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Drake Says The “Wu-Tang Forever” Remix Was Never Finished

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Following the release of Drake’s album Nothing Was the Same in 2013, rumors of a remix to “Wu-Tang Forever” ran rampant. News leaked that members of the Wu had recorded their verses and images from a video shoot with A$AP Rocky popped up but the song never came to fruition. In October, the Wu came out publicly and said that the song didn’t work out for a litany of reasons and while Drake was in New York City yesterday for his art collaboration with Sotheby’s and a writer from Vulture asked Drizzy about the failed remix.

“Wu-Tang Forever” is an interesting song choice. What happened to the video for the remix from last year?
Oh, man, that’s kind of behind us. That was two projects ago. There was a remix that 40 [Noah Shebib] was working on. He has a really personal relationship with a lot of those guys from Wu-Tang, and me and Rocky were working on a video at one point in Harlem, and it was cool, but with schedules and all that, different things came into play and we never really got to finish, which is not something I recommend. You should always try and finish your music video.

The art collaboration, called “I Like It Like This,” features a 50 pieces from contemporary artists like Basquiat, Glenn Ligon, Theaster Gates, Kara walker and David Hammons placed alongside music selected by Drake. The rapper spoke about the collab with Vulture:

How did this collaboration come together?
My management team, who are also my best friends, hit me with the opportunity. Whenever I’m traveling abroad, one of my managers is really into art, so we talk art a lot and we go to Sotheby’s or Peter Harrington or wherever and try and see what we can when we’re traveling. My manager told me that there a was an opportunity for me to be able to curate the music to go with some extremely incredible pieces of work. From there we took it on, and I’m just blown away to see these pieces in person. I’ve been staring at them, obviously on paper, for a month. It’s so incredible to see it in person and be able to put the headphones on and realize, like, you know, okay, yeah, this really works.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brantley Gilbert Set for ‘CMT Crossroads’

In 2004, Lynyrd Skynyrd made their first appearance on CMT Crossroads, the cable network’s long-running and reliably entertaining live-performance series that pairs up country, rock and R&B artists to perform each other’s hits. Joined by country duo Montgomery Gentry, the Southern rock stalwarts delivered all the staples: “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Call Me the Breeze” and, that oft-requested power ballad, “Free Bird.” (Watch the performance of “Sweet Home Alabama” below.)

More than a decade later, a lot has changed for Skynyrd, including most notably the death of the man behind the famous “Free Bird” intro, keyboardist Billy Powell. But the band continues to soldier on. Next month, they’ll return for a Crossroads encore, this time with Brantley Gilbert as their onstage partner. With muscular fare like “Bottoms Up,” “Country Must Be Country Wide” and “Kick It in the Sticks,” Gilbert is more rock, even metal, leaning than Skynyrd, but he’s no stranger to collaborations. His last hit was the Justin Moore-Thomas Rhett duet “Small Town Throwdown.”

He also shares an affinity for firepower with Skynyrd, who in 2009 released the album God & Guns — its title track included the lyrics “We might as well give up and run/if we let them take our God and guns.” Recently, Gilbert took to Instagram to show off his enormous new back tattoo: a pair of handguns framed by text from the Second Amendment.

Taping in Franklin, Tennessee, on June 5th, the Skynyrd-Gilbert Crossroads episode is slated to air Saturday, June 27th at 10 p.m./ET. Having already doled out their biggest hits during their Montgomery Gentry mash-up, it remains to be seen if Skynyrd will recreate “Free Bird” or “Sweet Home Alabama” with Gilbert, a Georgia native. Considering the Johnny Van Zant-led group will be performing those same golden oldies on a summer and fall tour — including an October 2nd date at Nashville’s new amphitheater billed as “Lynyrd Skynyrd With Special Guests” — the likely answer is “hell, yeah.”

Gilbert, meanwhile, is hitting the road with Kenny Chesney on his summer tour of stadiums and arenas. Tomorrow night, they’ll play Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Jimi Hendrix Estate Approves Biopic From Director Paul Greengrass

Jimi Hendrix‘s estate has reached an agreement with Legendary Pictures for an official biopic of the late rock legend. Director Paul Greengrass (United 93, Captain Phillips) is in talks to helm the project, based on a script from Scott Silver (8 Mile) and featuring actual Hendrix recordings, Deadline reports. 

Greengrass and Legendary’s Thomas Tull approached Experience Hendrix four years ago, touting a script from Max Borenstein, but they were unable to come to an agreement as the estate worried a film could hurt sales from the guitar god’s catalog. The filmmakers, who had approached Anthony Mackie to star as Hendrix, halted work on the project.

That vacancy created a window for John Ridley’s (12 Years a Slave) unauthorized biopic Jimi: All Is By My Side, which starred actor-musician (and former Outkast member) Andre Benjamin as the title character. Ridley focused on Hendrix’s pre-stardom career, a clever way of navigating around the lack of actual album recordings. But that lack of authenticity could have hurt the project, which grossed a disappointing domestic total of $323,000.

