5 Fendi Bags I Love are On Sale

I hope you all are recovering from the holidays and New Year and getting back into the swing of life ok today. Personally, I keep thinking today is a Friday and feel incredibly overwhelmed to get my house de-Christmas-ed, return presents that didn’t work, and just make sense of life—all while trying to start 2018 on the right foot (we all try to do this, right?). As I get older, Vlad and I tend to give less gifts to one another and really just focus on spending the holidays together.

Truth be told if there’s a bag I want I go buy it myself, I don’t wait for Vlad to get it for me, so I don’t usually find a bag under the tree. I also love to spend time finding the right bag, and that doesn’t always line up with Christmas. Sometimes I wait to check out the sales, and because so many sales happen after the holidays it seems silly to buy a bag full price when it may be marked down soon. If you got money as a holiday gift and are looking for a Fendi bag, there’s a good assortment on Fendi.com right now and that’s where I found myself this morning.

From the By the Way to the 2Jours to the Double Baguette, there are tons of bags on sale at Fendi right now that I’m lusting after. The prices are really good too, so if you’re interested, now is the time! Shop the entire Fendi women’s sale here.

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