The Samsung 960 EVO is a fast SSD for a lot of money, but is it worth it?

It’s no surprise that Samsung’s new top-end SSD is fast, but does it matter?

Your PC has storage inside it. Most desktops, all older laptops, and cheaper newer laptops have cheap but spacious spinning hard disk drives (HDD), while newer laptops have speedy, durable, and expensive solid-state drives (SSD).

Samsung’s new 960 EVO SSD is only bested by the even more expensive 960 PRO. Does it make a difference though and is it worth that premium cost? I put the SSD drive to the test in my Razer Blade laptop.

High demand, high prices

The Samsung 960 EVO started hitting shelves within the last two months, but it is only becoming regularly available on sites like Amazon in the last few weeks. Inventory is tight, and you may have to wait for one if you ordered it today (as of this review there is a 1 to 2 month wait for the drive).

Featuring PCIe Gen. 3.0 via the NVMe 1.2 protocol, this is Samsung’s 3rd generation of V-NAND. The 960 EVO and 960 PRO also utilizes Samsung’s new Polaris controller, and reports suggest it doubles the protection against performance degradation when compared to the 950 PRO.

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