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For the first time, scientists tag a loggerhead sea turtle off US West Coast

Fifty miles out to sea from San Diego, in the middle of April, under a perfectly clear blue sky, fisheries scientists leaned over the side of a rubber inflatable boat and lowered a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle into the water. That turtle was a trailblazer — the first of its kind ever released off the West Coast of the United States with a satellite transmitter attached.

Food and fuel: model for bioenergy feedstock/vegetable double-cropping systems

Researchers realize that biomass feedstock will need to come from many different sources, in order to meet the revised Renewable Fuel Standard mandating the production of 36 billion gallons of biofuel by the year 2022. The concern remains over converting land from food crops to energy crops. Now a crop scientist, interested in a possible bioenergy feedstock/vegetable double-cropping system, has found promising results in such a system using pumpkin as the vegetable crop.

Engineering bacteria to design vaccines

The Mycosplasma bacteria are the smallest self-replicating organisms. They lack a cell wall, making them resistant to almost all antibiotics, and infections caused by Mycoplasma in livestock result in annual multimillion euro losses in Europe and throughout the world. Although there are vaccines against two species of Mycoplasma that affect pigs and poultry, no vaccines exist for many Mycoplasma species that affect not only livestock but also pets and humans.