Donald Trump’s Tax Accountant May Not Know Who Leaked That Tax Return But Points Out It WAS A ‘Client Copy’…

It would be one way to get ahead of a scandal…

Rachel Maddow‘s big reveal of Donald Trump‘s tax returns was a total bust — not only were they incomplete, they were from all the way back in 2005!

Frankly, they were kind of boring.

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But what if that was intentional..??

We aren’t going full tin foil hat here, but what we do know is that the select 2 pages from Drumpf’s 2005 1040 were anonymously — and unexpectedly — delivered to David Cay Johnston.

Why would someone give those sensitive documents, which contain nothing more scandalous than the fact so many people were willing to provide the then-reality star with income, to a Pulitzer-winning tax analyst? They must have known he’d find nothing.

So… who benefits?

In this case, only one person: Trump himself.

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He’s ALSO the only person who is supposed to have had control of the tax document.

Trump’s former tax accountant Jack Mitnick explained on Inside Edition Wednesday that the tax return shown by Maddow on her MSNBC show was clearly marked “client copy,” which means it would have been delivered at the time directly to Trump, not to the IRS.

The accounting firm he used would not have had a version of the “client copy” either; he explained:

“The taxpayer has control of his copy. We don’t control it.”

Of course, Mitnick also said he had no idea who leaked the documents and did not want to speculate. But others did, including Richard Painter, chief ethics counsel under President George W. Bush. He tweeted:

This reveal certainly makes POTUS look better than he’s ever looked, from an ethics standpoint.

Many Americans have assumed, based on him being the first president in history NOT to release his taxes, and of course the fact it was proven he lied about why he wasn’t releasing them, that he had something to hide.

Now it looks like he doesn’t, even though all anyone saw was two pages from a 12-year-old 1040.

Just sayin’…

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