Redditor Creates Literal Roadmap of 1,800 Must-See Movies

Not all superheroes wear capes; this one simply took the time to develop an imaginary road map highlighting more than 1,800 must-see movies along the way.

Reddit user IMtheRookie (David Honnorat) has this week uploaded a new project in which he designated various areas across the globe with subsections (or genres) ranging from Documentary Ground and Sea of Spies to Sport Coast, True Story Hills, Horror Lakes, Adventure Plains and beyond. From there, Honnorat outfitted his road map with various films that fit into each region.

In total, again, “The Great Map of Movieland” highlights over 1,800 noteworthy pictures, many of which you’re surely familiar with and some you probably haven’t seen.

To embark on this incredible cinematic road trip, simply take a look at Honnorat’s wildly-impressive movie map.

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