Man Admitted To Killing Girlfriend & Daughter Reciting Eminem Song As Why [Video]

Patrick D. Fowler, a Wisconsin man on trial for murder, made his court appearance yesterday.

Fowler is accused of killing his girlfriend and her daughter. Detectives say he told them when he was arrested that the Eminem song, “Space Bound,” might lead the police as to why he did it. The accused murderer says his girlfriend treated him like a “dog,” but now says someone else did it.

Taking the stand in his own defense for the 2016 double homicide, Fowler told jurors he was in the bathroom when the woman was murdered and cut his hand defending himself against the actual killer. The man is accused of killing 28-year-old Jessica Ellenberger and her 4-yr-old daughter, Madyson Marshel.


Images Via Facebook/Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office

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