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Why swimming like a mermaid is the new extreme sport

Ariel makes it look easy, but on a course in Cornwall Susan Greenwood finds it takes training in free-diving and underwater breathing to make a splash as a mermaid

It’s not often I find myself woefully underprepared for a story, but watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid and cantering giddily through Newquay seaspray after a six-hour train journey do not, as it happens, prepare one adequately for a session of training to be a mermaid.

Apparently, being a mermaid has now become a profession. Ariel-esque women are employed in aquariums across the globe and as entertainment for guests at posh hotels.

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10 of the best country hotels in Italy with great food

A love of food is synonymous with Italy, and these family-run hotels chosen by Alastair Sawday showcase regional cuisine and local produce as well as being gorgeous places to stay

Poggio di Luna, Peschici, Gargano
Set amid 200-year-old olive and fruit trees, and with views over the Foresta Umbra, this handsome whitewashed building – all staircases, arches and terraces – feels anciently rooted in its spot, but is only 10 years old. Using the farm’s abundant organic produce, it offers gourmet pugliese cuisine – mussels, orecchiette pasta with greens, creamy ricotta – and wine tastings, too. Meals are served on the large terrace overlooking the pool and colourful gardens.
Doubles from €80 B&B, lunch/dinner by arrangement from €30pp, +39 0884 962731,

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French Rapper Found In Hospital, 4 Days After Getting On Wrong Subway Train

UPDATED 05/09/15 12:25 a.m.

By Mike Montone and Adam Harrington

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A rapper visiting from France was found in a hospital in the Bronx late Friday, four days after he got on the wrong subway train and vanished.

Arthur Astie, 22, had last been seen just before midnight this past Monday at the Nostrand Avenue and Park Place subway station on the No. 2 train in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, according to police.

Astie was found in an unspecified hospital in the Bronx late Friday, police told CBS2. He was in good condition and was safe, police said.

Sara Ripp said Astie is a rapper in France, and produces work with a group she manages in New York. She said Astie and his family met up with her and spent time with her in Brooklyn this week.

Ripp said they were all together Monday night, and Astie was supposed to get on a flight going home to France the next day at 1 p.m. He was supposed to take the No. 2 train from Brooklyn back to Harlem where he was staying with his family, but got on the No. 5 train by mistake, Ripp said.

Ripp said Astie does not speak English well and did not know where he was supposed to be getting off. The last time he was heard from, he said he was in the Bronx and called his father to say he was going to turn around and find his way back to Harlem, Ripp said.

“He called his father to say, ‘I’m coming home; don’t worry,’” Ripp said. “He said he was headed underground to go back to Harlem, and that’s the last communication anybody had with him.”

Ripp said a short time later, Astie’s phone either accidentally or consciously dialed his mother’s overseas number, and in the inadvertent call, subway noise can be heard. Astie can also be heard “having a strange altercation with some people.”

“Between the time he called saying he was lost in the Bronx and headed back underground, I really don’t know what has happened,” Ripp said.

In addition to police, the French Consulate had also been assisting in the search for Astie.

It was not clear late Friday what happened between Astie’s disappearance and his discovery at the hospital.

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Seen At 11: Sitting Around For Better Health?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A new technology offers users a chance to feel better, by simply sitting inside of a pod.

It looks like something out of science fiction, but the futuristic pod is showing some real results.

As CBS2’s Kristine Johnson reported, it’s called the CVAC. During 20 minute sessions, the air pressure inside the pod yo-yos between sea level and 22,500-Ft.

Its makers claim it massages your cells into producing more energy by increasing oxygen rich red blood cells.

As CBS2’s Johnson explained, following a session at the Body Works Salon in Garfield, her ears popped, but things were otherwise uneventful.

Regular users like Denise Miller, said they feel results. Mueller is a nationally ranked champion cyclist, and has been using the CVAC for more than a year.

“I’m getting better results now than when I was younger,” she said.

Beyond improved fitness, Michael Engelhart said he just feels good all over after a session.

“There’s no brain fog. I feel ready to workout. You feel like a rock star when you get out of here,” he said.

CVAC’s makers said everyone, even couch potatoes, can benefit from sitting in the pod.

“For those people who can’t, won’t, or don’t exercise, they can get some of the benefits of exercise,” Allen Ruszowski said.

Most CVACs are in gyms or spas, but Soumyo Sarkar was so impressed that he bought his own for a cool $100,000 and even invested in the company.

“I’m a true user and believer,” he said.

But there are skeptics.

“I don’t see any benefit,” Sports Medicine, Dr. Lewis Maharam, said, “In order to get fit you’ve got to do the exercise. Not sit in a pod.”

