Project Scorpio will use supersampling to deliver enhanced Xbox graphics to 1080p TVs (Update: Confirmed)

One of the biggest questions revolving around the next Xbox is whether or not you will need a 4K TV to take full advantage of it. Well, here’s an answer.

Microsoft will tout the benefits of “Project Scorpio” for 1080p screen users in a number of ways, according to our trusted sources.

Update April 8th, 2017: Speaking on Major Nelson’s podcast (at 20:29), Xbox’s Albert Penello confirmed that Project Scorpio will provide enhanced graphics on 1080p sets using 4K supersampling, as detailed below. Scorpio’s enhanced textures, anti-aliasing, and so on, will be compressed down to 1080p screens, providing a superior experience on games patched to take advantage of Scorpio’s GPU power.

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