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China cuts interest rates for third time in six months as economy sputters

Zhou delivers a speech in BeijingBy Michael Martina and Judy Hua BEIJING (Reuters) – China cut interest rates for the third time in six months on Sunday in a bid to lower companies' borrowing costs and stoke a sputtering economy that is headed for its worst year in a quarter of a century. The People's Bank of China (PBOC) said on its website it was lowering its benchmark, one-year lending rate by 25 basis points to 5.1 percent from May 11. "China's economy is still facing relatively big downward pressure," the central bank said in a separate statement. "At the same time, the overall level of domestic prices remains low, and real interest rates are still higher than the historical average," it said.

Euro zone set to report solid growth, for a change

Inflated euro sign is seen outside the new headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) in FrankfurtBy Ross Finley LONDON (Reuters) – With optimism building that the United States is already recovering smartly from another horrible start to the year, focus will shift this week to reports that may show the euro zone is finally shaking off half a decade of torpor. The 19-member currency union has been a millstone around the global economy's neck ever since the financial crisis spawned a sovereign debt crisis particular to Europe. So it is all the more crucial for more than just its citizens suffering from years of high unemployment and feeble or no growth that Europe is able to pick up some of the slack.

Unpopular tax hands fresh ammo to Malaysia PM’s foes

A signboard notifies customers of the six-percent goods and services tax (GST) on consumer goods at a mall in Kuala Lumpur, May 9, 2015An unpopular new consumption tax has handed fresh ammunition to critics of Malaysia's embattled prime minister, with angry consumers complaining it has sent some prices surging, and economists warning it could harm growth. The government on April 1 introduced the six-percent Goods and Services Tax (GST), which taxes transactions throughout the business supply chain and replaces earlier sales and service taxes on end-consumers that ranged from 6 to 10 percent. The government had said the more streamlined tax regime would lead to lower prices for many key items and boost government revenue in Southeast Asia's third-largest economy. Experts agree Malaysia's biggest tax reform in decades is necessary — fewer than three million of the country's 30 million people pay income tax, and high government debt has economists worried.

Political tensions mount for Indonesia’s Widodo as economy skids

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo delivers a speech during the interactive session of the World Economic Forum on East Asia in JakartaBy Kanupriya Kapoor and Gayatri Suroyo JAKARTA (Reuters) – When Indonesian President Joko Widodo summoned his economy ministers to the palace this week to discuss growth slumping to its lowest level since 2009, they weren't the only ones to show up. Dozens of senior figures from Widodo's political party arrived to make their views heard after data showed Southeast Asia's largest economy is smaller, in real terms, than when he took office in October. Widodo has vowed to lift economic growth to 7 percent on average over his five-year term, but critics and even some of his own advisers say the economy has actually gone into reverse because of incompetent ministers and bungling bureaucrats. Slow progress boosting growth and sniping from within Widodo's party have left the former furniture salesman, who many people hoped would be able to spur a quick economic recovery, increasingly isolated.

A Long Motherhood

A Long Motherhood

Forty-two years went by between the birth of our first child and when the last of all five turned 18. That’s a lot of parenting. I suppose, if we had planned that season more compactly, there would be fewer regrets and fewer happy memories. But we weren’t thinking that way. We were thinking about older kids helping younger ones, and how to spread college attendance (and expenses) over 27 years.

What we didn’t foresee — and it wouldn’t have changed anything if we did — is that parenting doesn’t end with the last departure. Or any departure. We are now pushing 70 and have just embarked on the completely new phase of parenting which you might call the AAKAA phase — “After All Kids Are Adults.”

Last year when that phase began, I wrote this poem for a very strong, faithful, long-suffering Mom, my wife. It was good to spend those 42 years doing this together. And it is good to begin our AAKAA phase as deeply committed as ever.

 A Long Motherhood For Noël Your motherhood began when Karsten was conceived now forty years ago plus two, And then was sealed again when Benjamin was weaved: another son to grow in you. Then Abraham. And when your arms were strong, God heaved the little whale you know, and who But Barnabas? All men. And then a dream, believed, a seed we did not sow, came true. * * * And Talitha, all girl, as real, as loved, withal, as all her brothers were, arrived. Now there were five, the pearl, and four rough diamonds all. You loved them well, loved her. They thrived. * * * Naive we were, and thought for years that motherhood would end when they all said, "Goodbye." Now we have learned that naught in them or us, for good or ill, could this tough thread untie. What has been wrought is wrought. Yours they remain, though should they all the low way tread or high. And you, my love, have taught them well, and said, "For good I'm yours till you are dead, or I."

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