ICYMI: Donald Trump Is Offending Ireland Now…

Man, Donald Trump is on a roll! Or as he probably spells it, a “rowl.”

In the midst of the POTUS’ embarrassingly transparent claims against Barack Obama this weekend, nearly everyone in America missed this little snafu.

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But not in Ireland!

The Trump team announced on Thursday they would start selling a brand new MAGA hat especially for St. Patrick’s Day, and boy is it hideous:

In case you didn’t notice due to the disgusting color, there’s a major error on the BACK of the cap — instead of a shamrock, the symbol of Ireland, there is a four leaf clover, which has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day at all.

It’s a common mistake, but one you should probably fix before mass-production starts.

People were quick to point out the error on Twitter:

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