New Jersey Students Celebrate The Start Of The Lenten Season

PARAMUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — For many Christians, Lent is a period of conversion and change. CBS2’s Meg Baker talked to some school children in Bergen County about what that means to them.

Ash Wednesday marks the start of the Lenten Season for Catholics. At Our Lady the Visitation in Paramus, students are taking their promises very seriously.

“You don’t just get your ashes and leave,” fifth grader Sophia Ditchfield said. “You get your ashes to mark a new beginning.”

“Lenten Season is a time of reflection and trying to give thanks to Jesus for his sacrifices,” 14-year-old Daniella Navia said.

Ash Wednesday represents a journey of changes to Christians. The ashes are a symbol that we are not perfect and must repent for our sins leading up to Easter Sunday.

“Lent is a chance to get things back on track,” Father Eugene Fields said.

From what it sounds like, parents in this particular parish will have a few extra helping hands around the house.

“I’m probably just going to help my parents with the dogs because there’s a lot of dog fur between the two of them,” fifth grader Alyssa Mack pledged.

Sixth grader Marc Grabulosa says he’ll not only do more chores, but also give up chips for the next month and change.

Fourth grader Ian Chap says he’ll be giving up sweets, including his beloved Kit Kat bars.

One religion teacher at the school had an idea that didn’t go over so well with her students.

“I suggested giving up texting, TV, or Snapchat, but they kind of laughed at that idea,” Linda Maliani said.

The students told CBS2 they are all working on their Lenten promises together to make their school and town a better place for all.


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