Free Book – The Richard Wilson MINIPACK

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The Richard Wilson MINIPACK™ is free direct from Wildside Press.

Book Description

Richard Wilson (1920–1987) was a Nebula Award winning American science fiction writer and fan. He was a member of the Futurians, a New York group of science fiction fans, many of whom became editors and writers. The Futurians were based in New York City and were a major force in the development of science fiction writing and fandom in the years 1937-1945. Members who rose to later prominence included Isaac Asimov, James Blish, Virginia Kidd, Damon Knight, Cyril Kornbluth, Robert A. W. Lowndes, Judith Merril, Frederik Pohl, Larry Shaw, and Donald A. Wollheim.

Included in this MINIPACK™ are: “Murder from Mars,” “Stepsons of Mars,” “Dateline: Mars,” “Visitor from the Void,” and “The Venus Papers.”

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