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Free Book – CryENGINE 3 Cookbook

CryENGINE 3 Cookbook ($18.49 Kindle), by Dan Tracy and Sean Tracy, is free direct from publisher Packt Publishing.

Book Description

Written in a cookbook style, this book offers solutions using a recipe based approach. Each recipe contains step-by-step instructions followed by an analysis of what was done in each task and other useful information. The cookbook approach means you can dive into whatever recipes you want in no particular order. The CryENGINE3 Cookbook is written to be accessible to all developers currently using the CryENGINE3. It also explores the depth and power of the CryENGINE3 and is a useful guide to follow when becoming familiar with this award winning middle-ware game engine. This book is written with the casual and professional developer in mind. Fundamental knowledge of some Digital Content Creation Tools, like Photoshop and 3d Studio Max is required. The Software Development Kit version of the CryENGINE is used for all examples, so the reader should have a version of the development kit to follow the recipes contained in this book.

Get the free book from Packt Publishing. Click on Claim, log in and the book gets added to your bookshelf; you can download a DRM-Free EPUB, Mobi (Kindle) or PDF. You can also access any code files and send the the book to your Kindle Library from the My Ebooks page.

Today they are celebrating the Day Against DRM, with All eBooks & Videos $10

“To celebrate International Day Against DRM, all our eBooks and Videos are $10 for 24 hours. At Packt we believe that you should be able to read and interact with your content when you want, where you want, and how you want – and to that end we’ve been advocates of DRM-free content since our very first eBook was published back in 2004. The offer is today only, so check out some of these hot new titles while you can! But don’t forget – this offer applies to ALL eBooks and videos, not just these top 16.”


Kevin McHale Dishes On A Glee Spinoff & What Losing Cory Monteith Meant For The Show

Here’s some insider info for all you Gleeks out there!

Kevin McHale, who played Artie Abrams on the Fox hit, Glee, sat down for an interview this week and answered some quick question regarding his time with Glee, possible spinoff rumors as well as when the show REALLY started to go downhill in his opinion.

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When asked about the possibility of a spinoff, Kevin had a very realistic take on the show and how it sat with its fanbase noting:

“Towards the end, there weren’t that many people watching Glee. So I don’t know how many people would then watch a spinoff. We’re off the air for a reason.”

Guess that squashes that! It doesn’t sound like we’re going to get any side adventures from the New Directions crew, but we can always dream!

When McHale was asked about when he felt Glee “jumped the shark,” he took a moment and gave a very well thought out response:

“I will say, not to bring it down or anything, when Cory Monteith died. I don’t think the show ever came back from that. It wasn’t for a lack of trying, but the story was going in one direction with his character [Finn Hudson] and he was one of two main characters of the show.”

It was hard enough for fans of the show to hear about Cory’s death back in July of 2013, but we can’t imagine how much harder it must have been for family, friends and castmates of his.

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Of course we’d always love more Glee, as it’s been a BLAST watching the past six years, but we understand that shows change and evolve and can’t always overcome the loss of a fan and cast favorite like Monteith. We’ll just have to settle for re-watching our faves on Netflix!

Do you agree with Kevin? Do you think the show started to go downhill after Monteith’s death, or could they have found a way to keep the spark alive?

[Image via WENN.]

Audible Summer Learning Sale

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Summer Learning Sale – “Summer’s just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean your brain has to take a vacation. Stock up for your summer learning with a selection of 75+ Great Courses for $6.95 each.

This sale is open to all (at least in the US) and is not limited to those who have a subscription or credits. Choose from these Categories:

  • Science
  • Philosophy
  • History – Ancient
  • History – Medieval to Modern
  • Psychology
  • Arts & Culture
  • Business & Economics
  • Literature & Language

Sale ends May 8th, 2015 at 11:59 PM ET (US).

* Not an Audible member? You can now save 50% off your first 3 months of membership, for only $7.49/month. Audible members receive 1 free audiobook per month, 30% off additional audiobook purchases, and access to special deals and sales like the one running right now! Sign up for your Audible membership today.


Ronda Rousey Named Most Dominant Athlete Alive by Business Insider

Ronda Rousey Working the Pads

Ronda Rousey

Rousey is the first ever female fighter for UFC — having two wins lasting 15 seconds. From that alone, there’s no wonder why the 28-year-old was put in the top spot by Buisness Insider for being the most dominant athlete alive. Even in her first five UFC fights, she was the only opponent to finish the first round without getting knocked out. Rousey has given rise to women’s MMA by making it a vital counterpart of UFC, which was unheard of almost five years ago. This just goes to show you that hard work truly pays off. 

