How to play Robo Recall on your HTC Vive

If you’re an HTC Vive user, there’s no excuse to miss out on Epic Games’ latest shooter!

Robo Recall is one of the hottest new releases for the Oculus Rift, developed exclusively for the platform by renowned developer, Epic Games. Now available as a free download for all Oculus Touch users, the game has received wide acclaim as one of the best titles available for the headset since launch.

Unfortunately for any HTC Vive users, it appears Robo Recall won’t be officially releasing for the headset any time soon. However, with a simple third-party workaround, the game can be modified to take full advantage of HTC’s headset and motion controllers. Here’s how to get Robo Recall working on your HTC Vive today, with the help of the RoboRevive modification.

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