Jonathan Cheban WENT OFF On Twitter User Who Posted This Sick Burn!

Damn, Jonathan Cheban! If you can’t take your licks, you really need to get off social media!

Some people just can’t take a joke, and it appears Kim Kardashian West‘s bestie is one of them.

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The reality TV personality got bent out of shape when he saw a random Twitter user’s joke about him — even though he wasn’t tagged. Hmm, Google alert yourself much?

Trevor McMullan posted on Thursday:

Ha! Savage but also en pointe. Is there a golf clap emoji yet?

But it was the next tweet that caught our attention as Trevor shared Cheban’s totally NSFW DM response:


That appears to have been too far for Cheban’s PR people because shortly afterward he claimed to have been hacked, writing:

Yeah. We can’t believe it either… Especially since this sounds so much like other things he routinely says to people on social media.

He must get hacked a LOT.

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