J.J. Watt

jj watt

Coming in at 11 on the most dominant athletes alive list from Business Insider is the Texan, J.J. Watt. Missing out on the 2014 MVP won’t stop him from doing his thing on the field. Watt ended his season with 78 tackles, 20.5 sacks, and returned an interception for a touchdown. He’s one of the most versatile players — catching three offensive touchdowns. NFL player Ernie Conwell says, “He would be an absolute nightmare to deal with on offense if he was out there full-time.” We’ve got to wonder what to expect next season with this talented athlete. 

Floyd Mayweather


Everyone loves to hate Money Mayweather, especially after his unanimously decided win against Manny Pacquiao. Business Insider gave Floyd the 14th spot. He’s a talented athlete who also beat Marcos Maidana twice in 2014. Now that he’s 38, The Champ doesn’t fight that often, especially against big compeition, but he’s been undefeated since the 1996 Olympics. Not many athletes can say that. 


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10 Gifts for the Fitness-Focused Mom

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Louis Tomlinson Flips The Bird & Parties All Night Long With The Ladies Of Los Angeles! Is He Nursing A Broken Heart Or Just Living The Single Life?!

Take a look at this party animal!

Louis Tomlinson arrived in El Lay not too long ago and he’s already hitting the nightclubs like it’s nobody’s business!

The 23-year-old did as the Los Angelinos do on Cinco de Mayo and stayed up all night celebrating with a bunch of friends on Tuesday evening!

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Granted, the One Direction cutie probably had no idea what drink-o de Mayo was for, but hey! Any excuse to get a little schwasted with friends and bring a couple of girls back to the hotel, right??

Louis was feeling EXTRA sassy after the long night out — the singer even flipped the bird at the photographers taking photos of him and his friends!

[ Photo: 23 Of Louis' Sassiest Moments ]

This guy is certainly living up the single life after being unattached from his ex-girlfriend of four years, Eleanor Calder — but it IS getting a little concerning.

Especially since it seems like Lou has been going out a lot more than usual! Maybe he’s just nursing his broken heart.

You know what they say, treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol and an inside wound with drinking alcohol.

[Image via Ginsburg Spaly.]

Kindle Daily Deals 05/06/15

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Today on Amazon’s Gold Box, save up to 70% on Jewelry Gifts for Mom + Free One-Day Shipping, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more from brands like kate spade new york, CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane, and more.

In the Bonus Deal of the Day, get 60% Off Cubavera Men’s Clothing.

Today’s MP3 Album Deal is Little Big Overtures Box from eOne Music [Vanguard Classics] for $0.99! It’s worth the price for the first track, if you don’t have it, which means the rest of the 4+ hours is essentially free.

Today’s Kindle Daily Deal is four fiction classics by Flannery O’Connor for $2.99 each [Farrar, Straus and Giroux / Macmillan]; also on sale at at B&N and Kobo.

Wise Blood – Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Wise Blood, Flannery O’Connor’s astonishing and haunting first novel, is a classic of twentieth-century literature. Focused on the story of Hazel Motes, a twenty-two-year-old caught in an unending struggle against his innate, desperate fate, this tale of redemption, retribution, false prophets, blindness, blindings, and wisdoms gives us one of the most riveting characters in twentieth-century American fiction.

The Complete StoriesWinner of the National Book Award

The publication of this extraordinary volume firmly established Flannery O’Connor’s monumental contribution to American fiction. There are thirty-one stories here in all, including twelve that do not appear in the only two story collections O’Connor put together in her short lifetime–Everything That Rises Must Converge and A Good Man Is Hard to Find.

O’Connor published her first story, “The Geranium,” in 1946, while she was working on her master’s degree at the University of Iowa. Arranged chronologically, this collection shows that her last story, “Judgement Day”–sent to her publisher shortly before her death–is a brilliantly rewritten and transfigured version of “The Geranium.” Taken together, these stories reveal a lively, penetrating talent that has given us some of the most powerful and disturbing fiction of the twentieth century. Also included is an introduction by O’Connor’s longtime editor and friend, Robert Giroux.

