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Increased protection of world’s national animal symbols needed, suggests study

The snowy-feathered head and distinctive brown body of the bald eagle is a proud national symbol of the United States, adorning the country’s currency and passports. The lion, known as ‘King of the Beasts,’ represents national strength and identity in several African countries. But, how are populations of the planet’s most valued wildlife faring in the 21st century? How well are societies protecting the species they have chosen to embody their ideals and represent their national identity?

Dietary strategy to address obesity uses component in red chili

Scientists have discovered a dietary strategy that may address obesity by reducing endotoxemia, a major contributor to chronic, low-grade inflammation (CLGI). The researchers uncovered an interaction between dietary capsaicin (CAP), the major pungent component in red chili, and gut microbiota. This novel mechanism for the anti-obesity effect of CAP acts through prevention of microbial dysbiosis.