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‘Twas the Night Before Middle School

‘Twas the Night Before Middle School

It was one of those kind of nights. I tossed and turned, looking at the clock each time I raised my head. I wanted to be sure I didn’t oversleep the morning my oldest child ventured out of our home to begin middle school.

And through the night, I battled numerous fears in my mind. What if the kids are mean to her? What if she has no one to sit with at lunch? What if she gets on the wrong bus home? Would it be too uncool to walk her to the bus stop? Can I still give her a hug goodbye in front of the other kids?

But when the alarm finally went off, and I went downstairs to ensure she ate a good breakfast, I found her completely ready for the day. Lunch was packed, breakfast eaten, backpack waiting by the door. My little girl is becoming a young, independent woman. And she didn’t seem half as worried as her mom when we headed out the door.

Schooling Decisions

Schooling decisions do not come easily in our house. With our three oldest children, we have tried Christian school, homeschooling, and public schooling. Our ever-changing philosophy and the differing personalities of our children have caused us to evaluate what is the best option for each child, which until this year, has meant different schooling methods for different kids.

However our choice this year, to put our oldest child in public middle school, came by surprise. She had been in Christian school three years and homeschooled for four. Yet there were various signs of her needing a change — from boredom and loneliness to a desire for more extra-curricular opportunities, to needing to belong to a community of kids her own age. I had said I would never put my child into public schools during the middle school years. Never say never, I guess.

The temptation I have faced with this decision is to think of all the bad situations that could possibly happen, and dwell on them. All the what-if scenarios can loom like giants in my mind.

Walking in Faith, Not Fear

A few weeks ago, I was sharing all my fears with my husband when he gave me a gentle rebuke. “This is an exciting time in her life. We need to not be living in fear, but be eagerly anticipating what God has planned for her.” It was true. We had prayed about this decision for a long time. We had toured schools, talked with administrators and other parents. We had sought godly counsel. This was the decision we came to, and I needed to be at peace with it.

The middle school years shouldn’t be looked at as a dreadful encounter with teenage life, but an exciting time of discovering God’s plan for them. I needed to be excited for her and the young woman she is becoming, not living in fear of all the what-if situations. My husband’s words convicted me of not trusting the decision that God had led us to make. And he caused me to re-evaluate how I should be thinking in this new season of life. For all you moms who might be tempted to fret over your schooling decision for this year, here are a few points to consider with me.

1. Seek to Have Contagious Excitement

The way we are dealing with our own anxiety about the school year will be easily absorbed by our children. If we demonstrate a hopeful anticipation about the new school year, speaking of new friends they will make or interesting classes they will have, our kids will most likely be inclined the same way. But if we’re vocal about our fears and doubts, such as questioning the capability of a teacher or the ungodly influences of certain kids, we will be instilling those same fears and doubts in their own hearts and minds.

Our attitudes about schooling are passed to our kids as easily as our gene pool.

2. Let Go and Trust God

Parenting is a series of letting go, little by little, as our children get older. Part of what made this decision so difficult for me was letting go of things that I felt like I had control over. Our daughter would no longer be in my presence the majority of time. I won’t know who is in her classes or what is happening on the bus. But God had led us to this decision, and was calling me to trust him with all the unknowns.

Could I trust God to protect her when I wasn’t there? Could I trust him to provide a friend for her at the lunch table?

3. Pray Hard and Seek to Be at Peace

Like any big decision in life, choosing the right schooling method requires ample time spent in prayer. When you have searched the Scriptures for wisdom, prayed diligently and sought godly counsel, you have good cause to be at peace with the decision made. Worrying will profit nothing. Jesus himself said, “Do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?” (Matthew 6:25).

Grace Enough for Mom Too

Throughout the first day of middle school, I kept looking at my clock, figuring out what class my daughter would be in and sending up prayers to God. The fears still lingered, but as I felt myself let go and trust God, I was able to be at peace as I waited for the midafternoon school bus. And as I walked down the street to pick up my other two children at our neighborhood school, I caught a glimpse of my curly blond-haired middle schooler, coming up the hill with our neighbor, smiling and laughing.

