The Many Bags of Millie Jean

When I announced that I was pregnant with Millie, I did so with a mini Louis Vuitton bag. In fact, I bought that bag for Millie long before I was pregnant with her and without knowing if I’d ever have a little girl. I love having a daughter, I love being able to watch her personality show, and I look forward to sharing my love for bags with her. It’s important to me that Millie knows that handbags hold such a special place in her mama and dada’s life. After all, we started a business together because Vlad knew how much I loved bags, and we’ve been able to continue running our business surrounding bags for over 11 years.

We moved to NYC because of our business and have made dear friends in the fashion industry and outside of it. We traveled the world to meet different designers and see and experience places and events I never thought I would. And best yet, my love for bags brought together a community of people on both PurseBlog and PurseForum. People from around the globe have become lifelong friends over their shared passion, and I always want to impart on Millie how important it is to build these kinds of communities. We have the kindest community of readers and members who build each other up, offer a stranger’s ear, and I’ve witnessed amazing acts of kindness. Handbags signify so much more to me than just fashion, and I want Millie to know what a huge part of my life they have been in so many ways!

Now before I go further, let me say, I know it’s ridiculous that a ten-month-old has a bag collection! But it seems to make sense that, me being me and doing what I do, I would have a baby girl that has a bag collection! It’s long been a debate what age is right for a child to have a nice bag, and I know many have said they would give their child a nice bag when they can appreciate the value. I can’t tell you when exactly I’ll let Millie really use these bags—I’ll have to wait and see—but I can assure you these aren’t her play items and I will do my best to teach her that it’s important to appreciate the value of the things she owns. But let’s get to it!

Millie’s bag collection is enviable; in fact, I almost think it’s better than mine. My collection grew so much over the years that I almost own too many bags and I need to make sense of my collection, but Millie has just the right amount. Better yet, she and I have many bags that match.

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