Having access to the Hendrix discography gives the new, as-yet-untitled biopic a definite advantage. Numerous posthumous compilations excluded, Hendrix only recorded four albums – three studio LPs with the Jimi Hendrix Experience and one live set with Band of Gypsys – before his tragic death at age 27 in 1970. He’s still regarded as one of the greatest guitarists to ever play the instrument, topping most critical polls (including Rolling Stone‘s 2011 list).

PurseForum Roundup – May 8


Happy Friday, Purse fans! Its time to kick off the weekend with a romp through the halls of the PurseForum. Each week, we bring you beautiful reveals and interesting conversations from our favorite fashion destination. This week, some boots in Bottega Veneta grabbed our attention, and we found a super sweet thread in Goyard that you will just love. Come on in and see what else we have for you this week!


The Met Ball dominated fashion news this week, and our Celebrity Forums were absolutely lit up with photographs and very frank commentary. You can visit our Celebrity Style forum to find your favorite star’s style thread, or jump into our Celebrity News and Gossip subforum to read our members’ honest and sometimes hilarious opinions on their favorite (or least favorite) celebrities’ style and shenanigans. Of course, all those Kardashians are represented, as well as everyone from Queen Bey to the incomparable Helen Mirren.

If your entertainment preferences trend more toward the cerebral, be sure to visit our Books and Music subforum, where we found this lovely pair of books in the Which Books Have You Bought Lately thread; it looks like clu13 has some nice reading and cooking in store.


In Bottega Veneta, PorscheGirl asked Who Else Loves BV Shoes? and she certainly was answered! We are accustomed to seeing beautiful woven bags in super saturated colors in BV, but these comfy-classic boots are a real treat. We noticed theBottega Veneta Reference Libraries have seen a lot of action this week, and many of our PurseForum designer subforums have gotten a little tune up recently–this is a great time to stop in and see what’s new.


And speaking of boots, bags, colors and all things amazing in Bottega Veneta, look what we found in the What Bottega Veneta are You Wearing Today thread! Mousse stole the show (and that takes some doing!) with these custom boots. While you are there, don’t miss Roma’s lovely photo of her beautiful bag and dog combination.


We are so happy to introduce a brand new PurseForum designer subforum this week! Mansur Gavriel is rapidly re-writing the book on the bucket bag (and some pretty sweet totes, too), and our members have not missed a beat when it comes to this brand. This week, we launched a new space for members to talk about the bags, and there was plenty of fanfare. Don’t miss the Mod Shots thread, the definitive Knot Tying thread, and lots and lots of bag shots.

This lovely bucket bag comes to us from the Show us Your Broken in Bags thread, and our own moderator JetSetGo!, who is energetically leading the MG charge in high style. If you would like to just drop in and say hello, there is a housewarming thread right here. (Heads up: the next bags are available May 14. Get the intel here.)


Goyard aficionados know that the stenciled versus hand painted design is an important distinction when selecting a piece from this historic design house. This week, CrackBerryCreme shared her experience searching out and acquiring a nice piece–a white Croisiere bag with a bit of history. CrackBerry shared her thoughts on her new bag along with her results after a light cleaning. We certainly think congratulations are in order–this looks to be a great find and a rare treat in Goyard!


Goyard fans and most everyone else will absolutely love this thread, in which we learn that jbigelow is not only a proud new father, but also a hero! We also learned that Goyard makes a pretty sweet and practical diaper bag. Drop into jbigelow’s wonderful thread to see how this understated bag becomes a new dad’s best friend!


Katev went to a Coach store and look what she found! Her thread clearly spells it out–this was an unplanned purchase, but it’s a stunner, isn’t it?


Hey, that’s not a Coach bag! You are absolutely right. But we are on a bit of a bucket bag jag at the moment, so we couldn’t resist sharing this great find from the Post Your Non-Coach Purchases thread. This pretty Kate Spade bag comes to us from iNeedCoffee, who clearly isn’t afraid to branch out a little. We also found a nice little accessory piece in justdefend’s reveal thread. There is a lot going on in Coach this week and every week, so we hope you will stop in and see what our members have been up to.

We hope April’s showers did indeed bring you May flowers, and that you are enjoying a lovely spring. We are so grateful that you chose to spend a little time with us, and we hope this quick peek at the PurseForum nudges you into visiting more often. Have a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to seeing you here again next week!

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TalkShoes Notice 5/8

TS Notice 5_8 It’s cuteness overload over on TalkShoes with all these matching mother-daughter shoes! No matter your situation, these adorable pairs are too cute to resist. We love Chrissy Teigen for several reasons, and one of them is her love for Givenchy! While everyone focused on the dresses (and Rihanna’s crazy arrival), our eyes were focused on our favorite shoes from the Met Ball red carpet.


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XXL Rewind: Gucci Mane Takes Manhattan (2007)

While fans anxiously await Gucci Mane’s release from prison, even though there’s been no shortage of new releases from the rapper, XXL thought why not give our readers a little dose of the man also known as La Flare. Reversing back to 2007, while on a promo run for his then unreleased fourth studio album, Back To The Trap House, XXL caught up with Gucci not only to get the deets on the project, but also to gain a better understanding of his complex legal situation.