“How was your day?” I eagerly asked. “It was good, Mom. Really good.”

We’re grateful for a good first day. And we’ll continue to trust God even on the difficult days. He is more than able to handle the middle school years and a mother’s battle with anxiety.

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OVH launches latest generation Cloud and SSD-based Virtual Private Servers in the UK

OVH’s VPS services offer guaranteed bandwidth of 100Mbps, anti-DDoS protection and a three-fold performance increase compared to standard VPS solutions

OVH, the largest European Internet hosting company, has launched its latest generation of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in the UK, offering customers a choice of either a Solid State Drive-based (SSD) or a Cloud VPS.

OVH’s VPS services provide an evolutionary path between maintaining a dedicated server – either on customers’ premises or hosted in a datacentre – and the flexibility afforded by virtualisation. For many customers, OVH’s VPS services are a step up from traditional web hosting, giving them greater control and flexibility without having to move to a dedicated server immediately.

Cloud VPS

OVH’s Cloud VPS service will offer current VPS customers the option to migrate to a Public Cloud infrastructure and benefit from a three-fold performance increase compared to OVH’s Classic VPS range.

For new converts to OVH’s VPS offering, Cloud VPS will enable them to set up on the latest and fastest available technology, future proofing their VPS set up to avoid the cost and hassle of having to migrate data to a Cloud platform at a later date.

Cloud VPS is available in three configurations, ranging from 1 vCore, 2GB RAM and 25 GB storage to 4 vCores, 8GB RAM and 100GB storage. It guarantees a bandwidth of 100Mbps using NVMe Ceph drives which provide high availability, scalability and fault-tolerant storage to guarantee that Cloud VPS services stay up and running. This is further backed up by a 99.99% SLA commitment on the part of OVH.

Cloud VPS also features customisable anti-DDos protection, and an OpenStack KVM. Multi-protocol backups, snapshots and automated backups will soon be available as additional features in the Cloud VPS range.


With the new SSD VPS, Solid State Drives come as an integral part of all VPS packages, making the systems more robust, with faster access times and reduced latency.

Compared to OVH’s previous VPS Classic range, a performance improvement of between 57% and 198% have been realised in standard benchmarks.

SSD VPS is available in three configurations, ranging from 2GB RAM and 20GB SSD to 8GB RAM and 40GB SSD. Each comes with customisable anti-DDoS protection, unlimited reboot and reinstallation, and an OpenStack KVM to manage the VPS.

Both types of VPS support Load Balancing to boost peak traffic performance, failover IP to ensure business continuity and IP geolocation to optimise local search rankings.

All of OVH’s services benefit from OVH’s ownership of the entire hosting and outsourcing process, from the assembly of its own servers to the production and the maintenance of its datacentres. Compared to other providers, this gives OVH greater control over availability, reliability and quality of the services it provides.

Hiren Parekh, OVH UK’s director of sales and marketing, commented: “Our new Cloud and SSD Virtual Private Servers underscore our ambition to bring the latest technology to the market at a highly competitive price. Our customers can rely on us to provide robust, highly available and secure services so they can focus on their business.”

Trevor Adams, Director of T&C Site Services Ltd and an OVH VPS customer added, “I chose OVH’s VPS platform because it is the perfect balance of performance, flexibility and cost. I am able to customise each machine and automatically deploy my business applications. The OVH network helps me build my business and it has never let me down.”

About the OVH group

The OVH group was founded in 1999. It innovates at the very heart of the web, data centers and networks, and today it is a key player in the global cloud. Through its, So you Start, RunAbove, Kimsufi and hubiC brands, the OVH group offers simple and powerful tools and solutions which put technology at the service of business and significantly improve the working practices of its 700,000 customers around the world. As always, the company remains firmly committed to respect for the individual and freedoms, and equal opportunity of access to new technologies. For OVH, “Innovation is Freedom”. All images and written content is property of the listed RSS FEED if you would like more on this story and images please click the listed feed.

