Chris Pratt Got Even Sexier?? WTF! Check Out His New ‘Spider-Man’ Flexibility In Men’s Fitness!

Holy shit, he’s flexible now too?

In a new cover story for Men’s Fitness, Chris Pratt is showing off the fruits of his newest fitness regime — that includes battle ropes, medicine ball, high intensity interval training, and vinyasa hot yoga.

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Sure, it helps him take on the intense wirework stunts for movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, but that’s not enough for the hardworking star. Lord. He’s training for a triathlon too!

It’s all keeping him in very Spider-Man shape! Just check out his insane agility (above)!

See what Chris has to say about his energetic cover shot — and his basic workout routine (below)!

U like fit’niss? How bout fitt’niss insta post up ya butt? Boom! #WHATSMYSNACK Thanks to @mensfitnessmag editor @shawnperine photographers @rikerbrothers the writer #JimSchmaltz and of course my dear sweet Bridget for grooming. @bridgetbragerhair and my publicist @allison_garman and God and of course Spider-Man for me stealing his pose. On newsstands now! #starlord #gotgvol2A post shared by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on Apr 20, 2017 at 10:18am PDT

Here’s Chris’ HIIT routine to get that bod:

1. Mountain Climber
Reps: 20 sec. Rest: 10 sec.

2. Pushup
Reps: 20 sec. Rest: 10 sec.

3. Jumping Lunge
Reps: 20 sec. Rest: 10 sec.

4. High Box Jump
Reps: 20 sec. Rest: 10 sec.

5. 3-part battle rope variation
Reps: 20 sec. Rest: 10 sec.

6. Ball Slam
Reps: 20 sec. Rest: 10 sec.

7. Burpee
Reps: 20 sec. Rest: 10 sec.

8. Leg Lift
Reps: 20 sec. Rest: 10 sec.

We also highly recommend doing all that while listening to the new Awesome Mix Vol. 2 soundtrack!

Chris’ issue of Men’s Fitness hits newsstands April 24.

[Image via Men's Fitness/Instagram.]

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