NTNA – CND Challenge – Part 5 – Toile

NTNA - CND Challenge - Part 5 - Toile

The meaning of toile is a prototype or test garment/item. From the inspirational images we received, toile (the linen fabric) is used to determine the right flow, fit, and finish of the garment. So with that in mind, I have interpreted toile in this set of nails as a prototype for a design I envision. I have used some fabric to create flow, but have also used the very basics of nail products to create the prototype. I have decided to take a risk and adjust my color palette to the basics (nudes and white) as one would do in clothing, to focus on the design itself, its movement, its flow. This would be the test design, the color selection would come later. I hope you enjoy the flow of my toile and experience the various possibilities it offers within the elements of layering and movement.

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