Canada’s economy contracts in second quarter as recession hits

Construction workers build a new house in CalgaryCanadian economic activity shrank again in the second quarter, putting the country in recession for the first time since the financial crisis with the cheaper price of oil taking a toll as business investment fell and inventory accumulation slowed, data from Statistics Canada showed on Tuesday. Two consecutive quarters of contraction are typically considered the basic definition of a recession and the Bank of Canada has cut interest rates twice this year to try to revive the economy. The last time Canada was in recession was in 2008-09 following the global credit crisis.

SThree Selects Xactly to Help Win the War for Talent

Fast growing global recruiter speeds process, delivers results faster

LONDON, UK & SAN JOSE, CA – September 1, 2015 – Xactly, (NYSE:XTLY), a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, today announced, SThree, a fast-growing global enterprise in the recruitment industry, has selected Xactly to manage their sales commission process for candidate placement. SThree wanted an automated platform that could provide flexibility, speed performance, and also keep up with the rapid pace of its company growth. They chose Xactly’s sales performance management solution for its functionality, performance and ease of use.

With offices in over 15 different countries and more than 2000 employees, SThree needed a solution which was proven at global scale. Challenged by managing a sophisticated commission structure reflecting the global scope of the business, basic spreadsheets and a home-grown system fell short of providing management the transparency they required.

With Xactly, SThree’s management team are able to automate compensation schemes and increase transparency to both employees and to the business. This increases the accountability across teams, driving improved sales performance. “Our business absolutely relies on motivated sales teams. Real time data and transparency is what we were targeting when we started looking for a new compensation platform for our growing business,” said Lance Fisher, CIO, SThree. “Xactly fits our strategy of cloud and mobile. We are excited by the opportunity of working with another pioneering cloud company on our move to the cloud. In particular “Xactly gives us a very flexible platform enabling us to create global commissions structures as our business grows”.”

SThree plans to use the Xactly Insights™ product in the future to leverage real time analytics to accurately guide and inform their compensation planning and design.
If your company is also interested in using compensation as a strategic lever, find out more about Strategic Services and the Xactly Insights software today.

About Xactly
Xactly is a leading provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based, incentive compensation solutions for employee and sales performance management. We address a critical business need: To incentivize employees and align their behaviors with company goals. Our products allow organizations to make more strategic decisions, increase employee performance, improve margins, and mitigate risk. Our core values are key to our success, and each day we’re committed to upholding them by delivering the best we can to our customers.

©2015 Xactly Corporation. All rights reserved. Xactly, the Xactly logo, “Inspire performance” and Xactly Insights are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xactly Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About SThree
SThree is the parent company for our organically grown recruitment brands. SThree is also responsible for the support and infrastructure of the group, supplying Finance, IT and HR services globally to our brands.

SThree has always maintained a strong cash position and delivered a profit every year since we began in 1986. All of our brands began in ICT recruitment but as we have grown, we have developed expertise in a growing number of different sectors.

We now have a multi-brand business model, specialising in Accountancy & Finance, Banking, Engineering & Energy, and Life Sciences, as well as our original field of ICT. The more sectors we operate in, the more opportunities we find for further expansion.

UK PR Contact
Positive Marketing / Florie Lhuillier
Email –
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With help, small island states ditch diesel for cheaper, cleaner energy

By Megan Rowling BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – After oil prices hit a record high in July 2008, the tiny Pacific nation of the Marshall Islands was forced to declare an economic emergency since around 90 percent of its energy needs were met by imported petroleum products. The fuel price shock was a major incentive for the low-lying island country to reduce its reliance on diesel and other fossil fuels, and expand renewable energy instead. Now 99 percent of lighting on its outer islands is powered by solar, street lamps and water pumps also run on the sun, and solar energy is being fed into the otherwise diesel-powered grids on the main urban islands.

