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Lousy sockeye are lousy competitors

A key discovery has been made regarding Fraser River sockeye’s vulnerability to sea lice. Their recently published research indicates that juvenile Fraser River sockeye salmon that are highly infected with sea lice are 20 percent less successful at consuming food than their lightly infected counterparts.

Species’ evolutionary choice: Disperse or adapt?

Dispersal and adaptation are two evolutionary strategies available to species given an environment. Generalists, like dandelions, send their offspring far and wide. Specialists, like alpine flowers, adapt to the conditions of a particular place. New research models the interplay between these two strategies and shows how even minor changes in an environment can create feedback and trigger dramatic shifts in evolutionary strategy.

How to reset a diseased cell

In proof-of-concept experiments, researchers demonstrate the ability to tune medically relevant cell behaviors by manipulating a key hub in cell communication networks. The manipulation of this communication node makes it possible to reprogram large parts of a cell’s signaling network instead of targeting only a single receptor or cell signaling pathway.

Listen to Kevin Gates, “I Don’t Get Tired (Remix)”

In case you’re unaware, Kevin Gates doesn’t get tired. To solidify his tagline proclamation, the Louisiana rapper and 2014 XXL Freshman drops the remix to his 2014 single, “I Don’t Get Tired.” Usually known for his outlandishly brazen social media posts, the Baton Rouge native dropped off the remix for fans. Instead of enlisting another R&B singer like August Aslina for the hook, Gates does away with a chorus all together in favor of dropping straight bars for five minutes straight.

“Born in the ’80s I’m a crack baby, epidemic where it got me living/Waking up like I’m in the penitentiary, on the phone, bae you know I miss ya,” raps Gates. Amid lighter sparks and the familiar backbeat, there are plenty of name drops in Gate’s remix, from Jim Jones and Beanie Sigel to Shy Glizzy and Kendrick Lamar. (“Scared of Kendrick Lamar, boy mind frame with the art/Boy musta read on the wall, said he was king of New York/Had the rap game in awe/Heard the comebacks like ‘naw’”)

Take in the relentless rhymes of the remix above and you can listen to Gate’s original cut off his Luca Brasi 2: A Gangsta Grillz Special Edition mixtape, which is out now.

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See flower cells in 3-D: No electron microscopy required

High-resolution imaging of plant cells is important in many plant studies, and the most commonly used method is scanning electron microscopy (SEM). But SEM can have limitations, including damage to material during sample preparation and high equipment costs. Researchers have developed an optical sectioning-3-D reconstruction method using a compound fluorescence light microscope. The new method is simpler and more cost-effective than SEM.