CVAC’s makers admit that more research needs to be done to determine its effectiveness, but Dr. Maharam said there’s simply no shortcut when it comes to getting fit.

“You’re much better off and it’s much cheaper to buy yourself a pair of running shoes and get into a running program and do the work. There is no magic bullet,” he said.

The company admitted that more research needs to be done to prove that the CVAC works. They said getting the studies done is a top priority.


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NYPD Officer Brian Moore Posthumously Promoted To Detective

SEAFORD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — It was an overwhelmingly sad day for thousands of police officers from around the country converged Friday, as they flocked to Long Island for the funeral of NYPD Officer Brian Moore.

The 25-year-old officer died Monday, two days after he was shot in the head while on duty Saturday evening in Queens Village.

Moore’s funeral service was held at St. James Roman Catholic Church in Seaford – a hallowed place where the funeral for another slain NYPD officer, Edward Byrne, was held in February 1988.

As CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reported, Moore was also promoted posthumously to detective Friday. He was remembered as an American hero, a joy to know, and a team player who gave up his life for a greater good.

Web Extra: Photos From Moore’s Funeral | Moore Family Statement | Bratton’s Complete Eulogy

Bright midday sun outside the church beat down on a dark sea of sadness, stoic faces, and heavy hearts.

“We are here for here for the mom and dad and the police officers,” said Nualah Carroll of Seaford. “It’s a dark day.”

Hundreds of motorcycles led a procession that snaked slowly to the church, where another murdered NYPD officer was laid to rest a generation ago. Moore grew up in nearby Massapequa, knowing just what he wanted to be – a police officer like his father, uncle and cousins.

He took the NYPD entrance exam at the age of 17.

“If you came here to hear a homily today that would ease your pain, I’m not your man,” Monsignor Robert Romano, a New York Police Department chaplain, told the mourners. But, he added, “we are here today united as a family — a family of blood, a family of blue, and the American family.”

In delivering the eulogy, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton emphasized just how much passion Moore demonstrated for the job.

“It’s not many of us who can say we lived out a dream. But Brian could,” Bratton said. “He dreamed of being a cop. He dreamed of following his dad, whom he loved so much. He dreamed of following his dad’s brother, and his aunt’s husband, and his cousins… cops from this fine family—and a host of others who grew up in these neighborhoods around us—they patrol Nassau, and Suffolk, and Queens, and the whole city.”

Bratton also announced Moore’s posthumous promotion to detective first grade.

NYPD Officer Brian Moore Posthumously Promoted To Detective

moore promoted NYPD Officer Brian Moore Posthumously Promoted To Detective
Mona Rivera reports

Mayor Bill de Blasio also spoke at the service, 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reported. When delivering his remarks, de Blasio said Moore was “a young man, but a very great man.”

The mayor also said Moore represented the best of New York City and his bravery was matched by his compassion.

Funeral Held For NYPD Officer Brian Moore

472583992 master NYPD Officer Brian Moore Posthumously Promoted To Detective
Sophia Hall reports

De Blasio said he “just couldn’t wait to be old enough to join the force.”

The mayor had been shunned by police at the recent funerals for officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, who were shot and killed in their squad car on Dec. 20 of last year. But on Friday, he spoke to a united and heartbroken city.

“Now, it’s up to us – to all of us – to nurture the seeds that he planted; to help the city he loved so much grow stronger and safer for all,” the mayor said. “That’s what he would want, and that’s what we will do in his memory.

And Moore’s extended family, bound by blue thread, came from across the country and beyond. Busloads of officers came from as far as California, Louisiana, and Chicago to line the streets on Long Island.

An estimated 30,000 officers attended the funeral, WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reported.

“It’s hard to be here to see such a young guy, and to think someone could do that to him and just not think twice about it,” said Pittsburgh police Officer Christyn Zett.

Even officers from Canada and as far away as Australia attended.

“It doesn’t matter where you work,” said an officer from Australia. “It’s the same job. It’s the same danger.”

Estimated 30,000 Cops Attend Funeral For NYPD Officer Brian Moore

moorefuneral2 NYPD Officer Brian Moore Posthumously Promoted To Detective
Rich Lamb reports

Officers said Moore’s eternal sacrifice painfully punctuates the danger of policing.

“It hits home,” said Brookline, Massachusetts police Officer Michael Disario. “It shows you every day you leave for work and put that badge on, you may not come back.”

“Right now, it’s a tough time in law enforcement,” added Detective Omar Daza-Quiroz, 33, who traveled to the funeral from Oakland, California. “Sometimes people forget we are human and that we have lives.”

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