UROS appoints Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg as CEO to speed-up affordable global roaming

• UROS invites Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg from Vodafone to take the position of group CEO
• The change will reinforce co-operation with mobile operators
• Goodspeed continues to offer fast and affordable mobile internet abroad

UROS, the provider of low-cost global data roaming solutions, announces the appointment of Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg as the new Group Chief Executive Officer. Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg joins UROS from a Senior Vice President position at Vodafone starting from 1st of September 2015.

The new CEO has a long history of success in telecoms and media marketing, sales and general management which is expected to strengthen UROS’ role in providing low-cost global roaming solutions to mobile network operators.

UROS, Uni-fi Roaming Solutions, was established 4 years ago with the vision to help international travellers combat excessive roaming charges. Now bill-shock free roaming is provided globally via the Goodspeed 4G mobile hotspot using UROS’ patented technology. The Goodspeed mobile hotspots are steered and monitored via the company’s global M2M platform and can carry multiple SIM cards, which can connect up to 15 devices via Wi-Fi to secure mobile networks around the world.

Currently corporates can purchase the solution directly from UROS or from the official Goodspeed distributors. The new CEO however sees mobile operators as the next opportunity for growth. Konijnenberg explains: “The amount of unconnected devices of travellers is growing, as well as their appetite for large data bundles. But there are many silent roamers who are not connected to a mobile network due to the fear of bill-shock or lack of connection availability. Via its propriety technology UROS enables Mobile Network Operators and MVNO’s to offer large daily bundles at low cost around the globe – a service that they often cannot offer themselves, due to complex and many times slow, billing record between the roaming and home networks. The latest version of the Goodspeed mobile hotspot has been launched in collaboration with ZTE this summer. With the new device, a 4G roaming experience is delivered to customers even without any 4G roaming capabilities needed from the mobile operators or MVNO’s in their home network!”

UROS founders Jyrki Hallikainen and Tommi Uhari are excited to see Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg join UROS: ”We’ve been looking for an international carrier executive who can help accelerate the company’s growth. We’re excited to have Gerrit Jan join the team and lead the company in its further global expansion with mobile network operators.” Tommi Uhari, who has been leading UROS as CEO until now, will continue as a company board member together with Chairman Jyrki Hallikainen.

# # #

About UROS

UROS Ltd is the provider of low-cost global data roaming solutions with Goodspeed mobile hotspot enabling the service. Since the launch of Goodspeed in the autumn of 2012, UROS has rapidly expanded the service to cover Europe, U.S., Canada, Latin America, Russia, Asia, Australia and China with plans to expand the coverage even further. The company is headquartered in Oulu, Finland and made up of a seasoned and experienced team of mobile professionals. Other registered offices are located in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the U.S. For more information on UROS visit, and on Goodspeed at

Media Contact for Uros Ltd:
Ellie Newton
XL Communications
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Ivorian opposition coalition threatens to obstruct elections

Charles Konan Banny, candidate for the 2015 presidential election and member of ruling coalition of RHDP attends a news conference in AbidjanA coalition of opposition groups in Ivory Coast threatened on Monday to try to block presidential elections in October unless the government opens talks on issues such as insecurity and the electoral commission. The National Coalition for Change (CNC), formed in May and led by former prime minister Charles Konan Banny, groups 13 political leaders, several of whom have declared themselves candidates in the Oct. 25 election. With the economy booming in Ivory Coast, the world's largest cocoa exporter, President Alassane Ouattara is widely regarded as favourite.

Foxconn cancels investment plan in Indonesia – Kontan

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s biggest electronic components maker, has cancelled plans to invest in a factory in Indonesia, Kontan daily reported on Tuesday, citing the head of an Indonesian business chamber. Foxconn, whose flagship listed unit is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, said last year it may invest $1 billion in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy. Foxconn had decided not to go ahead with its investment plan because of land issues, Kontan quoted Suryo Bambang Sulisto, chairman of the Indonesian chamber of commerce and industry, as saying. …