18:26), and public warnings to repeat and receive divine revelation reverently (Revelation 22:18–19). Taken together, there was a sustained focus in the first century on safeguarding the Christian tradition. Communal reading helped preserve the precise passing down of God’s revelation, while also providing additional checks and balances to interpretation (2 Peter 3:16).

Communal reading should still act as a conserving force, protecting an unadulterated gospel, because other so-called testaments of Jesus Christ (like the Book of Mormon) and new translations of the Scriptures (like the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ New World Translation) continue to be produced.

All Together Now

Reading God’s word together reveals a more magnificent God, a more beautiful Christ, a more sublime Spirit, and a greater gospel than we can envision alone. It also reminds us of the church’s literary heritage that can help us know, adore, and serve God as a community united in Christ.

Jesus read communally, as did his apostles and their disciples. Will you?

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Josh Allen and Shaquem Griffin Set the Combine Buzzing – Sports Illustrated

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Josh Allen and Shaquem Griffin Set the Combine Buzzing
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In a German grand coalition or not, SPD’s survival is at risk

Far-right AfD is winning working-class votes and SPD is becoming less relevant among young and middle-class voters

When Dietmar Nietan, treasurer of the German Social Democrats, takes the stage at the party’s Berlin headquarters at 9am today, the world will be watching closely – but the thoughts of his fellow functionaries will already be wandering to the challenges of the weeks ahead.

If Nietan announces that members of Germany’s centre-left party have voted against a coalition with Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the country will be plunged into political chaos and questions will arise over the future of a chancellor who can no longer organise political alliances.

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