Who Are the Biggest Studs in the 2017 NFL Draft?

There are times during draft season when you look at a prospect who’s capable of doing amazing football things, and suddenly feel compelled to log your time at the gym.

Merely looking at massive bundles of arms, legs and muscles doing things that shouldn’t be possible at size extra large will motivate you much more than any nagging from a Fitbit.

But there are some prospects who far exceed that eye-widening and drool-enducing standard. There are some who seem to be ripped straight from the comic-book pages and lack only the Kilgrave-like powers to manipulate minds and make sure they’re selected in the first round.

They’re the draft studs we’ve come to know and try to understand over the past few months. And we’re still trying.

We’re trying to wrap our minds around tight end David Njoku and how he has a high jump gold medal hidden among his football trophies. We’re trying to fathom the physical dominance Leonard Fournette showcases when he runs through, over and away from defenders. And most of all, we’re trying locate the lab where Myles Garrett was made.

In any draft, there is a handful of special athletic specimens who break every mold. This year, it feels like there are a few more dynamically skilled individuals who could set new benchmarks for what’s possible at their position.


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