Free Book – Tradition and Agency

Tradition and Agency: Tracing Cultural Continuity and Invention ($50.00 Hardcover), by Ton Otto and Poul Pedersen, is free direct from Aarhus University Press in Denmark.

Book Description
The publication of the anthology The Invention of Tradition two decades ago generated an intensive, productive and sometimes confusing debate about issues of cultural politics and continuity. This new book follows up on the debate in two ways. In a substantive introduction the editors disentangle some of the conceptual knots and assess the relevance of the scholarship on invented traditions for an understanding of the relationship between culture and agency. In addition, nine chapters exemplify and develop different aspects of the theoretical discussions through selected case studies from five different regions – Europe, Africa, Indonesia, Australia and the Pacific.

Get the free book from Aarhus University Press. Click on the Free PDF link about mid-page on the right.

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