Colgate Lasagne & the Nokia N-Gage: Inside the Museum of Failure

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Most of us tend to downplay our failures, but a new museum is putting brands’ high profile mistakes front and center.

Called the Museum of Failure, it features over sixty failed products from huge brands. A lot of what is featured is tech products that either didn’t work properly or had no market — a mask that electrocutes you in the name of beauty, a phone that could only display twitter but didn’t even do that properly, and the too-nerdy-to-wear google glass.

It also includes some downright bizarre products. A mix of coca cola and coffee called “Coke Blak,” Donald Trump’s hilariously terrible version of Monopoly, and Colgate-brand lasagna.

The museum isn’t designed to just laugh at these products. Speaking to The Guardian, Samuel West, the museum’s creator, explained that the purpose of the museum is to show how other people learned from their failures. “Innovation requires failure. Learning is the only process that turns failure into success,” he said.

The museum is open to the public from June 7 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Watch West walk through some of the failures below.

In other news, you can now turn your iPhone into a retro Mac computer.

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