Travis Scott Spills the Details on His Ksubi Collab

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are expected to have a baby, but aside from that, the rapper and Australian-based label Ksubi has a 10-piece collaborative capsule on the way with an emphasis on denim.

Recently interviewed by Vogue during a photoshoot of the forthcoming collab, Travis Scott delves into his thoughts about the offerings, the brand in general and more.

Here’s a few takeaways that we learned from the conversation.

…on Ksubi.

TS: “I’ve been wearing Ksubi since before the opportunity came to collaborate.”

…on his view of shredded/distressed jeans.

TS: “Distressed jeans are a sign you’ve been through some shit, more so than a clean jean, Like I’m down to get dirty.”

…on other pieces of the collection, such as a T-shirt with a hand-drawn rendering of his famous eagle motif and several pairs of the capsule’s distressed jeans having double pockets.

TS: “We really wanted to deconstruct shit, so I deconstructed the pockets, I just wanted to keep it Texas culture—just real simple. Ready-to-wear dope shit. I just drew on the shit. Just fucking around.”

…on the love Ksubi gets from rappers.

TS: “Certain brands cater to the culture. Sometimes clothes make it through generations of artists, and it’s just because the designer is designing to the time and the culture. That’s what I think it dope about brands [like Ksubi]: It’s dope when a brand can captivate what’s going on with kids—it’s not out of touch. With or without me.”

…on his collab with Helmut Lang and the launch of his own Hood Toyota tour merch brand.

TS: “Helmut Lang was more so fashion, my Hood Toyota shit was just merch for tour, and this is the shit that I’m like, man, when I’m dippin’ at my crib. This is what I want to slide out in, wear everyday, all day, when I’m chillin’ at the crib, when I just wanna take a shower after getting out of my pajamas, and put these on, go outside, and chill. And it’s fresh, too, [for a] party. I like to mix up levels. I didn’t want to make nothing that was too out of reach.”

The Ksubi x Travis Scott collection launches on Thursday, October 12, and you can read more of the interview directly on Vogue.

Also, in case you missed it, Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh are throwing a Halloween party in NYC.

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