The Violent Bear It Away

First published in 1955, The Violent Bear It Away is now a landmark in American literature. It is a dark and absorbing example of the Gothic sensibility and bracing satirical voice that are united in Flannery O’Conner’s work. In it, the orphaned Francis Marion Tarwater and his cousins, the schoolteacher Rayber, defy the prophecy of their dead uncle–that Tarwater will become a prophet and will baptize Rayber’s young son, Bishop. A series of struggles ensues: Tarwater fights an internal battle against his innate faith and the voices calling him to be a prophet while Rayber tries to draw Tarwater into a more “reasonable” modern world. Both wrestle with the legacy of their dead relatives and lay claim to Bishop’s soul.

O’Connor observes all this with an astonishing combination of irony and compassion, humor and pathos. The result is a novel whose range and depth reveal a brilliant and innovative writers acutely alert to where the sacred lives and to where it does not.

Everything That Rises Must Converge: Stories

Flannery O’Connor was working on Everything That Rises Must Converge at the time of her death. This collection is an exquisite legacy from a genius of the American short story, in which she scrutinizes territory familiar to her readers: race, faith, and morality. The stories encompass the comic and the tragic, the beautiful and the grotesque; each carries her highly individual stamp and could have been written by no one else.

More Kindle Deals of the Day for those in the US
Romance Red River Deep ($0.99) by Carolyn Brown [Vintage Publishing]
SciFi & Fantasy The Song of Albion Trilogy series by Stephen Lawhead for $1.99 each [Thomas Nelson / HarperCollins Christian Publishing]:

NonFiction How to Hug a Porcupine: Negotiating the Prickly Points of the Tween Years ($1.99) by Julie A. Ross, M.A. [McGraw-Hill]
Kids The Shark Whisperer: A Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians Novel ($1.99) by Ellen Prager [Scarletta Junior Readers] – Age Level: 9-12 | Grade Level: 3-7


Kobo Daily Deal – Eternity

Eternity: The Montgomery/Taggert Family #9 ($1.99 Kindle, Kobo), by Jude Deveraux [Pocket Books / Simon and Schuster], is the Kobo Daily Deal, price matched on Kindle.

Book Description

The ninth captivating historical romance in the Montgomery series from New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux.

Carrie Montgomery had grown up with seven adoring older brothers, and she was used to getting her way rather easily. Joshua Greene was only looking for a hardworking, practical mail-order bride to help with the farm and feed and clothe his children. Yet from the moment Carrie saw his photograph, saw his devastatingly handsome, sorrowful smile, the petite and pampered beauty knew she was the perfect wife for him.

Josh didn’t see it that way. Wed by proxy, he refused to be charmed by his new bride’s blond curls and effervescent laughter, or impressed by her trappings of wealth…even if his son and daughter believed she was a fairy princess come to life. He was furious—and ready to send her packing, until a near tragedy convinced him that her beauty was more than skin-deep. But even after he had yielded to the wild desire that surged between them, Josh could not admit how much he truly needed her. Then an old scandal threatened to re-emerge, and he realized that he could lose her forever….

About the Author

Jude Deveraux is the author of thirty-seven New York Times bestsellers, including Lavender Morning, Return to Summerhouse, Secrets, Someone to Love, Wild Orchids, Holly, The Mulberry Tree, The Summerhouse, and Temptation. To date, there are more than 50 million copies of her books in print worldwide.


Miley Cyrus Smokes, Drinks, And Wields Guns In Zoe Kravitz’s SeXXXy New Music Video! See The Controversial Footage HERE!

That’s one hell of a Party In The USA!

Miley Cyrus seems to have found her newest gig as hype girl for gal-pal Zoe Kravitz‘s band, Lolawolf.

On Monday, the edgy group released their newest music video, Bitch, that features the Wrecking Ball singer popping champagne, rocking sexy black lingerie, and messing around with guns.

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Whoa! She’s certainly not, Hannah Montana anymore!

The besties were spotted celebrating the launch of the vid at the Met Gala. The pair took to Instagram that evening to share countless selfies for their self-proclaimed, “date night.”

No one is shocked at the party girls’ collaboration — since the Divergent star’s band mates, Jimmy Giannopoulos and James Levy, previously toured with the former Disney darling.

Now, the video might not be for the faint of heart — but it certainly screams rock ‘n’ roll! We’re excited to see what else comes from Zoe and Miley’s AH-Mazing new friendship!

Be sure to ch-ch-check out their FIERCE video (below)!

[Image via Andres Otero/WENN.]