During the sit-down, the Atlanta rapper gets to the bottom of his various legal troubles, including a dropped murder charge and an assault charge, all while strolling through New York City. He then goes on to explain the concept of the coveted project, which included tracks like the “Freaky Gurl (Remix).”

“On my new music, I’m talking about all the trials and tribulations I’ve been through, my jail situation, my court situation, wars I’ve had with different kinds of people,” says Gucci in the eight year old clip. “I went so in depth about everything in my life. I just let [fans] know what’s going on with me, cause I don’t want [fans] to hear it from no magazine. I want them to hear it straight from me”, expresses Gucci.

He continues touching on the sound of the LP, in a quite interesting manner. “I see myself as a fly on the wall in an Atlanta strip club,” he admits. “That’s how it goes, the whole sound and the way I’m changing my voice.”

And the clip only gets better. Check out the throwback Gucci Man clip above.

Weekend Rock Question: What’s the Best Brit-Pop Song?

This has been a pretty amazing few weeks for Brit-pop fans. Not only did Blur release their first album with the original lineup since 1999, but Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are on tour to support their new album, Chasing Yesterday. If that’s not enough, there’s even a report that the Greek girl with the “thirst for knowledge” from Pulp’s “Common People” has been tracked down.

Now we have a question for you: What is the greatest Brit-pop song of all time? To clarify, the genre begin in England (obviously) around 1992 and fizzled out by 1999. It peaked in 1994 with the release of Blur’s Parklife and Oasis’ Definitely Maybe, but it also includes works by Pulp, Radiohead, Suede, the Verve, Supergrass, Ash and many others. Feel free to vote for Oasis’ “Wonderwall,” Blur’s “Girls and Boys,” Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Tree,” Pulp’s “Common People” or anything else you want. Just please only vote once and only for a single selection.

You can vote here in the comments, on or on Twitter using the hashtag #WeekendRock.

Romeo Santos: The Music That Made Me

1. “99 Problems,” Jay Z, 2003
I really could identify with the lyrics. I feel like at one point in my life I was part of a minority, and he’s kind of narrating a situation where there’s racism. I really love the record, but I also love that there’s a message behind the lyrics.

2. “Frio, Frio,” Juan Luis Guerra, 1992
I was a kid when I first this – about 18, 19 years old – and I was living with my mother in the Bronx. She enjoyed the record, but not as much as I did. I guess she learned how to love it because I played it so many times.

3. “Home,” Michael Bublé, 2005
I love this record because I can relate to it. I know what it is to be out entertaining millions and yet wanting to be home because you miss your loved ones.

4. “Per el Amor de Una Mujer,” Julio Iglesias, 1974
He’s one of my favorite artists, a big pioneer of Latin music. And I just love that record and the message behind it, which is basically saying that when you’re in love with a woman, you give it all and you don’t care are about anything. I’ve been in love quite a few times in my life so I can definitely relate to the lyrics, but I’ve been listening to them since I was seven or eight years old.

5. “Best I Ever Had,” Drake, 2009
This was the first time that I heard a rapper that could actually sing, yet made it sound very cool. Most rappers were very hardcore – if you listen to their lyrics, it was just basically about violence or money, and singing wasn’t common. At that point, I was creating new sounds in bachata, but a collaboration didn’t cross my mind. When I was producing Formula Vol. 2, I knew I needed to come hard with the features and do something I hadn’t done with Aventura. Collaborating with Drake was definitely one of those big steps that helped bachata go to the next level.

6. “U Got It Bad,” Usher, 2001
Usher is so innovative – he’s a great performer, a great entertainer. I was working with Rico Love, who produced quite a few records for Usher, and I was just like mentioning, kind of as a joke, how I would love to collaborate with Usher but do a bachata. Rico was like, “If the record is hot, he’ll definitely get on it.” And it was exactly his prediction.

7. “Renegade,” Jay Z feat. Eminem, 2001
I love Jay Z and I love Eminem and this was the first record they made together, so I was really excited about that. It was huge for hip-hop fans – even if you were more a fan of Jay or vice versa, they just did their own thing. As a lyricist I really appreciated what they were saying.

8. “Halo,” Beyoncé, 2008
To hear how she’s able to begin the record singing in a low tone, then raise her voice… It was like, “This girl is just on another level.”

9. “Yesterday,” the Beatles, 1965
When I was young, I loved “Yesterday” mainly because of the melody. Later on, throughout the years, I kind of realized the meaning of the lyrics, but at that age I was just appreciating the beautiful melody.

10. “Y Hubo Alguien,” Marc Anthony, 1997
I’ve always been a huge fan of Mark. This particular record is a very unique theme for a salsa: It’s basically him saying that she didn’t value his love and someone else came along. I feel honored to say today that he’s a mentor and a friend. He makes me laugh in a way that not to many do. And any time I have doubts or a big decision to make in this industry, I always ask him what he thinks.